Welcome to a special post, here on November 16th. For all of you out there who are participating in National Novel Writing Month, this if for you. If you’re not participating… “WHY THE HELL AREN’T YOU!!!?” Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. I know there are reasons why you might not want to or can’t. So I guess, this is kind of for you too.

Let me guess how you might be feeling right now? “Why is this so hard? It was so easy just a week ago. I flew ahead. Words were just seemingly appearing on the page. What happened? I don’t know what is going on. I couldn’t write for the last few days, now if I want to finish on time I will have to write more than the 1667 words per day. I was barely making that many words. AH!”

Is that even close to what you are feeling? It is. Well then, let me welcome you to the club. It is called being a writer. Regardless of trying to write 50k in a month or 150k over six months. At times, writing sucks. It happens to all of us. Especially during NaNoWriMo. The first few days or even week is easy. You’re making great progress, even if you are just hitting that 1667 words per day. Then week two hits and you miss a day of writing maybe two. Week three comes along and you missed three more in a row and it seems like you have 5000 words you need to write each to finish by November 30th.

For the record, if you miss five days up to today. You have 33,335 words left. You actually only have 2222.33333 words per day. Not 5000. I know 2222 words can seem like a lot. You can do this. That is why I am posting this today. Today is day 16 of NaNoWriMo. Meaning there are 15 days left (I am counting today) to finish. Plenty of time. The key to doing this is writing. The more time you spend writing the more your are engaged with the story, the less these roadblocks like writer’s block will take place.

You might not be feeling excited about your story anymore. Maybe you are seeing those dreaded plot holes. Or, you’re in an area that is really dragging because nothing really interesting is going on, but the scene is important later on. Here are some ideas to help you get back that energy and excitement.

If you are bored with the scene you’re on, think of ways you can make it exciting without having to add an unnecessary action scene. Find the conflict in that scene and blow it up where it is really engaging. Even if it is way too big. You can always fix this later in the second draft.

You’re on a scene that is boring and you need to get through it to get to the next part that you just can’t wait to write. Skip this scene and write the scene you want to write. Especially if you can’t wait to write it. That will translate into your story. Also, you get excited and if you’re excited you will keep writing. When you come back tot his boring scene you will know how the scene after or the scenes after it take place and can better steer this scene towards those and make it not as boring.

Just write. Even if it is boring or you just don’t want to. Just putting words on the page will help get your brain fired up.

Stuck on what to write, find a writing prompt to help you. Wait a second, here are two links to some random ones. Seventh Sanctum and Writing Exercises. Click the button and see what pops up. Use that as a starting point. See how well you can make this random idea work with your story. Maybe you might find some interesting changes you want to keep.

Most importantly, this is your first draft. Whatever you write now, doesn’t mean it is going to be in your final draft. Just write the story and do it any way that will get it out. Second drafts are meant to perfect the story.

You are half way to the 30th, keep writing. You can do this.



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