Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. It is May first. You know what that means… Three more days until the fourth, or as we Star Wars geeks like to say May the Fourth Be With You. Okay, that last statement isn’t true at all. No, not the Star Wars geek part. Me being one. I enjoy them, but I am not someone who watches Star Wars every year or month or whenever and how often they do. What the first of May really means it is time for some Spring Cleaning. That’s right, I need to tidy up my workspace and take a fresh look at things.

Let’s get to the book of things, I got little Writing done this week. No, I didn’t hit three days like I planned. Got some news of the death of a family member, this week. So that cut into the week. Please no Sorry for your loss comments or anything like that. I am not very close with my family, but my Mom took it hard. So I had to help her out. I will just have to make it up this week.

Anyway, that brings me to my Spring Cleaning. Not only has my writing suffered since I finished Draft 2 of Seeing Through the Veil, but my development has suffered. This time last year I was working hard on developing Forbidden Realm Trilogy and the world it takes place in. However, now I am struggling to do barely any work on my development. Part of it is I have been distracted with another hobby I have. I need to light up on that some and it will give me some more time to work on development.

Part of the reason, I believe this is, is because I haven’t put any deadlines on completing development for my current projects. I knew I wanted to start writing book 1 of Forbidden Realm Trilogy in June. I talking about last year. The second draft of Seeing Through the Veil was taking longer than I wanted. Which affected how much time I put on developing Forbidden Realm near the end. Knowing this, I need to take that all into consideration.

So, part of my spring cleaning, I am going to start setting some dates for the Long Live and my Super Hero Epic (Web Series) that I am currently developing. While I don’t have dates, but by next week I will figure out those deadlines.

Speaking of developing, this week I got some progress on Long Live. I finally got motives for the last of my antagonists done. Which means I now have what I need to start developing the outline for the book. There is a struggle in my head to try to take everything in my old outlines and use it, but I know I can’t. There is a lot of stuff that happened that was to make the book longer and it wasn’t needed. I will have to review the outlines and take notes on what think was filler and what isn’t.

No development on my Super Hero Epic Web Series. I have to take the bullets I mapped out from the old outline and get them on the computer and start figuring out arcs. Also, I need to figure out how to flesh out a lot of character who appear but don’t really get a POV. It will be interesting I will tell you that.

Well, that’s all I got. My goals this week is to write more at least three days and get more than a day of development done on Long Live and the Web Series. I will be posting another Craft Post tomorrow. Hopefully, before I go to work. So check back tomorrow for a post on Manners. Be sure to come back on Friday for my normal Craft Post on the final post in our Penultimate sub-series in our year-long Series on Worldbuilding. The topic is… Education.


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