Welcome to the last two weeks of Weekly Writing Wrap-up. It has been over two weeks since my last actual post (I don’t count posts that say I won’t be posting something). Why haven’t I been posting? That’s a good question. One, I didn’t do much in those two weeks and had nothing to say. I know me, have nothing to say. Ha! Another reason I wasn’t feeling good. Oversleeping and going through withdraw from my latest soda binge, which really means I had soda and energy drinks for few days and stopped. Not to mention fighting off a cold. Then there was being wiped out mentally.

What do I mean by that? I won’t only once, on the 7th. What should have been a shorter scene turned out to be a longer and harder scene to write. Not sure why it was an emotional scene for my POV character but also a dangerous scene as she needed to get out of a not so safe building. Maybe it should have been split up into two chapters or two scenes. I am not sure. After writing that scene I was mentally beat. All desire to write was gone. So I didn’t write. I have yet to write this week, but I plan to change that, once I finish this post.

Maybe I need a break and let my mind ponder on somethings before I could continue. Who knows, but I still don’t feel like writing. Probably because I am still trying to wake up or still trying to fight off a cold. Whatever the reason is, I need to get back on track. Maybe one of the reasons I am struggling is because I am putting too much pressure on myself to get on a schedule to write multiple books in a year, as well to develop other books when I am not even published. It is something I need to consider. Not worry as much on being on that schedule yet and allow more non-writing activities into my life. Only time will tell.

The most important thing I need to do is keep writing. I have enough projects and at a point where I can be writing consistently now. I can always write book two of the Veil trilogy or book 2 of Forbidden Realm. Hell, I could alway go back to Marks of Eilira… No, no I can’t. That series in a terrible mess. While I can continue to develop my other series I don’t need to have another series ready to go by the time I finish my next book. I have other things I can be writing and editing. Maybe I will lighten my load for a little bit and see how that goes.

As for developing, it is official, Long Live is on the God side of the multiverse. While I am trying to figure out that world, I am going to start hammering out the outline as it’s nagging me now. I even wrote out bullets the other day. I took the key events for the four main characters at the beginning of the book. One issue with the old outline is there are too many things happening before getting right to the main conflict. I should say one of the main conflicts of the book. Once I got a good grasp on the story, that will help developing the world better.

That’s all I got to day. Be sure to check back on Friday as we will be starting a new sub-series in our on going Worldbuilding series. This new sub-series will be on Magic and Technology. I am not sure how many posts will be in this topic. I can tell you there will be only two more sub-series after that. If I had to guess it would be three posts in each. Then we will move on to a new series… a much shorter series.

No Craft Post

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Sorry, there will be no craft post this week. I set out to write it, and I realize the topic of treaties and alliances was not a post at all. There just wasn’t much there. So, there is no post this week. Next week will start our next sub-series. Still not sure if we are going to focus on magic/technology or something else. Check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up.

Welcome to this week’s special edition of Weekly plus a Day Writing Wrap-up. Yes, I am late posting this, solely because of yesterday is a Day I don’t Deal with. What day is that? Can’t tell you because that would be dealing with it. Because I didn’t post yesterday, I counted it as part of last week. So let’s dive in.

Why not start with what this week’s post title is called. A Good Start. Yes, I am referring to writing Pyre (Book 1) of the Forbidden Realm Trilogy. How many days did I write? Well, not as many days as I was writing when I finished draft 2 of Seeing Through the Veil, which basically every day. Last week, I wrote three days back to back. No, Monday wasn’t one of them. Why? Well, by the time I get home from work, and that includes a good workout, I am mentally tired. Plus, I need to write this post and that uses up any writing I have in me. Funny, that is also the reason why I didn’t write Friday, oh and I have a podcast I do with a friend. Non-Writing Related or I would be posting it here. So three days is a good start and will build on that.

So, three days is a good start and will build on that. I am still getting back into the swing of things. One the first two days was finishing up a chapter that was way longer then I thought, that was at the end of a section. Thursday was starting a new section so momentum changed as I had a different POV character. I almost wrote Saturday, but I decided to use my weekend for some fun stuff instead. Also, I saw Logan, so that was fun. I have already written today, and I already feel like I have a grasp on the section for this POV Character. The real challenge will be when I switch to another POV in two or three chapters. It will be good practice for later in the book when sections are split between two POV characters the come as needed.

