Welcome to this late edition of this week’s Craft Post. Sorry about the late posting, this week went by super slow for me and then the next thing I know is last night I am going to bed and I haven’t posted our craft post. I think I need to tweak my schedule to have a reminder so this doesn’t happen. Anyway, this week we are starting a new sub-series on Military and Police. This is going to be an introduction the topic. We will focus on Police and Crime and then move into Military. I am going to try something new, for this series. I am going to give you the titles (working titles) of all the posts in this series up from. (The topics that I know of at the moment). So here they are:

  • Military and Police: The difference between the two…or not!
  • Crime and why it exists
  • Limits of Law Enforcement
  • Military and its purpose
  • Military Ranks (Military and Police)
  • Causes of War
  • Warfare
  • Weapons of War
  • Treaties and Alliances

Yep, this sub-series is roughly going to take about nine weeks to get through. Again, that is what I am planning as of now. Some other ideas that fall under military and war could come up in that time. However, unless it really important I am not going to add additional posts. With that said, let’s dive into the intro to this new Sub-series.

Military and Police, is there a difference in your world? The answer is… yes and no or either one. What am I talking about you ask? This is Worldbuilding, so while it can easily be thought of as just focusing on one area of your world or nation, we are in fact talking about the whole world. Depending on the nation, the type of government and the culture of the people, as well just how advanced the kingdom is, determines if there is a law enforcement and military or it there is just a military.

Look at the games Elder Scroll, when going on a killing spree or attack someone either on purpose or accident soldiers come up and arrest you. Military. If I am not mistaken this is in every game regardless of the kingdom you are in. However, other games or books may have an actual police force. It is more likely unless you have only one culture of people and one kingdom in your world, somewhere there will probably be a kingdom that has both.

If you have law enforce, where is it? Is it through the nation or just in large cities? Can smaller cities have one, how about regions and towns? In small remote areas, with small villages or towns do they have one? It could be just easier for them to rely on the few military forces in the area for law enforcement than have to pay one or two people to do it. Especially if there are bandits in that area, it would be very hard for only one or two people to stop them.

If you have police and military what is the difference between them? Where does one jurisdiction begin and end and the other begin? Can police arrest soldiers? Do soldiers only serve to protect the borders and fight in wars?  An even more important question is how do they work together?

I am going to leave off here because these are important questions to know the answers to. If you don’t know maybe, after nine weeks of this sub-series you will. Next week, we will start to focus on the law enforcement side for the next two weeks, before moving into the military. Check back Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up.



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