2016 Year in Review

Posted: December 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the last Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Well, it is a wrap-up but for the year instead of the week. 2016 was a very interesting year, and a very good year for writing. Even though I wasn’t always writing. Last year at this time, I was in the middle of writing the first draft of Seeing Through the Veil. I was starting to develop Forbidden Realm again for the first time in a while. Not like in the past where I would work on it for a few weeks (at most) make some progress and then get stuck and stop. Before I get too far, let me break this up into what I am going to cover in this post. That way I am not just going on and talking about everything and randomly.

Obviously, I need to talk about Seeing Through the Veil, Forbidden Realm, The Cluster, Development of Projects, and 2016 goals that I set for myself back in January (Read 2016 Goals post here).

I must start with Seeing Through the Veil. It just the right place to start. The fact it is the first full novel I have written since Marks of Eilira book 2, draft 1 a few years ago. It was goo to finish that book this year, especially since I had burnt myself out on Marks of Eilira for nearly eight years. It wasn’t just that, but it was nice to return to my first novel I ever wrote and had abandoned it due to many reasons, the foremost reason, I couldn’t get the story to work. Not a problem now.

The first draft isn’t the only thing I accomplished with this book. Draft 2 was started and then stopped and draft 2.1 was started, which I am about half away through. Hopefully, I will get to finish that draft around the same time I finished the first draft. (I hope not. I don’t want to be working on it for another month.) I have a better feeling for the book and the series. I look forward to getting it into the hands of others to get feedback and see what they have to say.

Since I will cover writing Pyre Book 1 of Forbidden Realm Trilogy, which is also covered under development, I’ll just move to development. Especially, since the rest of this other than my goals is development focused. The best part of this year is I got to flow of how I want to move forward on developing other projects and series. I don’t keep quiet about my desire to link all of my worlds together in a larger than life series. It has been something I have been working on for nearly as long as I have been working on Marks of Eilira. (Actually, Marks existed at least three years maybe four. Three seems right). Figuring out how I am going to develop these series or in what it is more likely is revamp is important. However, just because I develop a series doesn’t mean I am going to publish things in that order. More on that in a bit.

Since I am talking about my Multiverse or the Cluster I am currently calling it, has made great progress. While it was slow and in spurt’s, the progress is important. Part of never doing things like this before means mistakes or directions to be taken that I am not going in any longer or will, just a twist on the original idea. While I have pieces of what this story is going to be, I still really don’t know. That is why I recently decided to focus on developing this instead of another series. (The series I was going to develop before I made this decision was The Gathering). As important as this story is to be played out in the background of stories and not know what it is, has become unacceptable to me.

To give you a reason, when I started working on the Cluster, from my old Narthex ideas. I planned all stories I have in the works to be included. That was 21 different series of different lengths. After some reworking, I now have 18 series, not to mention the final wrap-up serie(s). Yes, you read that right. It could be a series or Series as more than one. I don’t know how all these stories fit into the larger story. I believe that they have a role either a large one or a small one. Thus far, I have been able to figure out how each one I have developed so far role. However, I can’t wait until I get to develop all 18. I would rather know which worlds will be part of the overall larger story and which stories I just want to tell that exist in the multiverse but won’t play a part. I am excited to figure this out. Especially, since I am considering an important part of what I have already figured out already.

That brings me to Forbidden Realm, my longest project in development. August 2000 is when I started working on it. It was a very different story back then. A rip off of DBZ and GT (Mostly the Evil Shenron Saga. I still find it funny that my main villain back then has found its away into the story again. This series has to be the most complicated story. I won’t go into why, but when I explain it to people I have to use visuals to make sure they get what I am saying. Regardless of that, I love what I have come up with in this year. Especially since I wanted this story to be tight as I could. Originally it was going to be two trilogies because I could not fit the story into three books. Still not sure how I did it, but when problems like that come up and my mind seems to work on them in the background until a solution has been found.

I think the most fun was revamping and really diving into the magic systems of this world. There are so many of them that it really was a lot of work to make them unique but keep to the original idea for each. I was able to do that and make them work. While I will say this, the magic systems aren’t that revolutionary, they do fit what I wanted them to be. This series was supposed to be a Manga/Anime when I started. I wanted them to be in line with that. If that doesn’t give you a direction of what the magic systems are supposed to be like, well two of the systems then the DBZ/GT ripoff should be the other clue.

With the development of this series was fun, writing it is just as fun if not more. It maybe something to do with finally writing this story after sixteen years of work on it. The other part I know is that one of my magic systems that has a large role in the story, mostly because it is one of the three that is introduced in the first book and very similar to another one that is sort of introduced in book 1. This magic system while I figured out how it works and trained to learn, what someone who is still in the early stages of the learning would be able to do with it was a mystery to me. Now that am writing it, I have to face that problem. I have and I got a lot of new ideas and thoughts how to keep it different from the other magic system that is like it. Continuing to write this book is what I look most going into 2017.

Speaking of 2017, I guess I should look back at my goals for 2016 and see how I did. You know, since this is a year in a review post. You may have noticed on the left side of this page a box that says Yearly Writing Goals.  I noticed that they were the ones for 2015. For some reason, I never posted 2016’s in there. Oh well. I will fix that for 2017. In case you didn’t go to my goals post for 2016 at the start of this post, here is the link again. 2016 Writing Goals. In that post, I go into more detail of each goal. If you want the details, go check the post, but here are the bullets of my goals.

  • Finish first draft of Seeing Through the Veil
  • Read
  • Write more words per day
  • Edit writing
  • More content for writing blog
  • Twitter
  • Develop 3-4 of my other writing projects
  • Write 2-3 Novels
  • More content for my Review Blog
  • Write and shoot some short films.

The first goal was completed. I didn’t read much, but I did listen to many audiobooks this year so I am going to count it as reading. However, I do need to get back into actual reading again. The write more words per day I got, well when I wrote. Still trying to get that writing everyday thing down again. However, with several schedule changes caused that as well not having another story to write after I finished Seeing Through the Veil.

I am editing now, so I am doing that, so another check. More content for this blog, I will say a yes and no. While I have done well with posting Weekly Writing Wrap-ups and the Craft Posts, I haven’t really done all that much else. Well, other than the random extra posts like preparing for NaNoWriMo. I am not sure how much more I can do on this blog at the moment so most likely I won’t be adding that to next years goals. So that is a partial check. Twitter, damn, I suck at that. Other than posting these posts. Does developing one series and partial development of one (The Gathering) and spurt’s on another series, count? Okay maybe not the 3-4 but I did develop so that is another partial check.

2-3 Novels. HA! That goal was quite ambitious of me. Probably didn’t think it would take me nearly 11 months to revamp Forbidden Realm. Review blog. Ha! HA! HA! HA! HA! I haven’t touched that all year. Not sure if I am going to keep that one. As for write and shoot short films didn’t even come close. Oh well.

I did accomplish some goals this year and not others. It is clear to me that I accomplished the goals I wanted to complete and worked on the areas that were important to me. Overall, I am happy with my progress this year. I look forward to 2017 to see how that will be and develop. Maybe I will finally have something completed and ready to publish by the end of the year.

That’s all, check back next week for my Goals for 2017 and my yearly rant on why New Year’s Resolutions are stupid.






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