Something I tried with draft 1 of Seeing Through the Veil was writing the two POV character sections separately. What I mean is I wrote all the sections for one POV character first and then went back to the beginning and wrote the others. Never doing that again for a first draft. Maybe in a second or third draft, but never in a first draft. I may try that when I am editing Pyre.

Moving on, I don’t have much progress on the Multiverse, as I spent my time writing. However, yesterday I finally sat down and worked on Long Live only to come to the conclusion that, that book takes place in the God’s Multiverse. Oh and I developed a little of one of the magic systems. Not much just a piece. I have a few ideas from that on how my God Multiverse will work. I plan on doing a little work on that this week, even if it is just writing down the ideas. Long Live will continue as my primary focus, and maybe the key to helping me crack the God Multiverse.

Beyond that, I got nothing. Wow, I didn’t mention that this week would be short and I actually got a short posting instead of saying it is going to be short and it turning out not to be. Oh well. Check back on Friday for the final post in our Military and Law Enforcement sub-series in our ongoing Worldbuilding series. The topic afterward I am playing around with is Magic, but I am not sure if it will be that. If I do, it will be Technology and Magic. That’s the other thing over the next two weeks I want to do is finally plan out the rest of the Worldbuilding series so I have an actual end date. I gotta see what I have left to cover.


Welcome to this week’s craft post. For anyone who is new or returning, we are currently going through a gargantuan series on Worldbuilding. To get caught up on all of the sub-series thus far, you can find them under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. To get caught up in our current sub-series on Military and Law Enforcement you can find them here. Today’s post is the Penultimate post of the sub-series, so let’s dive right in.

Last week was all about Warfare. This week is about the weapons used. I am not talking about shields, swords, lance, daggers, spears, etc. I want to talk about the weapons that make your world unique. “Well the story I am going to be writing takes place during the dark ages or middle ages, or whenever swords and armor were the weapons of choice.” That’s nice. I don’t care when the story is taking place, I want to know what kind of weapons make your world unique and different. Let me give you an example.

Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive takes place in a world where warriors have massive swords. You know, the kind of swords way too big for a normal person to be able to hold or use. The kind usually pictured on the cover of a fantasy book cover. Brandon wanted to create the kind of world where you could actually do that. Something that required them to use those weapons but believable. Thus the creation of Shard Blades and Shard Plate Armor.

This is what I am talking about. While it isn’t that different kind of weaponry, it is unique to that world. Even if your world and the time your story is going to take place is going to be during typical medieval times, you should have some kind of weapons that is not from earth. These weapons don’t have to be legendary weapons that only a brave warrior is rewarded or even have special powers. They can be common weapons, something that we haven’t seen before. More specifically, a weapon that changes how a battle is done.

Going back to Stormlight Archive, the world of Roshar has massive caverns and bridge teams are needed to take the armies to battle. The bridge men are the lowest of the low when it comes to soldiers. They are expected to die. They aren’t shielded and men are picked off by enemy troops. This isn’t a weapon, but it is how soldiers and Shardblade wielders get to the battle.

Think of it this way, how would war and battles be fought if antagonist’s forces suddenly showed up to a battle and they all were wielding lightsabers? First off, that battle would be a slaughter and a victory for the bad guys. All other battles from then on would change. Do would the good guys have to change to be able to fight against forces with such a powerful weapon. The answer can’t be magic.

How do you fight against a sword that works just like a normal sword but when your opponent or enemy is pushed back, you can shoot out the blade into a whip form and attack? Or a sword that has a weapon on the other end thus allowing someone to fight against two people or more at a time.

You don’t need to create all new weapons so that you have only weapons that don’t exist in our world. However, there should be unique weapons that exist. They can be the focus around the plot of the story or they can be just one of many weapons soldiers learn. With unique weapons make sure you show what it is capable of or the reader will always wonder and even question its effectiveness against swords, armor, etc.

