Military and Their Purpose

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Welcome to this week’s Craft Post. Hope everyone is having a great writing week? I am. For anyone new, we are currently in a cosssal series on worldbuilding. If you would like to get caught up one all the posts, you can find all the Sub-series under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. For the last few week’s we have been working our way through a Sub-series on Military and Law Enforcement. Today, we move into the focus on the Military. Let’s dive right in.

What is the purpose of the Military? Before you answer, let me just acknowledge that my question is a very load one. Depending on your beliefs (not just religious) this could be very different. Concersavites have a very pro military and may say that they protect us from our enemies. Librals may see the Military as killers who do the bidding of billionare corporations to ensure they stay rich by paying millions of dollars to ensure a leader who will go to war with other nations for their resources. 

Just because you’re a conserative or liberal doesn’t mean you feel this way about the Miliary. To be clear, I am talking Military in general not our (America’s) Military. The sole purpose of the Military is to protect it’s home nation. How that is done, depends on the people or person in charge of the military. One nation could be more defensive while another could be offensive. Two examples of this:

Offensive: Iraq War, America invades Iraq to stop the nation from developing/destroy their WMD’s. We’re not going into the whole if they had or didn’t have arguements. We went into stop these weapons from being used against the people of Irqe and at some point us. 

Defensive: World War 2. We were netural in the War in Europe, then we were attacked by the Japense, who became allies of Germany and Italy. We defended ourselves by removing the threat of the Japanese who were dominating the Pacific Ocean. Once it as only Nation of Japan islands left, we went on the offensive when we dropped the A Bomb. The main focus, is we didn’t enter the war until attacked. 

These are just big idea examples of the style, but there are so many ways these strategies or ideals of how the Military protects their nation. A nation of Defensive ideals could still haev Special Ops, that enter other countries to disable ot capture enemies living there. 

Is that the only way the Military protects their kingdom? Depends on if you have Law Enforcement or not. One nation in your world could use the Military to enforce laws, or just capital building of their leaders. It’s really up to you on how the Military is used. The prime reason nations have Militaries, is to protect their nations from outside threats. 

I have constantly used nation or kingdom as who a Military protects, but what about some rich noble who raises up an army, because he feel’s that the new King should have made him a Lord and didn’t. Militaries don’t just defend nations, they fight for people who are paying them. Which, brings us to Warfare, but before we go there, next week we will be talking about Ranks, which you can adapt for your Law Enforcement.

That’s all for this week. Check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I Hope everyone has a good rest of the week. 


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