Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, the second to last one of 2016. I wasn’t going to post one today, as I got jack done this week. Part of it was from work, other was a nice distraction I bought myself on Friday. So to say this post will be short. There really is only two things I want to talk about: Seeing Through the Veil and Development.

Let’s get Seeing through the Veil out of the way since it is the shorter part. I am considering until I get 2/3 of the second draft done, I will be focusing my writing time that I have on this draft. As much as I love Forbidden Realm, I just don’t have time to work on both. While it is my goal ultimately to be b writing a new book while editing another a developing a new on all at the same time. Working just doesn’t allow me to do this. Yet! Once I get further into my new schedule of work, and not bone tired after I get done each day, I should and will be able to come up with a better schedule where I can do at least part of this. Maybe I edit one day and write something new the next. Who knows. I haven’t completely decided to do this, but it is every strong possibility I will. I am going to give it a try this week to see how it goes.

Okay, now that I got Seeing through the Veil out of the way, my last piece I want to cover is development. I purposely left out what I am developing. If you’re new, I have many series in the works and several are more of revamping than developing for the first time. Seeing Through the Veil was my first novel I ever wrote back in 2005. Pyre book 1 of Forbidden Realm Trilogy is part of my longest developing project ever. A project I started back in 2000. The Gathering is probably my fifth longest developing project, I came up with the idea back in 2009? Hold on, let me go check when Disney Channel’s TV movie of the Wizards of Waverly Place came out…

Yep, 2009. Yes, I got the original idea after watching that movie. No, it is nothing like that show. Just took a concept from the movie and making it my own. Moving on. I started to develop The Gathering again, from the ground up and breaking down what I already have to rework and completely ignore and make new. That makes sense right? Well, it does to me. I made progress on this, but I have seemed to hit a blockade. After realizing this is not a trilogy but a Cycle (Four books, see Inheritance Cycle. You know the one with dragon riders.) Not to go into the new direction, I have no clue or idea for three of the four books other than the base idea. This isn’t a bad thing, it will come to me. It just seems to come at a time where ideas a flowing just not for this series.

That brings me to the other series I am developing. It was more of a background development. I sit down every now and then to work on little pieces. It is my Narthex/Cosmaverse/Vensania/Cluster or my multiverse.
img_0394 img_0395 This is the notebook I am writing out everything in. I should say figuring it out, as just because I write it in here doesn’t mean it is how it is going to work. Actually, the first 12 pages are old ideas that have now been reworked. However, one page actually got reorganized with all the same information, just a little different. However, thanks to this I was able to discover the direction. Back on topic.

The ideas for what I am currently calling my Cluster in my Multiverse has been really working in the background. As Brandon Sanderson likes to call the story going on in the cosmere behind the scenes, this is my “Master Plan”. I would love to know the story going on in the background before I get too many books developed. I am not too worried about it I know that my brain is working out the pieces to have things already developed work without having to change things. Actually, it is because of the way the Veil series has been revamped and another series that will pop up down the line have developed is the reason why for the change of the direction. That tells me that my old ideas for my multiverse were good, but not how they were supposed to be.

Yes, I do believe my mind knows exactly how the story of the Cluster is and how all my storyworlds will work in it. They will either have a major role or a minor role or both. No I don’t see it as divine providence, but yes I do see it as there is the only way it will work and my subconscious mind has yet to let me in on everything. It is possible this is because it hasn’t completely figured out how it will all work together. I know that sounds like a giant paradox. Let me put it another way. My subconscious knows the story, it maybe still working on how it all works together. Yeah, that’s far better way of putting it. It’s that or my subconscious has it all figured out and is just revealing it to me in pieces. Either way I am good.

Okay, this post is far longer then I thought it would be. To get to my point, I am going to take a break from the Gathering and work more on my Cluster story (god, I hope I can come up with a better name for this multiverse than cluster, it just fits very well with what I know about the story now. )

Wow, that was alot. That’s all I got today. No Craft post for the next two weeks. Check back next Monday for my Year in Review post and the first Writing Wrap-up of 2017 in two weeks where I will post my new goals for the year.



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