That leads me to, what can be considered a contradictory point. Don’t have too many unique weapons. Let me say another way. Don’t introduce too many unique weapons at one time. You need to give the reader time to get their heads wrapped around one, but if you have introduced five. That’s going to be too much. I would say three is the most at one time. Especially, if you have a POV… an Important POV (an main character) learning to use that weapon. Then it will be a little easier to deal, as the reader will learn about the weapon with only a specific character. If introduce a weapon and only show it off but don’t tend to show more of it until late in the book or series, that should be okay. Especially if that weapon belongs to your main villain.

The key is moderation. A great author can either pull off introduction multiple unique weapons or styles of combat in a book, but also can mess it up. The keys make sure you know how the weapon works and have the basics figured out before hand.

How to come up with a new or unique weapon? For me, I would probably start with how the weapon works or the way combat would take place. If I wanted something long range or close quarters, then go from there. Once I had how I wanted the style of combat to look, I would then move into what kind of weapon(s) would be able to be used and wouldn’t be able used in it. Or just start drawing doodles and see if get something that looks like a cool or interesting weapon. The sky’s the limit. Study on the development of weapons and see how weapons evolved over the centuries.

A great way to do this is to link a weapon to one of the different races. If you have a race that skin like shells, what kind of weapons would they use?

That’s all I got this week. Check back new week for the final post of Military and Law Enforcement: Treaties and Alliances. I am playing around with a few ideas of where to go next, and I think it may be time to touch upon Magic/Technology. It has been over a year since I talked about magic. I am not sure. I have a week, but we will see.  I am aim to wrap this Worldbuilding Series up in the next month or two. However, I don’t want to leave a topic untouched. Time will tell.

Don’t forget to check back on Monday’s for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I am posting this one a little later than I planned. Thank you, Dentist. My tooth is bugging the hell out of me right now after getting it filled. Damn novocaine, why did you have to wear off? Anyway, this will be a short one. I think. Let’s dive right in.

Seven Days of… NOTHING! (Insert Readers Gasps Here!) I know right. Who would have guessed that when I said last week I was taking off a few days after completing the Second Draft of Seeing Through the Veil, it would turn out to be the whole week? I certainly didn’t…

Yep, that book is burning to be finished. I had so much fun writing and I am excited to start. However, I am not doing that for at least two more days. I need a break. Let the veil work its way out of my mind and prepare for the new world and magic systems and story. I would like to start by the end of the week, but I may take the whole week. Depends on how I am feeling.

Okay, I did. Oh well. In the long view it’s good I did take the week off. I got my mind free of writing Natalie and Kiana’s voices. I can look forward to writing Emily and Taryn’s voices and the ten other POV characters in the first book. Thankfully, it’s third person instead of first. I need something different at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I love first person POV. However, with so many POV Characters, it’s just easier to do it in the third person. Hopefully, I will get some writing done tonight. All depends on how long this tooth nags me before finally giving into the Ibuprofen.

With no writing completed this week, I think I am going to lay out my goals for the coming weeks. Well, Book 1 of Forbidden Realm is what I am going to write now. With this book, I am going to give myself a soft deadline to complete draft one. Right now, I am aiming for beginning of June, to mid-June. Which means I can extend the deadline twice. I will determine my overall deadline by next week. So look for that in next week’s wrap-up.

I mentioned last week, I am thinking of working on Long Live again. “But Tim, you said you were focusing on developing your Multiverse and then the Gathering series.” I did. However, plans change. I will cover the multiverse in a little bit. For Long Live, I looked over the first part of my outline for Long Live and really need to work on it. One of the problems is the main villain isn’t reveal until the last third of the book. While I do have times where it is revealed what he is doing during the first two-thirds. I am just not sure how well that will work. What I am thinking of doing is looking the villain’s plan and the character. Then bring in my cast of four and figure out their stories and try to interweave the villain’s plan and movements throughout the early book and then have his/her reveal be more like WTF!

