Welcome to this week Writing Wrap-up, it will be a quick one. I got nothing. Yep, no writing was accomplished this week. There is no excused for not writing, especially when I should be using this period of unemployment for writing. More on that in a second. The majority of the reason why I could write is what I wrote last week about going through and removing the first section and starting at a later section.

I tested that out and removed the first section, which brought the overall word count over 135k instead of the 150k with the editing I have done. Tuesday I thinking about it and then on Wednesday I broke down the scene list making changes the section as a start of the novel. After I made the changes and add sections in the climax.

However, there were things about the start of how I was going bring in details of section one without it being like I should have started there. It took several days of pondering I think I figured it out. Forget about the events of section one, except for the events at the end of the section that allow me to keep it. While writing this, I thought of a way to get to a huge event of the now beginning of the novel, and flashback to events leading up to it.

I am excited now and other than a few scenes in the new section one I don’t have much editing until the section I am current at. That leads me to an epiphany I had this morning while I was in the shower.

While I need to be spending my time finding a job, I should be using this time to writing. Instead of doing little here and there. With that, I plan to start writing more and starting with a short story/novella while I am editing Seeing Through the Veil and finishing the scene list for Forbidden Realm.

My goal is to hit over 15k words this week, from editing and writing the short story. Oh, and that short story I am going to be writing by the seat of my pants. Okay, maybe not completely, I know the story in my head and the end, however, have no actual outline or scene list.

Check back Friday as we continue our ongoing sub-series in our Worldbuilding series on Religion. The topic Gods Roles and Powers. This will close out the god portion of the sub-series and lead us into the actual construction of a religion. I hope everyone had a good writing week and this week continues that trend.



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