Welcome to this week’s Craft Post, last week we wrapped up our sub-series on Inhabitants as started a new series on Religion. You can find the conclusion of Inhabitants and start of Religions here. If you are new, we have been in a long series on Worldbuilding, broken up into sub-series. You can find all the posts by clicking on Worldbuilding link in the toolbar above.

Last week I talked about gods and who they are. Today, I want to talk about the structure of religion. Now, before we can get into the structure, we need to ask ourselves how large is this religion. Is it a huge religion or a tiny one. Is the religion formal or informal, strict or relaxed? If you look at religions throughout our world and history you can see religion take may different forms. The most notable religion is Christian or Catholic Church, or Judaism or Islam. All heavy structured religions.

If people of your world or one of the people of your world has many religions than it will most likely be smaller and not have much structure while if they have one religion and control most of the world than they may have a large structure or small. Protestant Christians don’t have very large structures, well maybe one or two denominations may, but not as structured as the Roman Catholic Church. Depending size of the religion determines how many leaders that church will need.

Let’s backtrack for a second, how many gods your religion worship determine all this. Do you have one with some minor gods, but they are only prayed to in circumstance, but there is the main god. What if you have many gods and they fight for superiority. You need to know this because this will cause conflicts between believers who worship other gods. Is there only one god or there are two, one who is good and the other evil.  Are the gods just elements of nature with some sentience that act when a sacrifice or pray is given to them?

You need to know what your gods are and how many. Like with races, take from religions from this world and merge them together. How about combining the greek goods (the three main gods, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon) and Christianity (Trinity) instead of them being three in one the are three. Unlike in greek gods, Zeus isn’t the ruler and Hades and Poseidon are must answer to him. They are all equal. Now you have three gods who all have the same influence and ripe for conflict between the three head gods.

Base on who and what the gods are will determine the structure of your religion. You may have ten gods but demand a small church, while a single god that demands a fully structured religion with hundreds of leaders. I’ll dive more into the structure at a later time, but to have a structure you need to know your religion.

That’s all I got for you this week, next week will continue with Gods and roles and powers. I hope everyone is having a great writing week. Check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up.



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