I also need to work out the magic systems at play. I know of two, but there could be more. Also, I need to figure out if there are future tails I may want to tell in this world. I have an idea for a series about the discovery of the New World and the formation of America in a fantasy/sci-fi setting. Let’s be honest, it will be fantasy. This world could be perfect to do it. I even drew up a map of this world with a land mass in the south that has no borders, or known inhabitants. Right now, it doesn’t officially exist. However, time will tell. So Long Live is back on the table to develop, here and there. It’s more of a test to see how the development goes and go from there.

The Multiverse is a huge and complex entity. Especially when I add in gods. Which brings me to the Multiverse. I have some interesting ideas for it, but I am come to realize to develop the god’s side of the multiverse, I may actually need to develop a whole different series/multiverse. WHAT! Did I just blow your mind? I know, I felt it. To be honest, I think I even blew a small piece of my own mind, by saying that. Let me explain.

A year ago from this past November, I started a book called the Fall of the God King. It was about two gods at war who took human form to fight. It was supposed to be a prequel kind of, to a larger series of Gods at war over territory. When I originally thought was a series, maybe it’s own multiverse… I just blew your mind again, but not in the way of WOW! That’s Amazing. It’s probably more like, WHAT THE F@*#?! I am confused. Since I started pondering the idea of adding gods at the Multiverse Level, I thought it would be cool to have some multiple dimensions that are unlike anything else. I have planes of existence in my worlds, but Dimensions are more in line with science, sorta.

That’s all I can say about it, without giving away some of my cooler ideas. It’s bugging me right now that I can’t tell you more. Anyway, the point I was getting at is, if I develop this series into other series as a “separate” multiverse, and then when the time comes. Bam! The mirror shattered and you realize that both multiverses are actually one. To do this, I have to treat it like the stuff I already worked on, doesn’t exist. Let things that contradict the happen, you know if I come up with something really cool that would violate the laws of the other multiverse.

I am going ahead like this is something different and see what happens. I think it will be something unique. Beyond that, that’s all I got this week. Check back Friday for Penultimate post in our Sub-Series Military and Law Enforcement. As always, Monday, come back to see how the writing of Pyre is going and if it was an easy transition or a rough one.




Oh, by the way, did anyone notice that more than two goals for the year are crossed off on my Writing Goals for 2017? Check the box to the left….

YES! I surpassed 1.5 million words in completing my second draft. When I get Pyre done, I will be able to add 250,000 words to my total, which is currently at…1,511,868. With 250,000 added to that, I will be at 1,761,868. That’s assuming I hit my 250k word count goal for Pyre (Book one of Forbidden Realm). If I map out Long Live and get that book written this year, I may be able to break 2 million words. Now, that isn’t an official goal, yet!

Welcome to the third and final post of, not one! Not two!, but three Craft posts. For anyone new or coming back, the last two week’s I have been focused on finishing the 2nd draft of Seeing Through the Veil. I did not post craft posts those weeks. Now I am done I needed to make it up. So I posted those two posts, the first one on Tuesday (which you can find here), the second on Wednesday (which you can find here). Today, Friday, when Craft Posts are posted, is the final post. We are going through an immense series on Worldbuilding. You can find all the posts under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. The current sub-series is on Military and Law Enforcement (which you can find all the posts in this sub-series here). Let’s get started.

WAR! What is it good for… Absolutely nothing!!!!! Accept action, conflict, story progression, character development, setting the scene. Okay, so maybe that song doesn’t apply to writing. Which leads me back to War. How do you handle it in your world? The answer is actually another question. What kind of world does your story take place in? Is it a fantasy world, sci-fi? Ops another question. This can go on and on. The best way to answer is when does your story take place in your world. Is it medieval, stone age, turn of the century, steam, iron, near future, future, etc? Depending on the time of the world affects the answer. Also, while you could have a future (like a super high tech world) but still have magic in it. Note, just because you have magic doesn’t mean fantasy can be in the future.

Depending what kind of war, what abilities the people who live in it have if magic exist or technology or both. All of these and more will affect how war takes place in your world. For example, you have two armies one that fights a specific away and has more forces and power. The other is smaller and not really trained, with some power, but are driven by ideals. How does the smaller, less trained, and experienced army win?

