Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I hope everyone had a great writing week and enjoyed the three post-Craft Post on History. This week we will return to a post a week for the Craft Post. For more on the next sub-series, will be at the end or you can just read the final post in the History post, which you can find here.

This week I had only one goal, beyond that of making sure I posted the craft posts. Can you guess what that goal was?  Yes, Revisions. My focus was on revisions for Seeing Through the Veil. Good news, I have only six more scenes or five chapters left in section 2. These scenes are mostly polishing than writing. There are few scenes that I had to rewrite this week than just polish, but at the same time, it was polishing. There was just so much to polish rewriting it was just easier.

My goal for this week is going to finish section two and get section 3 done. I only have 20 scenes in total to complete those sections.  it should be doable, as section 3 I don’t have rework any scenes like in section 1. It is more trimming and polishing. This will work well for section 4, but after those, it going to be a combination of polishing and rewriting as I will have finally reached where I left off, draft 2 before starting draft 2.1.

The only other goal I have this week is to start figuring out what project I will start to develop next. I have so many, but the plan was to work on one of the series in my World of Five Worlds, then a story outside of that and go back. This way I am constantly working on different storyworlds. While I plan to do this, I do want to give some thought to some other projects just to see if I can be tempted to work on them.

Well, that’s all for this week. Check back on Friday for the start of our next Sub-Series Civilizations. This is going to be the sub-series that will move us into next few topics like governments, armies, economy, etc. I do not know how many posts it will be, I am going to do some research on the topic and then decide. Hope everyone has a great writing week.



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