Sorry for such a late post. Monday I usually post a weekly writing wrap-up. However, since I got nothing done last week there was no reason to post on. I was going to post a short post saying that, but I am still getting used to my new work schedule. So, to make it up to everyone, here is what was going to be the final post in our sub-series on Government next week. I wanted to post this before this Friday’s post on developing a government, but I promised that in last week’s post because I forgot about politics. Can you really blame me forgetting though?! It works out, as I am taking the 22nd and 30th off from craft posts due to the holidays. I don’t want to wait until January to finish this sub-series. So, you get two craft posts this week. Let’s dive right in… Oh, wait. If you’re not caught up on our massive Worldbuilding series, you can find all posts under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. You can also find all the post in the Government sub-series here.

What is politics? For some, you might just think that it is what makes different members of your family bitterly fight because they disagree. Or your whole family disliking your history teacher because they use their classroom time to pass on their liberal or conservative views. Others just don’t care. Well, let’s start by defining politics. Sadly, has let me down on a goo definition. Oddly, Google gave me a great one just by searching for it. Here it is.

“The activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.” Google politics defined.

This is great definition because all politics is how to effectively run something. You can have politics in the office or at home. However, we will stick with the government. What kind of politics do you have in your world? Go ahead, think about it. I’ll wait here while you do that…

Your back. So you thought about it? Awesome. What politics did you come up with? You didn’t come up with anything. Go back and think about it more…

Okay, I’ll stop having my fun now. But seriously, did you come up with anything? I bet you have politics in your world and don’t even know about it. Have a rebel force wanting to overthrow the evil emperor? Why do they want to overthrow him? If you say because he is evil, then think harder. There is some kind of disagreement of what the emperor is doing and the people who want to overthrow him think should happen. This is an extreme point because tension has gotten to the point where people are ready to go to war to get change. Let’s dive a little deeper into other areas of politics in you world beside the extremes.

How about a theme of border security? Or how about the national debt? Going back to rebellion, but not just an underground movement which is the traditional trope. I am talking regions in rebellion. How do you handle this? What allies do you have? Are there allies you need but don’t like? What about incoming refugees from battle-torn areas of the kingdom? Food supply is running short? Where are the refugees going to live?

Any Game of Thrones fans reading this? You might recognize everything I just said. Game of Thrones is more a political drama than an action one. While everyone loves the sex, nudity, and gore, but the politics of that show are very true to real life. When it comes to your world, you can take real life issues from our world and bring them into your own. Here’s an example.

Power crisis in the U.S. We don’t generate nearly enough power for how much we use. How can you take that into fantasy? Unless your world is placed in an era of electricity, earlier eras make it harder to do. Unless you are doing a post-apocalyptic time frame. However, let’s us medieval time period since that is a favorite time period to set it in. How do you use energy crisis in that time period? I know how I would use it. I would make it more magical related. Magic is running out, there are three ways to fix it, and only one way will work. There is only time to try one way.

Bam! Now you have an issue that has to be decided, and you’re going to have people want to try one of the three ways. To beef up the tension, whatever side gets decided you can have people on the other side try to sabotage the attempt early on to try to get their way to be chosen. Or, downright refuse to help, or worst take away manpower to try to get your way to work. Maybe there also in the middle of a power struggle for a new king or ruler and the three ways to possible ways to fix the magic crisis are taken up by the many (more than three) factions trying to gain power.

By the way, I have dibs on that example above. Moving on, the magic crisis could be the main plot of the story, and the power struggle for the throne a close second. You can then sprinkle in other issues that trouble the kingdom, that we get some resolutions on or don’t just to see how other characters and factions look at solving them. Before you know it, you have a political action story. Or at least you have some politics in your story.

When it comes to all the governments in your world, unless they show up in your story your main characters enter their realm you don’t need to know the issues they struggle with. It does add a little to the story to hear about struggles of over realms or kingdoms that you never visit. However, if you are in those lands you should at least bring them up by overhearing citzens conversations at a tavern or on the street. That’s just my opinion. It will flesh out a kingdom that you don’t learn much about a little better.

That’s all I got today. Check back on Friday for a final post in the Government sub-series, Building your own Government. Hopefully, I will get some work done to do a Writing Wrap-up next week, if not, there will be one last one before the end of the year. My year in review and my goals for the coming year.



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