The answer, don’t fight the war how their enemy wants you to. WHAT!? The American Revolution, not all battles the armies of the soon to be U.S. and Britain formed up ranks and charged each other firing at each other. A lot of times, it was gorilla warfare. This made no sense to Britain, to them it was a cowards way to fight. Because the refused to adapt, they eventually lost (Along with many other reasons).

As much as we like to believe there are rules to war, there aren’t. We just have agreements not to do certain things, like use our super weapons of Mass Destruction (Nukes) in war (Kinda). What kind of agreements or codes do the people in your world have? These can be based on cultures, beliefs, religion, etc. When can battles take place? Will warriors or soldiers fight only on certain days? In Brent Weeks Light Bringer series, during the battle near the end, the Prism is trying to protect a city from being taken and knows if he can last until sunset, he will have another day to prepare as it is the summer solstice and no fighter will fight on that day.

War is a game that when played, people die, but the players with the best strategy win. Yes, Brute force is a strategy. How difference races, or people or whatever you have lived in your world, fight and train will determine how warfare looks like. It will also determine how a winner is chosen. Is there such thing as surrender? Is only one battle held or many? Can single combat or a series of single bouts determine who is the winner? Are there things that are seen as crimes that cannot be done? Example, killing families of the enemies soldiers. Is this okay in your world or not? Or is it what happens during a battle or time of war stays during that time?

This doesn’t mean it has to be just if you killed someone. It could also mean if soldiers cheat on their wives or husbands it is okay because they were at war.

Is Spying allowed? Or is this seen as cheating? What if an enemy force surrenders can the victor continue to slaughter them or do they have to stand down? Do battles take place near civilizations or are they in open areas away from innocents?

What I am trying to point out, we like to think about battles being bloody, action packed and full of strategy and more. When in reality they are but depending the side what is seen as okay and not okay could be very different. Depending on your characters and their cultures, beliefs and anything else you can think of will determine what war looks like in your world. We know what it looks like here, does it have to be like ours? No. It could be just a computer game and kids play and turn out to be them directing military forces on the other side of the galaxy. Yes, I am referencing Ender’s Game. It is up to you. Study war and its evolution and see how you can change make it something different than what we have seen before.

That’s all I got today. Check back on Monday for this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up and next week for the Penultimate post in our Military and Law Enforcement sub-series. The topic Weapons of War!


Welcome to day two of three Craft Posts week. For those who are new or haven’t been around lately the last two weeks, I didn’t post a craft post out of the need to finish my 2nd draft. With that draft done, I am not catching up. We are currently going through a massive Worldbuilding series, that has been broken up over multiple Sub-series. To get caught up in all them you can find them under the Worldbuilding Link in the toolbar. To get caught up on our current Sub-series on Military and Law Enforcement, you can find those posts here.

You can’t talk about Military without talking about war, and not just how war works, but mostly why go to war? Boy, this post is going to be long. Okay, where to begin….

Oh, I know! Reason to go to war is ANY DAMN REASON YOU WANT!

Wow, that was easy. Well, tune in on Friday for the last post of the three. Have fun writing everyone.

Okay, so we aren’t done actually. However, my answer to why go to war is absolutely true. You can go to war because the leader of another world commented on a pic of yours and asked if your hair is real. That could happen. Sure in this day in age, we would like to think that wouldn’t happen, but then again with who is in the white house right now, you never know. Sorry, couldn’t resist a Trump joke. The truth is any President on a bad day, could technically start a war with any country for some stupid reason. Thankfully, for an actual declaration of war, you need Congress. Yes, we would need more than an insult for that, but look throughout history and see how some wars started, they’re some stupid ones.

Example, Captain Jenkins losing his ear. If you want to know more Google it.

Let’s bring this into your world. You can have any reason you want to start a war. It can be something so far out there and dumb, but it can be the reason. Just know people will probably think it is stupid. If you have a bad reason for war but want people to think it is a great reason, better sell the hell out of it. The best plan is present the reason you have and just let your readers react how they react. While having someone assassinated works better, but sometimes wars break out over small issues. Look at the Revolutionary War. We just wanted to not be taxed without representation in Parliament. The King refused to listen and war came about it.

