Legendary Trarush Sand Warriors

The Legendary Trarush Sand Warriors, live in the Great Sand Sea on the continent of Kaushta. While no one knows if these if they ever truly existed, there are many legends and stories about them. The Trarush first inhabited the Great Sand Sea long before it was a desert, and there were many different tribes who constantly went to war with each other. From an outsider looking in, it would look like this all woman race were savages who had a great thirst for blood. However, the war was how they decided which tribe ruled. Every fifty years the ten tribes would battle for supremacy and the winning tribe would king would rule. Yes, men exist in this tribe and are the rulers of the

Yes, men exist in this race, they are few and at the head of each tribe, there is one that is its king. Unlike most kings, the Alpha as they are referred unless they are part of the ruling tribe then they are the king. The Alpha’s sole responsibility is to mate. They have no real power, though they do have influence, but they are there to see that Trarush people continue. The few males that are born that are not the Alpha are trained to fight as guards for the Alpha and as training partners for the women.

While the idea of going to war to see whose tribe will rule, may seem like the tribe are strongly united, this is far the truth. There were many strong feuds between the different tribes and it was only when the small Canniun Desert began to overtake their lands did the Trarush people have to come together to survive. The Trarush further developed their underground caverns to expand for miles under the Great Sand Sea. While the Trarush were faded brownish gray color, they were not suited for the heat of the desert. Moving to another area or going underground was their own options.

Over the next thousand years, the Trarush adapted to their new landscape. One of the ten tribes, the Aduaty lived near the Cannuin Desert and thus were more adapted to life. They became the ruling tribe to help the other tribes adapt. Part of the this was a rule that children would be sent to above ground base to expose them to the sun and heat. This was done with time and care, and where most of the training took place. Thanks to this, the Trarush skin became a bronzish red color, not a dark but not light.

Due to the changes to their environment, Trarush diets changed from mostly meat and some vegetation to mostly fish and other creatures in the lake where their base was located and other animals found above ground. Before the change, the woman had a bulky psyche, while now they are slim and ripped psyche. Their hair did not change all that much, their shine orange or red hair became darker tones. Eyes remain the same golden amber, to lava red. Then there is the rarest color and seen as a sign from the gods, blue.

Over the years they have become more common, but the icy blue is the rarest and only appears every so often. The gap between appearances is that at times the Trarush people thought it was myth one of their own would be able to have such a color.