I am Tim Greene, I am writer on the adventure of learning the craft of writing to improve and hope of one day to be published. I consider myself a storyteller; while I seek to be published not all my stories are best for a book. Some would be great for games, others for movies, and so forth. While I could easily seek out all these other mediums it would be a waste of my time if I did so. I am focusing on getting published and going from there. A little about myself, I am Twenty-nine years old, I am current going back to school for BS in Mass Communications in Production.

I launched this blog for the sole purpose to help get my name out there, in the past I have posted articles on writing; mostly on things I have learned from many books on writing I have read and my journey of understanding my process of writing. I have posted a few author interviews, as well some short stories. Lately to post more often I commented on the words I wrote while working on Marks first Draft, something I plan to do as I write; Something I am going to be doing again is posting short stories.

I have several writing projects in the works and I am currently focusing on one series called Marks of Eilira, I have worked on this series since 2006 developing the world and outlining the books. You will find many updates on this blog about that series and others I am working on in between. The first draft is finished; I following Stephen King’s method of writing, he writes a story lets it sit for six weeks writes something else in that time, comes back to it with fresh eyes and takes details notes on it. Then using those notes he writes the second draft, which I plan to do. I plan to write the second draft over the summer allowing six months time frame to write. Then I will polish the grammar and give it out to some friends and send it off to a professional editor to get a critique. First this was to see where I stand in my writing, after reading John Locke’s A Million E books Sold in Five Months; yes that is the author’s real name. I want sending mostly to see what my strengths are, which is that exact reason why Locke did it. Based on the critiques I get from my friends and the editor, I plan to write the third draft. This time next year I plan to have a manuscript ready to be published on Amazon Kindle, which I will launch a website and market the book.

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