Welcome to this week’s Craft Post on Gods roles and their powers. For those who are new, we are in the middle of a very long series on Worldbuilding. We are currently working through a sub-series on Religion. If you haven’t read any of the other entries in this series, you can find all the entries on Religion thus far here. If you are interested in the whole series you can find all the entries under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. Before I get today’s post, let me apologize for this post coming late. It has been a crazy past few days. Also, today we are going to wrap up gods part of religion and next week we will be moving to more structure of religion. With that, let’s dive in.

Last week we talked about how many gods, so how many gods do you have? Two, three, ten? Here’s the thing you needed to know each role of the god’s role is and power. Examples, Greek and Roman gods Zeus is the head while Hades, and Poseidon is just under him. Everyone else comes from them. They each have a role, Zeus rules overall, Poseidon rules the oceans, and Hades the Underworld. If you have so many gods like the Greeks, is a little easy to structure, so let’s try something harder.

The god of the Bible. The god of the bible is a triune god, three in one, which consist of god the father, son, and spirit. This is tougher because it is beings and roles in one being. Confused yet? I have a degree in Bible and I am confused at times when I was actively studying it. The best way to look at it is that each part has a role, and according to the bible it went something like this.

The father stood and said, “I have a plan to save those who we created who are lost. The son stood and said, “Awesome, I will be who you use to achieve that plan. The spirit stood and said, “Then I will be the power in which you use to accomplish the plan.”

The way this would work if you don’t know the message of the bible. To be saved you must accept Jesus death and resurrection to get into heaven. God the father was the vision and Jesus is who took the vision and put it into action and the spirit is how the miracles Jesus and his resurrection were done.

Before I go any further, this is the prevailing doctrine of Protestant Christian Church. This part of the Roman Catholic Church, but depending on who you read and believe there are more or less to this. I am not saying this is the “truth”, that is for everyone else to decide for themselves. I am just trying to provide examples.

When you make your religions and gods, assuming that your religion actually has gods that are real. You need to know what your god’s roles are within their structure. What you are doing with part of the religion and gods is how it actually works. Who is the prevailing god is, who isn’t. When you are creating the actual religion you can take another god and say they are the head god, even though that is wrong. This could be many reasons why there is a sect that goes against the main teachings. This could be simply a mistranslation of the holy scriptures over thousands of years. Or, maybe one of the gods who is a lower god wants to be the head and is going against the lead god. Maybe there is a constant struggle for power among the gods.

We now know the importance of having a role with multiple gods, and with that comes power. Zeus is the god of the sky, but he also rules the rest of the gods and punishes gods under him if they disobey. There are stories of Zeus casting out gods such as Apollos out and making him human, so he has more power than just controlling weather and lightning. When you have multiple gods, it isn’t about their roles but unique powers. They can have shared powers, but in my opinion, each god should have unique powers. It doesn’t have to be based on elements or over areas like farming, or war, etc.

When you have a hierarchy of gods, doesn’t mean the head god can do everything the other gods can do. It just means for some reason they are overall more powerful. Either because they were born that way. Maybe they took the power from a stronger being or found or took an artifact that gives them their power or increases their powers. When you create your gods, you can do whatever you want, but there should be a reason why there are so many and what they can do and can’t do. Regardless if your gods are actually their own race or actual gods you should develop them like they are their own race.  This is if you have many gods, in other words, more than one.

The best way to help with this is to look at ancient religions and see how they did it and combined parts from other religions or just use what you have learned and take it and rework it. Now before I wrap up, what if you have multiple gods but for different religions. It the same way, but you need to figure out how each god is different from each other and why haven’t the other gods from other religions haven’t killed each other off. This could be because the more worshipers they have the stronger they get. Or maybe it is something else.

Everything I have talked about gods is mostly about if the gods of your religions actually exist. This will play a part of religions that just religion and no truth to them and the gods don’t exist. However, you don’t need to know why there are multiple gods each who have their own religion. Thinking about all of this will help you as you start constructing the religion.

That’s all I got this week, next week we will go over the purpose of religion. Please note that next week’s post may be seen as offensive to those who are religious. I am not going to attack religions trying to prove they are wrong. I am just going to go over why religion is used in the past and in the present. To truly talk about religion this needs to be talked about because these elements can be used for your story. I will repost this warning next week.

I hope everyone has had a good writing week thurs far. Check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I have been promising for weeks now to post an article on writing. I am not going to promise that this week because I just haven’t had the time to do that. I will try to post a like to an article, but I am not going to promise because I hate saying I am going do something and not doing it. That’s have a good day.


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