Welcome to this week, the third post of the week. Once again I am coming late. Let’s just plan on having this posts on Saturdays until I know for sure I can get these posts done on Friday. There was one more post on our Magic and Technology sub-series, but I sorta covered what I wanted to say on that topic on Technology of your World post. Today we will be starting our Penultimate sub-series on Daily Life. This series will cover the following:

  • Daily Life
  • Fashion and Dress
  • Manners
  • Education

Let’s jump in.

We all know what Daily Life is like. We wake up, have our coffee, eat breakfast, shower, get ready for work, get stuck in traffic, work, get yelled at our boss for something they didn’t tell you to do, have lunch, work on that issue that our boss yelled at us for, go to the gym after work, get stuck in traffic, get home, have dinner, spend time with friends/family, watch some tv, and finally go to bed. The next day we repeat.

Now that maybe my example of daily life doesn’t apply for everyone, but it is a general idea. What is daily life like in your word? Before you answer, let’s look at how you could answer this question. You could do it by nation, people, religion, etc. Depending on a people’s society works there could be similarities, with some changes. A nation that is ruled by religion may have a worship time or times built into their daily life.

How you answer this question is how you have the people’s daily life. Is a nation a mixture of different people where their cultures blend together to have a unique structure of daily life? Maybe there is no structure, and people are able to go about what they wish?

What about how certain things like how everyday utilities handled? Such as garbage and other material waste handled? How do things differ from cities to towns? There is so much you can look at about everyday life and see how what you could do with it or change it.

That’s all I got today, check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Next Saturday for another craft Post on Fashion and Dress.



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