Weekly Writing Wrap-up: That was over Fast

Posted: June 5, 2017 in Weekly Writing Wrap-Up

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Can I just say this last week just flew by? It flew by that I now have to pay $55 dollars. Yes, that’s right I met none of my goals this past week.

What was I doing that I got nothing done? I didn’t say I didn’t get anything done, I just didn’t meet any of my goals. So let’s recap my goals from last week. Write five days ($20 fine), write 3000 words. Stretch goals Write six days (3 hours of PS4 Playtime Reward), For every 500 words beyond 3000. (30 minutes of additional PS4 Playtime reward). Development goals, spend three days developing ($20 fine), Work on Superhero Epic at least one day (even if it is just an hour)  ($15 fine). Development Stretch goals, spend four days developing ($20 reward), Finish Long Live Arcs for the whole book (6 hours of PS4 Playtime Reward).

How could I not accomplish that? Work got in the way. We just launched some new equipment and spent the whole week trying to get people to use it. I work for Planet Fitness as a Fitness Trainer, so guess whose primary responsibility it is to get people to try it? Yep, me. I got little sleep and when I did, It wasn’t enough. I really shouldn’t have given myself so much to do knowing the launch was coming. That was my mistake. For that, I am going to reduce my $55 fine down to $25. I just didn’t have it in me to do it. I did get some developing done last Monday and yesterday, but that’s all. This isn’t going to be a thing that I reduce fines for stupid decisions. Now I gotta figure out what I am going to do with the $25 I have to pay. I’ll think it through.

Let’s move on to Developing since that’s all I got done this week. I am making progress on Long Live, but that’s it. Oh boy, the more I develop the arcs for this book the more and more I feel like I may have to make it a series. I don’t want it to be one and I am not saying I am. Hell, the arcs I am coming up with may not even be in the actual book. These are just ideas and character tracking really. Knowing where and what characters are doing during each section is important.

I will say I can’t believe I gave myself a stretch goal of finishing the arcs for the whole book. I am still not done with the half the book. Yesterday, while I sat at Starbucks, where I work on it. I got through the last character from the section I was on. I start to work through ideas for the next and I find I am dead. I got nothing. Ideas, but I can’t break it down by the characters. I wonder why? Well, I hadn’t had my super sugary and caffeinated White Chocolate Mocha. I cave and get a super sugary drink, not a mocha, a frap and put out a scrap notebook and start jotting ideas for the next sections overall arc to see if I can figure something out.

Before I know it, I am writing like a mad man. I got the whole next arc, mostly for the two main protagonists in the big picture. Now I need to break it down and see how that works for each set of characters. I have a feeling it will be just my main characters for the most part. However, I will probably come up with some ideas for others. While I was mapping out the big ideas, I realize I need to show that a secret societies power at this point. So things start going wrong. I realize I need to have this start much sooner, but another antagonist who works with them puts an end to it because it disrupts his plans. When he gets removed this order doesn’t have to hold back. It was a nice realization, when I go back and craft the outline and scene list, I will need to put some things earlier on.

Writing Goals

  • Write 3 days
  • 3000 words

Writing Stretch Goals

  • Write 5 days (2 hours of PS4 Playtime reward)
  • Every 500 words beyond 3000. (30 min additional PS4 Playtime reward)

Development Goals

  • Spend three days developing
  • Work on Superhero Epic at least one day (even if it is just an hour)

Development Stretch Goals

  • Spend four days developing (1 hour of Ps4 Playtime Reward)
  • Finish Long Live Arcs for the whole book (6 hours PS4 Playtime Reward)

Note: Playtime is for the week or one really awesome day.

No fines this week. I have another busy week at work and not sure how it is going to play out. While I am giving myself a lot, with no fines I might be able to achieve some of it if I have as busy a week like last week.

That’s all I got this week. Check back on Friday for the start of a Brand New Craft Series on First Drafts. Yes, I decided to go with that. I have already mapped out the whole series. A new link will appear at midnight in the toolbar that will give you the whole series. I was going to write the first post today, but since I am writing this post so late, that’s not going to happen. I’ll write it tomorrow. My goal is to have at least the first three posts done by Friday and scheduled to post at midnight every Friday. Now that is the goal, so don’t be surprised if the post doesn’t show up until Saturday. However, I am really pushing to get ahead of this posts so I don’t have to rush on days they are supposed to be posted and don’t have the energy.



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