Welcome to this week’s Craft Post. Sorry, it is coming a few days late. I said on Friday in my last post when I should have said Saturday. Yesterday, I got distracted. Damn you 13 Reason Why? For being so good. Today’s post is the last post in our Daily Life sub-series. I am sure I could find many more topics to cover here, but these were a few things I thought important. Maybe sometime after we wrap out Worldbuilding series I will come back and talk about some of them. For those who are new or returning after some time, you can find all the posts in our ongoing Worldbuilding series under the link in the toolbar. You can find all of our Daily Life sub-series posts here. Let’s dive into it.

Education. What form does it take in your world? Is job-related, where if you are going to be a blacksmith you are taught what you will need for that job? Is it more one on one with an instructor who determines what you learn? How about a teacher who knows all and teaches all the subjects similar to the Maesters in Game of Thrones? Do children leave home and go to a special building where a teacher teaches them, similar to how it is done in our world?

Those are just a few questions you need to ask yourself about how education is done in your world. Why? That’s simple, depending on how education is handled in your world will determine how educated your characters are. If only the rich are education beyond what is needed for their job, and your lead protagonist is a commoner, but spouts off facts about things not dealing with their job, will be seen as a huge contradiction. Unless the character purposely seeks out new information. That leads to a huge question, who get’s to be educated? Is it only boys? How about only girls? Maybe it is only the rich. How do adults feel about education? Do those who live in the city see it as a way for their children to move up in the world, where those in smaller villages see it as a waste when they could use their kid’s help on the farm or in their store or whatever they do?

Let’s go back to the structure of education. How long does the education last? Do children go from a young age all the way to adulthood? Does it stop after they get to an age where they can be working and help earn extra money for the family? Is it a law that children must be educated? How many hours in a day does school last? Eight hours? Five? It is year round or ten months with a few breaks in there and then two months off (or how many days in a year in your world)? Do the teachers grade the students or is it more of a keep doing it until they get it right? How are students treated when they act out? Are they beaten? Put in the corner for a time out with a Dunce cap?

If you look around at how different countries education systems are like, you will find so many different structures. Some have strict test base structures where others have gone away from tests altogether. There there is how teachers are viewed. In many countries, teachers are seen as important part of the education system. Then you have the U.S. where teachers are villainized for low test scores, told how to do their jobs by people who don’t know a damn thing about education. Ops, guess my own thoughts on that slipped out. Oh well. Are teachers seen as something anyone can do or someone special, who is seen as wise and people have great respect for?

The last point is how is education paid for? If you have a maester based system where they are cared for by the Lord they work for. Or does the country pay for it? How much money is given to education will depend on a lot of the questions I already asked you. If the rich are seen as important to education and the commoners not, then most of the money if not all will go to schools for the wealthy, where the commoner schools will get little to nothing. Let’s look at specific areas of cities. If education is of commoners is seen as important then do only good areas get money and the bad areas get less? Racism comes into play, as does sexism and any other kind of bias.

That’s all I got today, check back tomorrow for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up, and next week when we start our last sub-series other. There are few random areas I want to talk about before wrapping up this Worldbuilding Series. I do have a few ideas for where we will be going next, but I am still processing them.


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