Welcome to this weeks craft post. Sorry for a such a late posting. I thought I wrote this post yesterday and it turns out I didn’t. For those of you who are new, we have been going through a massive series on Worldbuilding. Today we start a new sub-series on Economics. If you would like to get caught up you can find all the post thus far under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar above.

You may be wondering why I am talking about resources in an economics post?  As great as what kind of currency system you have, that isn’t all that comes with economics. Gold means nothing to someone who needs water and there is no water around. Someone who is given a diamond the size of their fist is not going to care if they need timber or granite to build a shelter. See where I am going with this?

Pull out your map of your world. Look at the locations of all your races and cities are located. What are some of their resources? Are there some in the mountains? Well, they got rock, ore they could mine. Any woods nearby? Timber for homes, for the blacksmith’s furnace. What about open plains, you know for farming? These are just some examples of resources from the earth. Did you come up with something else unique to your world? Maybe you should give it a shot.

The key thing about resources is that what someone doesn’t have the people or rulers find a way to get. If the closest kingdom or village has something they don’t and they won’t trade with them or just don’t want to give up the resource because to them it is far more meaningful, what happens? War. People go to war for any reason. Resources or even sacred land. If you have magic in your world, is possible there are magic crystals that do something unique and are only grown in one area. Maybe a kingdom has special waters that can heal the King’s illness of your POV characters Kingdom, but they are natural enemies.

Start thinking about what kind of resources that are rare in your world. Maybe Gold is so common it is worth is that of a copper. Maybe Quartz crystal is as rare as Diamonds. Make a list and see what you come up with. If you have magic see if there is a way to make that a resource.

That is all today, next week we will focus on currency. Check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up and Wednesday for the final post in the NaNoWriMo Prep series.



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