Reasons for war mean little, in the end. It is the person or persons who have the reason to declare war that matter. Oh my, characters make the difference. For example, at a conference between seven nations two neighboring kingdoms who are at peace, but have building tension where something could start a war. These two leaders meet and one leader has a spot on their suit and their neighbor leader points it out in the hall. It just so happens that this it is right before an important meeting where the leader won’t be able to go change, and two other nations leaders were walking by at the time.

Now the leader who pointed it out the stain was just to make the other leader aware. However, the Leader with the spot sees it as them trying to embarrass him. Especially since he did so as two other leaders were passing by. War ensues.

That’s is a stupid reason to go to war, however, it isn’t for the leader who felt insulted and embarrassed. To that leader, it is a very good reason to go to war, especially with other issues with that leader’s country. When word gets around to the other kingdoms and leaders about the real reason was over being embarrassed, they may say what a stupid reason. People in his own kingdom may agree, while other’s may see it as an insult. Why didn’t the leader of the neighboring country pull the leader aside and tell him/her?

The motives of the people involved with the decision and order given to declare war is more important than the actual reason. If you have a reason for war, that people tell you isn’t that good and a war would never get started over that. Do these two things. First, thank for their thoughts, but to the characters involved, it isn’t stupid. Then when you write the novel, just make sure you get it through that the character(s) see this as a good reason. If you do that, people may still think it is dumb, but will believe it isn’t to this character(s). Second, tell/remind them how the Battle of Troy was started over a woman.

That’s all I got for this post, check back on Friday for the last post of three this week. The topic, Warfare.


Welcome to the first of three craft posts this week. Yes, that’s right you read that correctly. There will be three. I never posted the last two weeks due to trying to get the 2nd draft of Seeing Through the Veil completed. Now that it is, I must come through on what I promised. This post will focus on Ranks of a Military but can be used to help create ranks for your Law Enforcement. Let’s dive in.

The first thing you need to know about ranks is that currently rank is directly tied to a soldier’s pay grade. To give you an example of this, if you are Major (Officer) your pay grade is O-4. You make what an O-4 is structured to make. Sure there are many other things that go into that, like deployment pay, combat pay, special skills pay, special units, etc. Some apply to all pay grades while others apply only to specific jobs. Depending on your world and what you want to do, you may want to link rank to pay.

Tim, why did you start with telling us about ranks being linked to pay? Good question. It’s simple, a King or President has to pay their armies. You might think well if they don’t fight I will kill them. You can do that unless your emperor has god-like power and can put the fear into them, what do you do when the most or all of your army refuse to fight? It’s something I never really even thought about until recently. Mostly, thanks to Game of Thrones and other fantasy series that have brought it up. Soldiers get paid.

What is a Commander?

What? Isn’t that a rank? I thought so for a very long time. I was wrong. It can be a rank, but when you look up the word you get this definition:

Commander is also a generic term for an officer commanding any armed forces unit, for example, “platoon commander”, “brigade commander” and “squadron commander”. In the police, terms such as “borough commander” and “incident commander” are used. Wikipedia

They are the boss, but they too have a commander above them. The commander of the base is an example. If you want you could use this as a rank, but it is more of a title depending on the job you’re doing.

Next is how is your Military structured?

I though that is what you were going to go over in this post? Nope, I am going to ranks. How the military is structured is different. I guess I need to cover this some. Does your military have one branch or ten? Do they work together or separate depending on their purpose. Right now, most countries have three branches. Army, Navy, and Air Force. Special recognition to the Coast Gaurd and the Marines that seen as branches but technically are under the Navy. Except during times of peace, which the Coast Guard is under Homeland Security. These two could easily be made into full branches, but aren’t.

Depending on your branches and how many determine how each one works. Each branch can have its own Chain of Command be different but in the end all answer to the King or President. While our military has three branches, an E-3 (Enlisted) is the same level across all three branches, though the name may be different. If you have multi branches crossovers and have different chains of command and ranking systems, you need to know who has the highest rank. Also, to add more to it, that highest rank may not be the one in command of that unit. That’s there if you want to cause conflict.

