Welcome to another Craft Post in our ever going Worldbuilding Series. You can find all the posts so far in the Worldbuilding link above in the toolbar. You can find all posts in our current sub-series Daily Life, here. This post is a make up for this past week and not posting on time at all. Let’s get started.

Manners and Etiquette, what the hell are they?

Let’s define them really quickly.

Manners Are polite behavior that reflects respect for others. Saying “Please” and Thank you” as well as waiting patiently and not interrupt others while they are talking.

Etiquette is a social code that is polite conduct that facilitates positive exchange. The code is for any given situation and helps create comfort and confidence for everyone. Think of a table setting. Part of etiquette is knowing which bread and butter plate are yours and what fork you use with what course. Also, understanding why these practices exist to make it more believable. A name tag is worn on the right side because it is easier for someone to read when you shake hands.

What are you the rules of your society? Is it not right for a woman to pull a chair out for themselves? How about the fork? Do you get offended if someone offers to shake hands with a certain hand? How about how you dress or the way you walk, talk?

Consider what people think of the code? Are some people love it and will have nothing to do with those who don’t follow it. Do only the rich follow it only because they fell they must, but actually hate it? Is the code a cultural thing or only certain people follow it?

When is comes to Manners, are they important to people in society or only a few people? Is there a word or a gesture said or used to ask politely or means thank you? Is it seen as a bad thing when someone who represents that they don’t have manners?

How do people react when someone is rude? Do they look on from afar and snare or actually get involved? How do these change from race to race? How about the difference within a race? Just because someone is an elf, doesn’t mean a wood elf will react the same when a plains elf. What about when you host a guest, is there something you should do when they arrive? Do you greet them or send your son or daughter to greet them. How about a servant or a soldier? What about food and drink? Is it first or after some time has passed.

Manners and Etiquette do cross over at times. There maybe manners part of the Etiquette code and by not following them you could purposely be rude to someone. How about a society where the code is not to be polite? Somewhere if you hold the door for a lady, you stand out. Where punching someone in the face for bumping you won’t.

That’s all I got. Check back on Friday for the last post in our Daily Life sub-series.



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