Weekly Writing Wrap-up: Two Storms of Evolution

Posted: October 17, 2016 in Weekly Writing Wrap-Up
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Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. This will be a wrap-up for two weeks, not just this past week but the week before as well. Two Storms, one good the other, eh! Let’s jump into two week’s ago. Get the okay week out of the way.

I got nothing! Wait. No, I think there is a little more I can say about that week. I got practically nothing done.

Yep, that was two weeks ago. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing, I just got little done on draft 2.1 done. I realized that Section 3 has a lot more re-writing than spit and polish. While I was trying to remove a few words by re-writing, I actually added words. It isn’t a bad thing because I am no longer looking at trying to cut words from 178,000 words. I looking at my word count of the sections I have completed. When I get to the areas of the draft I never got to in draft 2, I will be able to drastically cut words again.

While I am glad I figured this out, I wish it wasn’t when I was trying to do a thousand other things during the week and not work on it more. Oh well, I know it now. Which leads me into the second storm. The second one is very good. I made a lot of progress on in other areas. Before I get going on those, let me wrap up on draft 2.1 for this past week. It is going well, I wish I worked on it more, but I did get a lot more done than the week before it. I will finish section 3 and 4 this week and start on section 5. If my memory serves me well, that is the section where I will be starting to cut word again. I could be wrong.

As for the evolution as I refer to it in the title, is referring to the many other projects. For those of you who are new to my blog this week, month or six months may not be aware that I am working on a massive interconnective storyworld. Every series I put out will be part of a grand multiverse. I haven’t talked much about it lately, solely because that story is so far off, there is no need. Also, I work on that part here and there.

This past week I did a little more work on it. I finally, completed and locked the creation of the multiverse. Just a side note I had a completely different creation for the multiverse a little over a year and a half ago. I decided to change it because of my thoughts on matters no longer the same as when I started piecing it together years before. The reason for this sudden work is I had to change out one of the worlds from my World of Five Worlds. I realized this because I was looking to select the next world from the four remaining worlds to develop next. The Veil series being the first.

Without giving away ideas and current spoilers, a character from the creation of the multiverse has a rather large impact on a few storyworlds and they you can figure them out by the world the story takes place in. That may sound super confusing. Maybe this would be easier. In four different series take place in the same world but are not the same world. Nope, still confusing. I’ll move on. To figure out how all four of these worlds that are the same work I need to work through how this character interacts with them.

Nope still damn confusing. Anway, I am at the point now where I get to explore the ideas I have and why this character is so fascinated with this one world. One of these four has a huge event that affects the rest of the multiverse. It will be interesting to see what comes up. Going back to the World of Five Worlds, I have a rough idea of which world I am going to start developing next. Once I finish draft 2.1 and start writing Forbidden Realm book 1: Pyre. No longer is it called Chrono’s War.

That is all I got this week. I have a lot to complete in the next two weeks to prepare for NaNoWriMo. Speaking of National Novel Writing Month, check back on Wednesday for Penultimate post in my NaNoWriMo Prep series. Friday, we will be starting a new Sub-Series. Which I have no clue on what. That I plan to figure today and just the new one, but the next few sub-series so I am not trying to figure out. I will post the new sub-series at the end of my NaNo Prep post on Wednesday. Other than that, get writing.



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