Welcome to this week’s Craft Post. Sorry for the late post, but stupid technology doesn’t understand when you click save draft means save. Yes. I had this all written out and it didn’t save. Oh well. Moving forward. For anyone new or hasn’t been around, we have been going through a massive Worldbuilding series. You can find all the sub-series under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. Our current sub-series is on Military and Law Enforcement. This is our last post on Law Enforcement, however in two weeks when we talk about rank that can be applied to Law Enforcement. If you would like to get caught up on the posts in this sub-series you can find them here. Let’s dive in.

Law Enforcement is not untouchable in their pursuit to serve and protect. There are limits to what they can do and can’t do. For example, they are allowed to lie to someone about what they know or don’t know in an interrogation. However, they aren’t allowed to brutely beat you for no reason. Local police do not have jurisdiction in another town. Meaning they technically can’t pull you over or arrest someone there. An example of this, my hometown of Oneonta, NY has the City of Oneonta and the Town of Oneonta. OPD for the city technically can’t police the town, however, because of agreements between the City and the Town, OPD can pull people over. Without that agreement, someone could argue the police had no right to pull them over and find the drugs they had in their car.

“Why wouldn’t a city and a town not want to have an agreement where the city law enforcement would help them out?”

Good question. In today’s world, it is impossible for some kind of feud between neighboring towns where such an agreement could not happen. Well, it is very possible. Last year, the Town of Oneonta and the City of Oneonta were in intense negotiations for the Oneonta Fire Department to go respond to the town’s fires. It was at a point where the city was saying that after a specific date, I can’t remember what date the City wouldn’t respond due to the Town of Oneonta not giving them the deal they want. The Town says they were asking for way too much money. Long story short, simple agreements like this can happen.

What if in your world, you have something like this happen, but then tie in a history between the two areas have a bitter past and something recent just triggered this old rivalry. Now, this so-called deal that is being worked out becomes embroiled with issues over the past. I am not saying this isn’t the plot of the story? No. However, if your main character or cast of characters are running from the law of one town and need a reason for the law enforcement from where they are running from can’t follow, you have your reason. All of this can be spoken in a matter of a few lines of dialog.

Let’s take this a little further, your main character is in one of these two cities for some other purpose and they pick up a newspaper or a flier a few times that talks about the deal. Maybe even overhear people talking about the hatred towards the other town from locals in saloon or diner. Even better, you slip this in throughout a few books so when you finally get to it, you have a little backstory for this feud long before you use it?

The point of this is, that law enforcement has limits, the question is what will your limits be? Do you want your law enforcement to have limits? Can they be Police, Judge, Jury, and Executioner? If there are limits what means do the people or the government use to make sure they being followed? Are there people who disagree with the measures that Law Enforcement can use while others support Law Enforcement? (Yes, I am pulling from what has been going on currently in our country with abuses of Law Enforcement.)

One last final question, if you have Law Enforcement and Military at what point do the Military get involved if they ever do when it comes to law enforcement. Are there higher agencies like a county police or state police, national law enforcement? Such as the F.B.I. If so, when do they take over? Is there a difference in skills? In a fantasy world, does one of these group have access to magic or in sci-fi worlds advanced tech?

What you also need to remember, that all of this changes depending on the nation or territory you are in on your world. As someone who likes to know everything, I like to have an idea of how all my different kingdoms work. That doesn’t mean you need to before you visit that area if you ever do. Just take note there will probably be some differences. Big or small.

That’s all for this week. This post was a lot different than my first one, but it works. Next week we move into Military and its Purpose. Be sure to check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up for the week. Beyond that, have a good weekend and get writing.




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