Welcome to last week’s Craft Post. Yep, I am late on this one. I’ll be posting a few to make up for it. For those who are new, we are in a year long Worldbuilding Series. You can find all the sub-series under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. You can find all the posts in our current Daily Life series here. Today’s post is Fashion.

What is the kind of dress is acceptable in your world? I am talking about the kind of dress that is okay in the culture of the nation. Then you have the kind of fashion that is frowned upon and seen as stylish. Is there even such a thing? Do the people of your world care about the style of dress. Every culture has their own styles and style. It could be a based on religion if the culture is more religious or something else. The Middle East have a strict dress for women while the tribal villages in Africa have a simple sheet style.

That brings use to Morality well at least the when it comes to dressing. Is it acceptable for women to have their breast exposed? How about men? Is it okay for their chest to be seen as long as we don’t see nipples? (Assuming the people have nipples). What about the gentiles? If you want to go odd, look at Brandon Sanderson Stormlight Archive where women cover their left hand. Beyond Morality, are there gender styles? Do just

Beyond Morality, are there gender styles? Is it acceptable for women to wear pants or men to wear skirts or dresses? How about young children? Teens?

Then you have fabrics. Do they have patterns in them, maybe a pattern that is unique to their people’s culture? How about colors, are certain colors okay for religious ceremonies, others for festivals, and then there are funerals. Same goes for the kind of dress for those events? Should a groom wear a suit and the bride wear a dress?

Do jobs have uniforms for everyone or just certain jobs like judges, sports teams, and military? We will be covering Education in a few posts, but do they have uniforms for public education or private?

Are there standard items required for dress such as jewelry? What about weapons? Are they part of the everyday dress or only part of specific jobs or dress codes?

I know this is a lot of questions, but when you think every culture has their unique styles designs. You need to think about this for every culture in your world. Also, how intermingling between cultures will affect each other. Take some time and think about each of your cultures.

That’s all I got now for today. Check back soon for another Craft Post on Manners. Monday there is my Weekly Writing Wrap-up.


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