Weekly Writing Wrap-up: 2626

Posted: May 29, 2017 in Weekly Writing Wrap-Up

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Before I begin, I know I am late on the last two craft posts. I knew this was going to happen once I announced both. I even started writing one on Wednesday and never finished. Anyway, both will be up by Wednesday, hopefully, one will be up today. Let’s dive right into the wrap-up.

Let’s start with Writing. Last week I had the following goals.

Writing Goals

  • Write four days ($30 fine)
  • 2500 words

Writing Stretch Goals

  • Write five days ($30 reward)
  • 5000 words ($15 reward)

How did I do? Well, I wrote five days in a row. With a total word count of 2626 words. I met one of my stretch goals, and get to spend $30. Unfortunately, I didn’t make my stretch goal of 5000 words. As great as that would be, right now I am just trying to get back to writing every day. This is in the right direction. One thing I thought of this week is if I keep doing cash rewards for reaching stretch goals, I am not going to be able to save money. Is there something else I can do as a reward? There is something I haven’t been doing that much of and that is playing my PS4. I think am going to start using that as one of my rewards now. How I am not sure, but I will need to play around with it. I can’t do an hour for every 500 hundred words I write that week.

Maybe by the time I get to the goals for the week section I will have a better idea of how to go about this. Moving on to the actual writing, it was another challenging week. However, I got through three scenes. I sorta wrote myself into a corner that I now have to get out of. It isn’t one like I have to have something random act of God that I will need to explain how it happened later on. It is just adding to the situation. It should be found as this will allow me to explore how Taryn solves problems. It will be a nice character moment.

Sadly, I have to admit, that I won’t be making my July deadline with Pyre. I am only in section three and nowhere close to being finished. Thankfully, for my new Deadline Policy for first drafts, this isn’t a bad thing.

Moving to my last thought. I started thinking of deadlines this week. I usually give myself a hard deadline for all drafts. If I learned anything from Seeing Through the Veil, it is I need to change how I do this. While I need a deadline, I am not so sure a hard one works for the first draft. I changed it so many times last year that it’s not funny. So, I am going with more of a time range. Instead of a date, I will have a range of months I want to finish by. For example, when I pick up Pyre Book 1 of Forbidden Realm, I will have a date I want to finish by, most like June. However, if I don’t finish until August that’s fine. The goal is to finish somewhere between June and August. (By no means this my actual target for that book. Just an example.


For example, when I pick up Pyre Book 1 of Forbidden Realm, I will have a date I want to finish by, most like June. However, if I don’t finish until August that’s fine. The goal is to finish somewhere between June and August… It will be the second draft I will give myself a hard date, but with an additional push back date. I only get one of these and I will have to pick it wisely because if I don’t finish by that date, money is coming out of my pocket…

That is from my February 13th Weekly Writing Wrap-up. You would like to read the full policy, you can read it here. It’s at the bottom of the post. Anyway, I am going to move the deadline again. Right now it is July 28th, 2017. According to my Word Count Tracker, at the rate I am going I will complete the first draft of 250,000 words on November 11th, 2019. Yeah, two years. Not going to happen. I am not sure when I am going to move it to. It maybe August or maybe September. September sounds good, that way if I get done earlier it will be a good thing. I will know more by the end of this week. If I give myself too much time, I may hinder myself.

Moving on to Development.

Epic Failure this week. I only worked on development one day and that was yesterday. I could have worked on both Long Live and my Superhero Epic, but once I started on Long Live I hit it off. Part 2 is complete of all character arcs. Well, those who show up. Some are long and others are glimpses. I am excited about how it is turning out. Though the more I work on this, the more I get this bad feeling that I may have to break this single book up into three.


I know. (Makes gesture of head exploding). Just to be clear I am not doing this. I will be writing this as one book. No matter how long it turns out. If this book turns out to be 500,000 words. Well, then that is how long it turns out. At that point, I will rethink it being a solo book. Of course, that is if the book is that long after many edits. Even at 300,000 words, I would think about breaking it up, but who knows. On second thought, no. That would make the book around 1200 pages, which is my goal. If the book tops 500,000 then yes, I am splitting that up into separate books.

Something in the back of my mind is that how much of this stuff is actually going to make it into the book. There are a lot of side plots that are important to the story, but some maybe better as flashbacks later on explaining what was going on. Those would be more only the important scenes. Anything I cut I could release as a short story or a novella. I will still write it and determine what makes the second and future drafts will be determined later on.

Since I am on a roll with Long Live, that will be my ultimate focus for Development this week. My Superhero Epic I feel needs some more time marinading in the subconscious to solve some of the problems. I do want to spend a little time on that this week, so a few hours or hour depending on how far my subconscious got.

I found something interesting today, as I was looking for my post on my Deadline policy I found that at the beginning of this month I said I would make deadlines for Long Live and my Superhero Epic to be done with development. I never listed those. Well, I am now. The deadline for Long Live is whenever I start writing. Ok, just kidding. Though, that is sorta true. I am giving myself to the end of June to finish all story related development for Long Live. As for the rest of the development, I am not going to give a deadline. Mostly because I will come up with that as I write. Knowing how magic works in my world is great and helpful, but how I am actually going to write how it works and looks I figure out while writing. There will be plenty of development like the religions and history of the world.

There will be plenty of development like the religions and history of the world. How that will play out will be fun. Especially since there is this huge Great War that happened in the past that I have to know about since it plays greatly into the story. As great as knowing everything about my world is, I do like figuring some of this stuff out as I write. Never thought I would say that.

Never thought I would say that.

Goals for the week

Writing Goals

  • Write five days ($20 fine)
  • 3000 words

Writing Stretch Goals

  • Write six days (3 hours of PS4 Playtime reward)
  • Every 500 words beyond 3000. (30 min additional PS4 Playtime reward)

Development Goals

  • Spend three days developing ($20 fine)
  • Work on Superhero Epic at least one day (even if it is just an hour) ($15 fine)

Development Stretch Goals

  • Spend four days developing ($20 reward)
  • Finish Long Live Arcs for the whole book (6 hours PS4 Playtime Reward)

Note: Playtime is for the week or one really awesome day.

That’s all I got this week. Check back for the last two posts in our Worldbuilding Craft Post Series. I will do my best to get them up as soon as possible.



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