Welcome to the first Weekly Writing Wrap-up of 2017. This will be a short one, well because I have been slacking. Let’s dive into it.

Writing, I got one chapter done of editing on Seeing Through the Veil. Boy was it tough. Two-three weeks of not touching it getting back into the flow of the events were touch. Something tells me when I need to spend a little more time on that chapter when I go to polish. Sadly, I only got around to writing yesterday. Not how I would have liked to start 2017 off, but oh well. I plan to finish my new schedule by the end of tomorrow and really stick to it. For the first time in a long time, I have a non-changing work schedule where I can plan around. Seeing through the Veil takes priority.

I may not have gotten much writing done this past week, I did get a little more development on my multiverse. Well, kind of. I got more flow of the events down. What I need to do is wrap up the events I working, because it leads to an important event in my multiverse. From there, I plan to take what I have come up with and really dive into it a little more plunge it into a Scrivener file. Then I will move on to some other elements that I hadn’t planned for. I will look at those ideas and flesh them out and then bring the two together, to see how they might go together. Beyond that, I will keep in mind the main thing everyone one wants and start gathering ideas for the actual plot for the grand master events that are going on. Also, what characters from other series will play larger roles and new characters.

Beyond that, I have nothing else to do. Something new I am going to try this year is to set deadlines okay more like target dates to complete certain things. Like my schedule needs to be done by the end of tomorrow. Seeing Through the Veil I am targeting around February first or second week. Once I get my schedule done and keep to it, I may get the draft done by the end of January, which would be so much better.

Please check back soon as last week Craft post will be posted shortly. Check back on Friday for this week’s Craft Post, we will be starting a new sub-series. Not sure what it is, so stay tuned.



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