Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I know I am behind on this past Friday’s Craft post. It will be posted later today. Thanks to a friend quitting his job, I got more hours this week. A lot more hours. Thanks to those hours I lost track of the days. Next thing I know its Friday morning and I am like oh yeah a craft post. So it’s coming.

This week in writing, not much happened. All those extra hours drained me mentally and I didn’t want to write much near the end of the week. I got some words down for Pyre (Forbidden Realm Book 1). I also did some editing in Seeing Through the Veil. Not nearly what I planned to do. Let’s take this in pieces first Seeing Through the Veil.

I got one chapter edited. It was good, but nothing huge. I am still several scenes from finishing the section. With this week I only have to work one other day, I am going to make sure I finish the section. And at least one scene in the next section. At the rate I am going, I am not going to get this draft done by December 31st. It looks more like January. I hope not, but based on how much left I have to edit and the new scenes I need to add. It’s looking like nearly two more months of editing. Time will tell.

Pyre and NaNoWriMo are going okay. I was on track with each day’s word count and now I am far behind. Part of the reason is from work and not having the mental function to write more than a few hundred words. Sunday I didn’t write any. The other part of the problem is I am writing a different POV character now and working on a whole new Magic system. While I know how it works, I am struggling with she is capable at the level she is. I know what she will be able to do later on, but in the beginning of the book. I don’t want her to be too strong and be able to do too much. Though I have thought about tying in some clues for later so we will see.

Finally, I am making some headway on The Gathering. I figured out a key part of the overall Magic System today. By doing that, I figured out that I may not be going forward as this series being two trilogies. Instead, it would be a Cycle. (Four books, think Inheritance Cycle.) If I go ahead with this change a lot of my old notes go by the waste side. However, I like the idea of doing four books. I don’t want all my series to be able to be broken down into a trilogy or two trilogies. I like the idea of having a series that has four, five, seven books in it instead of something that fits perfectly into the three act structure. For those who don’t know. I hate it. Not saying it isn’t a good thing, I just ignore when I write.

That’s all for today. The craft post will be up later today. Not sure when. I have some research to do before I can write it. Hopefully before noon, but it might not be up until late this evening. For those taking part in NaNoWriMo keep writing. Those who aren’t same to you. Me, it’s one in the morning. I am going to bed.



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