Welcome to the third and final post of, not one! Not two!, but three Craft posts. For anyone new or coming back, the last two week’s I have been focused on finishing the 2nd draft of Seeing Through the Veil. I did not post craft posts those weeks. Now I am done I needed to make it up. So I posted those two posts, the first one on Tuesday (which you can find here), the second on Wednesday (which you can find here). Today, Friday, when Craft Posts are posted, is the final post. We are going through an immense series on Worldbuilding. You can find all the posts under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. The current sub-series is on Military and Law Enforcement (which you can find all the posts in this sub-series here). Let’s get started.

WAR! What is it good for… Absolutely nothing!!!!! Accept action, conflict, story progression, character development, setting the scene. Okay, so maybe that song doesn’t apply to writing. Which leads me back to War. How do you handle it in your world? The answer is actually another question. What kind of world does your story take place in? Is it a fantasy world, sci-fi? Ops another question. This can go on and on. The best way to answer is when does your story take place in your world. Is it medieval, stone age, turn of the century, steam, iron, near future, future, etc? Depending on the time of the world affects the answer. Also, while you could have a future (like a super high tech world) but still have magic in it. Note, just because you have magic doesn’t mean fantasy can be in the future.

Depending what kind of war, what abilities the people who live in it have if magic exist or technology or both. All of these and more will affect how war takes place in your world. For example, you have two armies one that fights a specific away and has more forces and power. The other is smaller and not really trained, with some power, but are driven by ideals. How does the smaller, less trained, and experienced army win?

The answer, don’t fight the war how their enemy wants you to. WHAT!? The American Revolution, not all battles the armies of the soon to be U.S. and Britain formed up ranks and charged each other firing at each other. A lot of times, it was gorilla warfare. This made no sense to Britain, to them it was a cowards way to fight. Because the refused to adapt, they eventually lost (Along with many other reasons).

As much as we like to believe there are rules to war, there aren’t. We just have agreements not to do certain things, like use our super weapons of Mass Destruction (Nukes) in war (Kinda). What kind of agreements or codes do the people in your world have? These can be based on cultures, beliefs, religion, etc. When can battles take place? Will warriors or soldiers fight only on certain days? In Brent Weeks Light Bringer series, during the battle near the end, the Prism is trying to protect a city from being taken and knows if he can last until sunset, he will have another day to prepare as it is the summer solstice and no fighter will fight on that day.

War is a game that when played, people die, but the players with the best strategy win. Yes, Brute force is a strategy. How difference races, or people or whatever you have lived in your world, fight and train will determine how warfare looks like. It will also determine how a winner is chosen. Is there such thing as surrender? Is only one battle held or many? Can single combat or a series of single bouts determine who is the winner? Are there things that are seen as crimes that cannot be done? Example, killing families of the enemies soldiers. Is this okay in your world or not? Or is it what happens during a battle or time of war stays during that time?

This doesn’t mean it has to be just if you killed someone. It could also mean if soldiers cheat on their wives or husbands it is okay because they were at war.

Is Spying allowed? Or is this seen as cheating? What if an enemy force surrenders can the victor continue to slaughter them or do they have to stand down? Do battles take place near civilizations or are they in open areas away from innocents?

What I am trying to point out, we like to think about battles being bloody, action packed and full of strategy and more. When in reality they are but depending the side what is seen as okay and not okay could be very different. Depending on your characters and their cultures, beliefs and anything else you can think of will determine what war looks like in your world. We know what it looks like here, does it have to be like ours? No. It could be just a computer game and kids play and turn out to be them directing military forces on the other side of the galaxy. Yes, I am referencing Ender’s Game. It is up to you. Study war and its evolution and see how you can change make it something different than what we have seen before.

That’s all I got today. Check back on Monday for this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up and next week for the Penultimate post in our Military and Law Enforcement sub-series. The topic Weapons of War!



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