Welcome to this week’s Craft Post. For those of you who are new, we are in the midst of a massive series on Worldbuilding. If you would like to get caught up on all the posts, you can find all the sub-series under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. We are currently working through a sub-series on Economics, which you can find all the posts here. Today’s post is all about Goods and Services. Wait a second. If today’s post is on goods and services, why is it called the Currency of Magic? Good question.

Today’s post is actually one Currency of Magic. Today’s post was supposed to be the last post in this sub-series, but just moments ago (Thursday at 11:37 am, which is when I am writing this.) I thought of writing today’s post. Something I mentioned in last week’s post caught my attention.

You don’t have to use metals as your currency, you can try other things. I use jewels, cloth, and base them on the size of the jewel.

That’s right, I just quoted myself. Never thought I would ever do that in one of these posts. Probably shouldn’t do that much, my ego is already too big. I don’t need to inflate it anymore. Anyway, while jewels aren’t magic, the idea of using magic as a currency seems interesting to me. I have seen this theme lately of Magic gone from the world. Game of Thrones is like that. Well, kinda. Magic is returning to the world and it all has to do with dragons returning to the world. Anyway, I am even using this idea in one of my stories. Magic has a huge part of the story, but only three people can actually use it.

In a world, where magic no longer exists, or is extremely rare, magic as currency can work. Think of it this way. Everyone has a little magic in them. To purchase things, you must give a little magic based on what you want to buy. The rich would be extremely powerful, or maybe not powerful, just capable of using many different spells or cast the same spell for longer periods. Really, how spells actually work in the world will determine this. You have all kinds of conflicts. How do you rob people for magic? Are there specific words you have to say to take magic? In Brandon Sanderson’s book Warbreaker. Magic is used by breath. To give breath away you need to say, “My life to yours, my Breath become yours.” This takes their breath, which everyone only has one unless they are able to collect others peoples.

Can you steal magic in other ways, are their spells that cost lots of magic to use but can take another person’s magic? What if in a world magic can only be used in items? Magic has been all used up and these items are all that are left. Depending on how much magic is in each item could make it worth more or less. How much are these items worth to someone who can’t use the magic? Maybe you don’t need to be able to use the magic for it to be worth something. If you have a powerful relic and you can’t use it, but someone who can want it. That become valuable.

How does this tie into everyday use? Good question. Do you really think you would pay a magic sword that has the power to attack all possible attacks at once for a loaf of bread? No! Well, you could but that is kind of overkill. Probably a button with some magic aura in it. Maybe you magic energy is in a jar and to pay a two part spell is used to transfer it between the two jars is needed. The buyer and seller each have their own part of the ritual to make the transfer.

That leads us back to the question, “how do you protect such currency?” It is an interesting question. If we are going to use items that contain magic, maybe we go the route J.K. Rowling went with wands. If you take someones magical items, you can use the power, but it won’t work against the true owner. Maybe they won’t work at all unless the ritual to tranfer ownership is completed. Spells could be placed on the items to stop people from taking them. Are the ways to tell if the items or magic stores, like the jar of magical energy, have been taken.

A very interesting idea here is what happens if someone hoards all the magical items and refuses to use them. If there are only so many items and magic that was used to make these items is gone what would people do? It makes those items still out there worth far more, but it also might make other not want to use their items.

For me, this idea of magic as currency is a very interesting idea. There is so much you can do with it. Think about how you might use magic as a currency instead of the typical precious metals. That’s all I got this week. Check back next week for our post on Goods and Services. This post might be a two part post. One crafting a pricing for normal currency and another post on magic. Like I said, I like this idea of magic as currency. However, don’t hold me to two posts. I am just saying I might do two.

Before I could, check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I hope everyone is having a great writing week. For those of you who are participating in NaNoWriMo, keep pushing it away. Oh, speaking of posts, on Wednesday I will have a special post for all you NaNoer’s out there.



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