Art and Entertainment

Posted: May 24, 2017 in Craft Post, World Building

Welcome to our Penultimate Post in our Other sub-series in our long ongoing Worldbuilding Series. This is also the Penultimate for the Worldbuilding Series. Today we are looking at Art and Entertainment.

What is Art?

What is Entertainment?

Can they be both?

The answer is yes. Not to everyone, but to many they are. Many, myself included, think of some fine painting or drawing when we hear the word Art. Fine could be different to some. The Mona Lisa would be considered fine art, but many might not like that kind of art. Anime, weapons, cartoons, comics, etc. They are all some kind of art. Many of them are also entertainment.

Teen Titans Go, to me is a horrible style. It looks like something I drew in high school but perfected. That’s not saying it isn’t art. That just my opinion of it. Some love that style. Same goes for other forms. You have other kinds of art like glass blowing, pottery, iron working, wood carving, etc. Even writing can be seen as art.

Let’s define both Art and Entertainment before we go any further.

Art is:

The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aestheticprinciples, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

Entertainment is:

Something affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement, especially aperformance of some kind.

If you click the links to each definition, you will find others I didn’t post. I choose these for specific reasons. They support me when I say art and entertainment are both.

Now that we have that defined and know it can be both. Let’s look at some questions you should think about.

First, who supports the Arts and Entertainment? In your world are they seen as one in the same or can only things like a painting or a statue be art and a play masterfully written and performed cannot? Is one better than the other? Do only the rich get to see plays while the poor get art or the other way around? Are artists praised or seen as people who don’t want to work? Is and can magic be used in either? Are there those who think magic has no place in art or entertainment and those who think it is fine?

What do people of all social levels do for fun? Do you have sports and are those who do it for a living or is it seen as something only as a past time? Is gambling allowed on such events? How does your religion’s think of art and entertainment? Do they allow only wholesome things or only things that talk about the gods?

Think of how all the other races in your world will think of art and entertainment? How are they different and similar? Do something they are a waste of time or all about them?

How much does it cost to own a piece of art or see a show? Are there any professions that constantly make up new games to teach people?

There is so much in this area. Also, blending it with everything we talked about so far? Can how cities and towns are built be artful? Weapons, are they plan and more convenient than well designed and pleasing to the eye?

A lot of this is going to be more background stuff unless you have a character who has a job working as a painter or actor. Take some time and think about how you will portray art and entertainment in your world.

That’s all for today. Check back tomorrow for the Last Post in our Worldbuilding Series. It is on Calenders. Note, there will be no Craft Post this weekend. I am going to take a week to think through what will be our next series. I am thinking First Drafts, but we shall see.



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