Weekly Writing Wrap-up: Back on track

Posted: August 29, 2016 in Weekly Writing Wrap-Up
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Welcome to this week’s weekly writing wrap-up, it has been a little while since I posted. For anyone who hasn’t read in a while, I had to move back across the country from Arizona two weeks ago tomorrow. Besides, trying to adjust to new living arrangments and the three hour time zone change, I am glad to say that I am back on track. Which is why the name of the title.

This past week wasn’t the best week for writing, the fact I was able to get around to it was good. Besides adjusting to everything, I was busy trying to find work. I did. Funny, four days here I find a job. A month and a half down in Arizona, nothing. Sadly, I spent more time looking in Arizona than I did here. Oh well. I wrote 5487 words this week over a two-day period. While the word count for the week isn’t that good, the number of words I wrote each day was.

This brings me to a decision I need to make. I have been reworking the first section of Seeing Through the Veil, after removing the original first section. All the scenes have to be rewritten to work with the opening chapter. It is far better and more interesting start to the book. It sets Kiana on a mission. While I am almost done with the rework, I need to do the same with Natalie’s first section, and I am wondering if I should just go through the whole thing again.

Every scene in the first section except for two is under 1000 words. I don’t see why the final three scenes won’t be the same. Compared to the old draft Seer section was 18460 words. With only three scenes left, I will probably come in right around exactly half those words. With such a drastic decline in words, I think it might be best to do this for sections two through four. I am not sure if it would be worth it or not. Section 1 had to be rewritten, as well some scenes in section 2. After that, the scenes doesn’t change. However, I know some of those sections are heavy on words that could probably use a chopping.

I am not going to make that decision until I get there, but it is at least something worth considering. Let’s move onto another matter. This past Saturday marked one year since I started writing Seeing Through the Veil. Draft two was supposed to be done by then, but changes life messed with it. I am not giving myself until the 27th of September to finish the draft. That is as it stands now that I will move to Section five after I make the corrections with sections 1 and 2. If I decide to go with the going through all of section 2 through 4 then I will more than likely have to change this. Working will take a big chunk of time out where I could work on it. I do want to get this draft done ASAP.

Finally, I also giving myself until the end of September, to finish the scene list for the first book of Forbidden Realm. This list was supposed to be done in June and then July and still not complete. I am going to make it my mission to get it done so I can start writing it. However, I will not start writing it until after I am done editing Seeing Through the Veil and my short story I have been working on. I need to get writing that as well. So, I think I am going to work on Seeing Through the Veil in the mornings and the short story in the evenings. Where I will work on Forbidden Realms scene list I am not sure, but I will find time.

Well, that’s all today. Check back on Friday for my weekly craft post. We will on the second to last content post on the sub-series Religions before the wrap-up. If you are behind you can read all the posts in Worldbuilding Series in under the link in the toolbar. For the posts in the religion posts, you can find them all here. You can follow me on Twitter: @timrgreenebooksHave a good day.



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