Welcome to day two of three Craft Posts week. For those who are new or haven’t been around lately the last two weeks, I didn’t post a craft post out of the need to finish my 2nd draft. With that draft done, I am not catching up. We are currently going through a massive Worldbuilding series, that has been broken up over multiple Sub-series. To get caught up in all them you can find them under the Worldbuilding Link in the toolbar. To get caught up on our current Sub-series on Military and Law Enforcement, you can find those posts here.

You can’t talk about Military without talking about war, and not just how war works, but mostly why go to war? Boy, this post is going to be long. Okay, where to begin….

Oh, I know! Reason to go to war is ANY DAMN REASON YOU WANT!

Wow, that was easy. Well, tune in on Friday for the last post of the three. Have fun writing everyone.

Okay, so we aren’t done actually. However, my answer to why go to war is absolutely true. You can go to war because the leader of another world commented on a pic of yours and asked if your hair is real. That could happen. Sure in this day in age, we would like to think that wouldn’t happen, but then again with who is in the white house right now, you never know. Sorry, couldn’t resist a Trump joke. The truth is any President on a bad day, could technically start a war with any country for some stupid reason. Thankfully, for an actual declaration of war, you need Congress. Yes, we would need more than an insult for that, but look throughout history and see how some wars started, they’re some stupid ones.

Example, Captain Jenkins losing his ear. If you want to know more Google it.

Let’s bring this into your world. You can have any reason you want to start a war. It can be something so far out there and dumb, but it can be the reason. Just know people will probably think it is stupid. If you have a bad reason for war but want people to think it is a great reason, better sell the hell out of it. The best plan is present the reason you have and just let your readers react how they react. While having someone assassinated works better, but sometimes wars break out over small issues. Look at the Revolutionary War. We just wanted to not be taxed without representation in Parliament. The King refused to listen and war came about it.

Reasons for war mean little, in the end. It is the person or persons who have the reason to declare war that matter. Oh my, characters make the difference. For example, at a conference between seven nations two neighboring kingdoms who are at peace, but have building tension where something could start a war. These two leaders meet and one leader has a spot on their suit and their neighbor leader points it out in the hall. It just so happens that this it is right before an important meeting where the leader won’t be able to go change, and two other nations leaders were walking by at the time.

Now the leader who pointed it out the stain was just to make the other leader aware. However, the Leader with the spot sees it as them trying to embarrass him. Especially since he did so as two other leaders were passing by. War ensues.

That’s is a stupid reason to go to war, however, it isn’t for the leader who felt insulted and embarrassed. To that leader, it is a very good reason to go to war, especially with other issues with that leader’s country. When word gets around to the other kingdoms and leaders about the real reason was over being embarrassed, they may say what a stupid reason. People in his own kingdom may agree, while other’s may see it as an insult. Why didn’t the leader of the neighboring country pull the leader aside and tell him/her?

The motives of the people involved with the decision and order given to declare war is more important than the actual reason. If you have a reason for war, that people tell you isn’t that good and a war would never get started over that. Do these two things. First, thank for their thoughts, but to the characters involved, it isn’t stupid. Then when you write the novel, just make sure you get it through that the character(s) see this as a good reason. If you do that, people may still think it is dumb, but will believe it isn’t to this character(s). Second, tell/remind them how the Battle of Troy was started over a woman.

That’s all I got for this post, check back on Friday for the last post of three this week. The topic, Warfare.



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