Welcome to this week’s Craft Post! Hope everyone’s writing week is going well. This week we are continuing in our new sub-series in our massive Worldbuilding series. Last week, we started a new sub-series on Military and Law Enforcement. Before I get to forget like last week, if you are new or haven’t been around lately, you can find all the posts in the series under the World Building link in the toolbar. You can find last week’s post, here. Let’s get going.

What kind of crime do you have in your world? This could be individual or organized crime. Of course, when you think about crime, all the things from our world come to mind. How about something unique to your own world? Why would it be a different kind of crime or someone want to use it for a crime? Why am I asking about this? If you have something unique to your world that like a specific kind of job there usually some kind of darker version of it. Think of it this way, Rule 34 of the internet:

If it exists, there is porn of it. Rules of the Internet.

Instead of porn, it’s crime. If there isn’t that kind of crime, see rule 35.

If no porn is found of it, it will be made. Rules of the Internet.

Same as above, crime instead of porn. Example: The internet is created, hackers quickly show up. If you have some kind of unique technology or abilities or something unique to your world, think of how it could be used in a crime.

“Well, this device has special magical charms or specific chip that prevents it from ever being able to use in crime.”

Have you never heard of reverse engineering? Why do we keep have to come up with new and innovative ways for security? Someone finds a workaround and something new is needed. Understanding why that unique item or job or whatever it is could result in a crime helps make it even more unique.

Why does this exist? Simple, money. Ever heard the old saying of “Money is the root of all evil”? Well, it’s not. The Want of money is the root of all evil. It is that desire why billionaires hire lobbyists to lobby for certain laws that favor them over the masses. It is why people who are low in wealth who see that decide to not follow the laws as they see them actively working against them.

There are other reasons, heated emotions make someone do something stupid, or act on something they thought about for a while. We already talked about religion. Religion is one of the most common reasons for a terrorist to attack. The desire for power or power over someone (rape). Yes, rape is more about power and control over someone than actual sex. Not to say it isn’t about sex at times.

Also, there is that desire to survive. It not selfish, but to stay alive and you have no money to buy food, what do you do? Steal, that’s a crime. Working with other poor people or kids to help take as much as you can become organized crime. The reason for the crime may be evil or based on some selfish desire or one of just wanting to survive.

Some of these reasons are very human reasons. If you have other races in your world, crime could be very different for them. Working through what would be considered a crime to them. It could be very easy if you have a race who is huge on obeying orders or contract, refusing to obey or even thinking of disobeying can be a crime. The motives will be different especially if the race is not human.

Does that mean someone from another race can’t get angry and kill someone? No. Depending on if that race can get angry or not. If they don’t feel anger then you can’t have that happen. Half-breed with a race that does feel anger could.

In the end, crime happens because some want a shortcut to the things they want, while others are just trying to provide for themselves and family when legit means don’t pay enough. Know what kind of crime you have in your world and why it exists will help make your world feel more real.

That’s all for this week, next week we will focus on Limits of Law Enforcement. Be sure to check back on Monday for my weekly writing wrap-up.




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