Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. It has been a very interesting week. Let’s dive right in, shall we.

Tuesday kicked off the day 1 of National Novel Writing Month 2016. What should have been a great day of writing, turned into a good start. Why? Monday I got distracted. Instead of reviewing and getting everything setup ready to start Tuesday, I didn’t. Tuesday morning I spent setting up the manuscript in Scrivener, putting the sections folders in and all the chapters folders with the right amount of scenes. Not to mention having to figure that out on my scene list. Of course, I say that like it was a bad thing. It wasn’t, I could have had more time writing if I did it Monday like I planned, but in the end, it may have helped. Spending that time focus on the scenes and how to break the chapters up allowed me to engaged in the story the same day I started to write it.

I just wish I didn’t get distracted again on Wednesday. Yep. Spent the whole day doing no writing what so ever. It wasn’t that bad, it happens. I got ahead of the game Tuesday, so I wasn’t behind on words. The rest of the week went well, I did get behind a little, but I hit 10k yesterday, which is the word count you should be at on day six to keep writing 1667 words per day. My attitude right now is to make sure I hit the final word count at the end of the week then having to keep hitting the daily word counts. This shouldn’t be that much an issue going forward.

To be honest, I love writing a story that is so different than what I have written in the past. Pyre book one of Forbidden Realm Trilogy is a sci-fantasy. What I have written so far falls more on the fantasy level. I do slip in little bits to let the reader know that we will be diving into different parts of the Galatic Galaxy. I am having fun. The scene list is helping greatly. I clearly going to be going forward using the scene list from now on. It was possible I might not, since I have only used it for Seeing Through the Veil. With the great success of not needing to figure how to get from one bullet to another while writing is great. There is still plenty of things I get to figure out as I write.

Moving on, I did no editing this past week on Seeing Through the Veil. I felt bad for not working on it, but at the same time, writing something has gotten me excited again. Not that Seeing Through the Veil isn’t exciting. I am in that sweet spot of writing something different, so my brain has time in the background to work on other projects. I have the itch to get back to editing. I will be spending time this morning on Seeing Through the Veil, and move forward with Pyre later today.

Not sure when, but I plan on starting to develop The Gathering again. With so much work going on, it will be interesting to see when I find the time to work on it. It is really only in the prep stages. Going over what I have, think what I might want to change and go from there. I do believe I am set on this being a six book series. It would consist of two trilogies. The magic system has to be reworked. I have done this one before a few years ago, but that’s okay. I know more about how to craft magic systems now.

That is all I got this week. Check back on Friday for the final post in our sub-series on Economics. A week from Friday we will be starting a new sub-series, but I am still not sure what. I have options and will spend this week thinking about them. Well, in between everything else I am doing. Hope everyone who is participating in NaNoWriMo is doing well.



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