Weekly Writing Wrap-up: Read it out loud

Posted: September 5, 2016 in Weekly Writing Wrap-Up
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Welcome to my weekly writing wrap-up. Hope everyone is had a great writing week. My week was an interesting week. I never got around to completing everything I wanted to. One reason is my new work schedule, the other it was a little pity party I had. Not proud of it, but we all have the at times. Not to get into it much, part of it was reading the new first chapter of Seeing Through the Veil at a writing group and realized how bad it was, reading out loud.

The chapter isn’t bad, but I forgot to read through the chapter and polish and edit it for such things like missing words and long confusion descriptions. That was only part of the pity party, the other is my current living situation. In the end, I didn’t get much done that wanted. Leading me into this week’s work schedule where I am going to be extremely tired and get little done as well. Hopefully, I will find the strengthen and energy to get some stuff done.

One thing I accomplished this week was the rewrite of section one of Seeing Through the Veil. Thanks to my reading the first chapter, I finished the week off going through it reading it out loud and polishing it. I don’t like to read it loud, so I am not. I am not even reading it. Thanks to Scriveners and my iMac interval voice, it reads the scene to me and I listen. It has helped a lot and I am half way through the section making corrections.

My goal is to post a few chapters online to get some feedback on them. The last time I did this, it helped greatly, but also lead to me not writing the rest of the book for a nearly two months. Of course, this was when I was starting to write the book the first time. Now it is to make the book better. Not that I will agree with all the feedback, but I need to know what others thing needs to be fixed.

With editing the first section, I will start making corrections to section two that need to be made. I still haven’t decided if I am going to go through every section and re-write it again. It may be a good idea, but I need to think through it more before I decide if I will. Right now, I need to get some work down on my short story and finish Forbidden Realm book 1 scene list. Those are my goals this week. Even if I only do a little of each, do to my work schedule then I will be more than happy with myself.

That’s all I got this week. Check back for the last post in the sub-series of Religion on Friday, focus on Religious Rituals. I still haven’t figured out what will be our next sub-series but I have some ideas. Don’t worry, the post will be posted on Friday. I am going to write it today so it auto posts at midnight. Hope everyone has wonderful writing week. Enjoy.



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