Weekly Writing Wrap-up; Distractions, doubts, outlining, & Oh some writing

Posted: August 1, 2016 in Weekly Writing Wrap-Up
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Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. After last week’s post, where I wrote over 10k words, finished the fourth section. This week was not as productive. Let’s dive in.

After such a productive week, I got distracted plain and simple. It wasn’t just writing, it was everything for the first two days. I didn’t write, fill out job applications, etc. You name something I needed to do, I didn’t do it. Part of this is because I have merged some sections together, calling into question where sections will go. The format of the novel is I have two POV characters Kiana and Natalie and I alternate between them each section. I merged two sections of Natalie’s broke up two of Kiana’s sections. I am right at one of those spots that lost its section for Natalie.

After a week of thinking, I decided to break Natalie’s small section into two parts. A section that only had four chapters, I merged two chapters into one and took the last chapter of the section to move to Natalie’s next section. With that, yesterday I finished editing this section. I cut some words out, but not many. The section is much better now.

I did get some writing done, but it wasn’t the only thing I got done this week. I continue to plug away at Forbidden Realm book 1 scene list. This scene list is not easy to put together, but I did make a huge break through. My two main characters Emily and Taryn who were at two different areas have now come together and just took out the villain they both were stalking after, only to find out he is only a pawn in another larger more dangerous villain’s plot. That’s big. Nope, I didn’t make my end of the month goal to finish this scene list, but I am okay with it. I have more important things to do right now like find a job. Yep, still looking.

That brings me to the last word in the title I haven’t covered. Doubts! I am having doubts with Seeing Through the Veil. Mostly, because while I am cutting words from my 181k first draft, I am not cutting enough. I am currently at 71k for the four (formerly 5 sections in the first draft). My current overall word count for the manuscript combined with the half I have edited and the half I haven’t I am somewhere around 150k.

While this is an improvement, it is not what I thought it would be. Mostly, because in my tracking of word counts I have completely F@*#! up. I have had many different numbers of word cuts, but every time I finish a section I find I was wrong or messed something up. I know my story is good and I want it to be the best it can be, but how do I do it. Last night I was thinking of starting over from scratch, but I think that is foolish. That leads me to this morning.

As I am writing this, I am listing to K.M. Weiland weekly podcast (which you can find here) and she was talking about using scrivener to edit your novel. Something she says she does while writing her novel hit me. K.M. goes back after each major plot point and edits what she has already written. She says it helps make her first draft slimmer and more organized by the time she gets to editing. It got me thinking. Maybe, that is what I need to do for this draft. I am about to hit a major plot point, after which I should go back to the beginning and look at and edit those sections again.

It would be helpful as I have been trying to map out my timeline in Aeon Timeline of each day’s events. I am not past the point of where I have figured this out. Trying to get it all into a week is not easy. I know there are a lot of scenes, in the beginning, I would love to keep, but it may be better to refer to them instead of actually show them. Thinking about this it seems like the best option to do and will probably do it. However, I have two more sections to get through, which will allow me time think through this and also got back and figure out where I would actually start the book. I have ideas, but I would need to go through and see how that affect the rest of the book.

Also, I would need to plot out events for each day in advance so I am not trying to figure that out while editing those scenes. While I have my hands full, the goal is still the same to get it done by the end of this mouth. If I make the changes, I work every night on them I could still meet my August 28th deadline to finish the draft, but that is a lot of work to do. I’ll keep you apprised.

That is all I got for today. Check back on Friday as we have started a new sub-series in our Worldbuilding series, religion. I think this is going to be one of my favorite sub-series. You can read the first post here. You can also read the wrap-up post for Inhabitants here. This week’s Craft Post will be on God’s how many are there? I am going to do my best to post a link to a writing article, but I feel like I am going to do that through twitter as it is easier. My twitter is @timrgreenebooks. I hope everyone has a good writing week.


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