Welcome to this week’s Craft Post, sorry for such a late posting. I didn’t get home until late Friday and had other things that needed to get done after sleeping in way too late. I don’t like rushing through these posts, but at times I have to. Today’s post I did not want to do that, because I’ve been looking forward to this post for a few week’s now. Anyway, for those who are new we haven been going through a massive Worldbuilding series since May. (Funny, now that seems such a long time ago, though this summer when I thought this series has been long already wasn’t even close.) We haven broken up the topic into sub-series, which you can find under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. To get caught up on our Government sub-series, you can find all the posts here. Let’s get started.

“I need a government for the nation that will be the primary focus of my story, but I have no clue where to start. I want something familiar but unique, but what? I don’t want a kingdom, but I do want only one person to have the power. Ah! This is so frustrating.”

This sound like anything you ever said? Yeah, I know this feeling. This is how I felt years ago when I was in still in the early years of developing Forbidden Realm. Sure, it had been about six years into development, but compared to the sixteen years, it was still the early years. I needed a government, and since it is a science fiction story, well Sci-Fantasy, I needed something new. I didn’t want to follow Star Wars Galatic Senate, I need something different. Never had I created a government before, I didn’t want something that has been done, but I was okay with manipulating and altering a system that has existed in the past.

If you don’t know where to start, the best place like this is to start at the top and work your way down. It is the same approach I have suggested of how to start building your world. Why change the method now. Go back to that list of Governments of the world, I posted a few weeks ago. Pick one of those governments, maybe pick two. Go research them and see how you can join them together. What I ended up doing is taking the Roman’s Triumvirate system of three people who hold power and turn it into a Pentaiumvirate (five people in power). At that time, I couldn’t get away from a senate style government so I added that in, but anything that came from them on laws would need to be approved by three-fifths of the Pentaiumvirate to get be passed and become law. I also wanted them to be them to be the top of the judicial system as well. I built a judiciary system of six levels with the Pentaiumvirate (also known as the Order) at the very top. They could hear any case as long as thy

I also wanted them to be them to be the top of the judicial system as well. I built a judiciary system of six levels with the Pentaiumvirate (also known as the Order) at the very top. They could hear any case as long as through the other six levels. There had to be some kind of basis for the Order to hear the case, but being the top they could choose to hear any case if they wanted to, even criminal cases, which at the time of the story has yet to happen.

While I look at the government it is very simple, but back when I first developed it, it seemed very complex to me. Note, unless you actually write up articles of the government and its powers, on paper, it is going to look simple to you. Unless, government structure and the inner workings of it are going to be important to your story, there is no real reason to go that far.

Going back to that list of Governments, once you have two or five that you like, go research them. The more you know about them, the better you will be able to use that information to work them together. My recommendation is to pick one that will be the primary structure and then another one that will have an important part as well. Any other elements, if you have more than two you want to work together, take only pieces and work them in.

If you don’t like to research or far more likely, don’t want to research, go with something you’re familiar with. However, if you really want to create a realistic government for your world, you will be doing some kind of research at some point.

Once you have done some research the key is to look at the structure. I like mindmap or hierarchy chart. Here is one I made to represent what the Galactic Government looked like when I first constructed it.


You can see all the levels there are to the Judiciary branch. I have Order as the top though that is the Pentaiumvirate themselves. The line connects it doesn’t go to Judiciary, it goes to Pentaiunmvirate. I also have the Military linked to both the Senate and the Pentaiumvirate as the Senate has control over them, but the pentaitumvir (what the members of are called) have ultimate control.

This helps see how everything works. Now this is also at a galactic level so I needed multiple levels for the Judiciary. You may notice that there is no similar breakdown of power like territory for leadership for planets. There is a reason for that. When I created this ten years ago, I didn’t think of it. I do believe that I just figured the Senators were in some way had power, but at the same time, each planet had their own kind of governments for their world but had to be sure to enforce any galactic laws.

To me, the kind of laws would be similar to how there are national laws in the U.S. States have their own laws, but there are some things that override them. Not to get political, the best example I can think of at the moment is Abortion. Many states have laws on the books that ban it, while others have it legal. However, the U.S. has declared it is legal thus overriding the laws of the state who have it banned it.

I will give you a little hint at a change I have made since then. Each world has their own world leader and a senator to represent their planet at a sector council level and from there a leader is selected to represent the sector and another one represents the sector in the senate. This would also work on the Galactic Territory level as well.

Once you have hierarchy chart you can start to develop each area with powers and responsibilities and so on. You should think of how the larger government affects those who live in remote areas of the nation. How laws are enforced there (we will talk about law enforcement soon) as well how they interact with their government. If a small village that is high in the mountains that have no representative of the judiciary, can they select members of the village to fill in to make rulings? Or do they need to take their case to the closest settlement that has a judge? Or does the village leader do that?

Even if you’re governments structure isn’t going to explain in great detail, it is good to know these things. Especially if your Main Character stops in such a village, and they have to take their case to a city weeks away, you could have some people grumble about wanting to take to do that, but can’t due to not having the money or supplies to make it there, pay for a room and get back. The more things you can think of like how taxes are handled, or hot topics such as religious rights or services are handled. Punishment for crimes, or laws that should or shouldn’t exist. This allows you add some politics into the story even if they are in the background. Note, you should have reasons for while people are for or against such things, as well while the government does it such a way instead because they are evil.

My closing thoughts are thinking about other branches you might be able to create to expand beyond what is already part of the government’s structure. If magic is going to have a huge role in your world, maybe there is a separate branch focus solely on Magic. What do they do? That would be up to you. If you want corruption in the government the bigger it is, the easier it is to have that. However, it is just as easy to have corruption in a small government as well. While I love knowing everything about my worlds, I recommend knowing enough about things in your world that are important to the story and more. If you know more than what will be revealed in the story, the more things you can add in the background to help flesh the world out in little ways to make it seem more real.

That’s all I got. Here is a reminder, there will be no craft posts for the next two weeks due to the holidays. I will be posting at least one more weekly writing wrap-up depending on what I get done. Right now, it will most likely just a year in review not tomorrow, but next week. Who knows, I may actually get something done where I can post one tomorrow. While I don’t know the next topic will be but I may continue with Government but do a post on other areas that I haven’t covered like Law Enforcement and any other areas and do a longer post for the first week back covering them before moving on or maybe I will move on to a new topic. Depending on what I come up with, Military maybe next, but that could be linked into Government. Not sure yet.

While I am not big on the holiday’s anymore, but hope everyone has a good and safe holidays. See you all next year.



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