Welcome to this week’s Craft Post. We are in our final sub-series that is a part of our year long Worldbuilding series. The title of this sub-series Other. That’s right we are in the few topics I want to talk about that didn’t have a sub-series to put it in or it hit many sub-series. On Wednesday we talked about Communication and Transportation. Today we are talking about Science and Medicine.

“Wait, you’re telling me that you couldn’t find a sub-series to put Science in?”

Actually, I could, if actually fits into multiple sub-series. So I decided to put it under other.

What level of science is your world at? Is it at the wheel? Or is it at where we will be in two thousand years? If you remember from Communication and Transportation post, I don’t like it when fantasy follows the path of human on earth. If you have humans in your world that is fine, but it doesn’t mean they have to follow our path. Meaning, you can have certain areas of science be more advanced than others. Example. Maybe they don’t understand what it would take to build a rocket and launch something into space. However, they have a high understanding of how their bodies work and the medicine to heal and fix them. Maybe it is even to the point where they can speed up the natural regeneration process to minutes instead of days.

“Whoa! How could any race of people have the technology to speed up the healing process to minutes, but not know how to build a rocket?”

I never actually used or said the world technology. I said to understand and from understanding developed a medicine that did this. It is very possible the future when we are traveling the stars, that we will come across a very advanced race where the are able to heal but are still fighting with swords and shields (or whatever type of weapons that are simple in nature).

Knowing where the people of your world understanding of science is crucial for many areas of your world. How can you have a transport through the planet that takes only 38 minutes to go from one side of the planet to the other, when they don’t understand gravity? Better yet, what if your people’s level of science is so far advanced they can’t figure out how ancient sites were built? I am looking at you Stonehedge.

Have the people of your world got around to where they understand the science of magic? Yes, I know you want your magic to not be science based. (You as the author should know the rules of it.) Under the system you want, the answer would be no! Your people don’t understand the magic that well.

Want a building that seems to float in the air, but your people have an understanding of physics that we had about a hundred and fifty years ago. Guess what can’t happen. The Architecture possible will be limited. Fun fact, next week’s post will be on Architecture.

Depending on the understanding of science and the many different subjects will determine what is possible from roads, bridges, towers, food production, navigation, telling of time, etc.

Moving on to Medicine now.

I mentioned the medicine above that can speed up healing from days to minutes. How much would medication in our world cost that could do that? A lot, if it got released ever. Big Pharma doesn’t like cures, they like medicines that help mask or make the problem go away temporarily. Is it the same way in your world? Are there medicines that some people see as too risky or they just don’t want around due to it being a profit it killer?

How is health care looked at in your world? Is it seen as a right? Or only to those who can pay for it? Maybe one of your races on your planet sees good health as for all so they can help the tribe or nation out. At the same time, that race sees frail and old as a liability so when you hit a certain age you are no longer able to contribute to the tribe so you are given the option to take your own life or they take it for you.

Is birth control seen as a positive or a negative? Is it even allowed? Same goes with abortion? If a male and female have relations and the female is now with child (assuming the women care the child) but the male or female doesn’t want to have a child does the one who doesn’t bare the child have a say if the pregnancy is terminated? How are children with mental illness looked at? Can same-sex pairs have children or are both genders needed?

Is death seen as the hand of god and if god wants them dead they die or can a medical team, work on the person and save their life? Is there a taboo to touching a dead body or is it okay?

What kind of illnesses are there that can kill someone in hours to years? Are there diseases that cross between races?

There is so much on medicine and science that I could make this post super long. I am going to cut here because I want you to just see only a small portion. If you want to see how much more there is pick a simple topic like childbirth. Now answer every question you can think about on that topic just off the top of your head for one of the races on of your world.

Once you have done that, go through your answers and find what new questions arise from your answers. Do this until you have every possible question you can see how childbirth is done for one race. If you want to find more questions, give your answers to someone and see what questions they have. Once you’ve answered your friend’s questions that’s just one area. Do that for everything I covered.

That’s all for today. Check back when we will talk about Architecture. Surprise! Be sure to check back on Monday for my Weely Writing Wrap-up.


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