Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up. Sorry for no craft post this week, being behind on so many things I couldn’t find the motivation to write a wrap-up. Honest, writing wrap-ups on sub-series isn’t really that exciting. Most of the time I do the solely to give me another week to figure out what the next sub-series will be. Thinking it through this weekend, I have decided to do a small wrap-up for sub-series on the last post of the series instead of separate post. Good news, I know where I am going to be going for the next few sub-series. More on those at the end of this post.

This past week was productive. First, I completed my scene list for book one Forbidden Realm. Two hundred and nineteen scenes. That is twenty-two more scene than book two. Of course book two scene list will change after I write book one. Also, there are several scenes I have that will more than likely get cut or merge into another scene in later drafts. I have no timetable at the moment of when I will start writing it. Draft 2.1 of Seeing Through the Viel is my top priority right now. I said back in July, I would give the title of book 1 of Forbidden Realm when I finished the scene list. Well, I don’t have one. I have two working titles, Source, and Chrono’s War. I am leaning toward Chrono’s War but I will wait until I finish the first draft and see what I think then.

I have finished the edits and polish of section one of Seeing Through the Veil and have moved on to section two. Currently, I am four scenes in and it is going well. I am editing as I go. In other words, I edit the stuff I wrote the day before. Then I write the new scene. I have a good feeling about this run through, doing my best to truly capture the characters voices and personalities. Because of this, I am pretty sure I will be going through the whole manuscript and not jump back to where I left off.

My goal is to complete a chapter each day until it is done. Some chapters have only a scene in it and depending how long it takes me to write it, I may move onto another chapter. Those chapters with more than one scene I need to get done in a day, if I can. I have a deadline to complete draft 2.1 by the end of October. Not sure if that will happen, but if I keep up with my pace of a chapter a day I should be able to get it done or close to it.

I finally cracked the creation of my multiverse. For those who don’t know, all my storyworlds will eventually lead to a much larger story. I have been trying to figure out the creation of this multiverse for a while now. I have had different takes, but now I have it worked out. I am still writing it out the events, but I know it and not pieces or ideas for it.

Speaking of developing series, I will begin working on another storyworld soon. With book 1 of Forbidden Realm ready to be written, it is time to move onto another project. I haven’t decided which project yet. I am not going to until I am done with draft 2.1 of Seeing Through the Veil. I have some ideas of which project, but I am going to let my mind wander on those candidates and see which one comes to the forefront.

That’s all I got for this week. Check back next week for another Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Before I go, I want to reveal the new sub-series. I am going to do a two part on History. Because I didn’t post craft post this past Friday. I am going to post History part one on Wednesday and Friday part two. From there we will move onto a sub-series on Civilizations. The goal is to slowly work our way into Governments and Societies. Hope everyone had a strong writing week and that this week it continues.



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