That’s right, there was no Wrap-up last week, so we are going to be hitting a review of my goals for two weeks.

No, actually I am not. I am way too tired right now to try to do that. I will say this I met my three days of Writing on the first week. Just barely missed the 3500-word count goal. I honestly can’t remember if I got developing done. My trip got called off due to me waking up with a stomach bug and that was my weekend leading into the fourth.

This week, I had a great week, for writing. I destroyed my 3500-word count by Wednesday. I wrote a grand total of 7480 words out of five days of writing. Not bad.

I did fail on my personal goal of writing seven days, but Friday came and by the time I got back from seeing Spider-man: Homecoming. I was physically and mentally drained. Saturday, same thing. I forced more words out on Sunday, to hit five days, but nowhere like the average 1900, I was writing earlier in the week.

Development side, I got three days. Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday. Monday I finished the second outline and developing the character arcs. Nothing new to say about how I feel like this is going to turn out to be a series instead of a book. Oh well, until I decide that I am sticking with a long ass book. I did a read through outline three and boy are their major plotting issues in that outline. Part of it is because bullets are still missing from the original outline. Not many, but enough.

I spent the rest of the week working on an angle the direction to go but by Sunday I still had nothing. I have a feeling like I am going to need to sit on this for a little while. Similar how my Superhero Epic is now on the back burner. For now. I have no solutions for it and until I get through secret wars I am not even going to try. Long Live was the priority, but with needing some time to go over the ideas of the outline and find the direction, I am left with nothing to develop. Or so I thought.

Something has been nagging me this week and I feel like I need to jump on it while I can.

What you ask? Oh, just book 2 of Seeing Through the Veil or the title I call it by. World Within the Veil.

What! You say? I haven’t even finished draft 2.1 edits yet. I know and I think I am not going.

I know that sounds odd, have a really strong feeling about writing a whole series all the way through or at least a section of it so I know what is happening. What I mean is that my Forbidden Realm Trilogy, I have all three outlines done. I know what is going to happen and the scenes. I can also tell you that I know already things are going to change greatly.

Same goes for the Veil trilogy, and while I have my outlines I don’t have scene lists. I don’t know how writing book two will affect book 3 and book 1. I am playing around with ideas that I may need to change the ending of book 1. Or remove a scene or two but keep the ending. Only time will tell.

So, I am going to start working on the scene lists for World Within the Veil and Shattering the Veil. That would complete the whole trilogy. However, there is a trilogy after and before. Maybe I will just write that whole series and then figure it out.

Well, I got away from my Goals, and so the verdict is I wrote 3 days, giving me 3 hours of PS4 playtime. 5 Days total of writing gives me 4 hours making it 7. Two days of development is an hour. I am at 8 hours. An extra day of development gives me another hour. 9 hours. For every 500 hours over my 3500-word count goal is 30 mins.

If you subtract 7480-3500= 3980.


30 minutes x 7= 3:30.

12 hours and 30 minutes of game time.


Here are this week’s goals.

Writing Goals:

  • Write 4 Days (Reward 3 hours of PS4 Playtime)
  • 3500 wordcount

Stretch Goals:

  • Write 6 Days (5 hours of PS4 playtime)
  •  Every 750 words beyond 3500. (30 min additional PS4 Playtime reward)

Development Goals:

  • Spend two days developing. (Reward 1 hour of Ps4 Playtime)
  • Read a few pages from Secret Wars

Stretch Goals:

  • An extra day of developing (1 hour of Ps4 Playtime for each day.)

Note: Playtime is for the week or one really awesome day.

I am removing my fine if I don’t write four days. However, the reward is still only 3 hours of PS4 play time. While I changed it to 6 days of writing, I increased the reward to 5 hours of playtime. As well increased the additional number of words over 3500.

Be sure to check back on Friday for the next post in our new Craft Post series on First Drafts. We will be digging into the heart of the middle. I would love to hear your thoughts on last weeks writing, please leave a commit down below.


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