If you haven’t gotten it, yet, ranks like Captain, Colonel, etc. mean nothing. It’s your pay-grade. You can have a high ranking officer who got that job due to his battle experience and is a great warrior but also have, a young nonbattle experienced Lieutenant who is a genius at the same time. This Lieutenant could be making more money, put in command due to his intelligence over the much more experienced warrior due to the times (times of peace). Or it could be reversed. It’s all how you want to structure your military.

If you want ranks to mean something and have power and no one with a rank below can order someone above them around than structure it that way. Tie ranks into fighting levels and only if you can meet these high standards (which all branches like to say they have, which they do. They train and push you to meet them) but you have to get there on your own. That’s fine. There is no wrong way to come up with your ranks and structure for your military. It just needs to seem like it works. Or doesn’t work if that is what you’re going for.

The way you structure your military doesn’t have to work in reality. In many ways, the way our Military is structure, it doesn’t work. Sure it’s not like it doesn’t work to the point that it costs us wars, it could be better and run more fluently. Everything can. As for names of the ranks, that’s up to you. It is easy for people to know what level someone is if you use the names and titles we are all familiar with, but part of developing your own military is making it unique. More importantly, resemble the people you use it.

That’s all I got for this post. I thought for sure this was going to be more about rankings and names for them. Nope. Names for ranks is just the base of it. It all comes down to structure and the chain of command. Tomorrow, we will move on to the Causes of War. Check back tomorrow and then Friday for the next two Craft Posts.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, and boy has it been one long week. So, for the last two week’s I haven’t posted a craft post to get the 2nd draft of Seeing Through the Veil completed. Well, those two posts are coming this week as well as the one on Friday. Yes, ladies and gentleman Draft 2 of Seeing Through the Veil is done! Before we get to that, let me break down the two craft posts. I was going to post one today, but I am just getting to this wrap-up now. The first post will be tomorrow and the second one on Wednesday. As always our regular post on Friday. Now, let’s get to the heart of the big story this week, my raging toothache on Friday that almost prevented me from completing my draft.

Oh, you thought I was going to go right into completing draft 2. Wrong! The reason why I am talking about my tooth is because on Friday I still had roughly 15 scenes to write and was not going to get any writing done on that day. That left Saturday and just how I am I decided not to write, mostly because I was trying to figure out my tooth. It was better especially after getting Orajel. Yet, I was still distracted by it. Thankfully, Sunday, my tooth was fine and I was able to write.

Speaking of writing Sunday, I wrote over 11k. Yes, over eleven thousand words in one day. The funny part about that is, I got a late start. Once again I got distracted and to be honest, I was sure I wasn’t going to get the draft done. When I started to write I shot through many scenes that I thought would be troubling. The first scene of the day I took two days off to reflect on it. It helped. The rest came along. After getting the big climatic battle over with, I looked at my scene’s list and saw how many scenes I had left, especially in my last section (now the epilogue) and fit three scenes (chapters) into one. I removed a few scenes that I thought are nice, but seem to be a little weak.

Two scenes cut do not sort of flashbacks in the epilogue. Also, the Epilogue is better and really brings things together. I will need to tighten it up when I go through the last half and complete draft 2.1 in a few months. I need a long break from Seeing Through the Veil and I am going to take it with Forbidden Realm. I’ll get to that in a few moments.

The big question is, what is my final word count for the draft? Well, my first draft the word count was 179,299. I said I needed to cut roughly 90,000 words by the final draft. My word count goal for the book is around 85k. That means I needed to quiet a few words in this draft. Well, thanks to the restructuring the story I did back in July, I did just that. I am going to give you two different word counts. The first will be what I have as of yesterday and then I will give you the actual word count for draft 2. Remember The first half is not part of 2.1. I know, I am making this confusing right. My response to that is… IT’S WHAT I DO!

Okay my total words with draft 2.1 in the beginning and draft 2 at the end, is? Drum roll, please… Oh wait, this is text. Okay (Drum Roll!) 117,211. Between the two drafts, I cut out 62,088 words. Now, the total word count for draft 2 is…149,022. (Cue disappointed sound effect). When I add the word count I had at the time I decide to revise and start 2.1 which was 78,163 with the 70,850 I get a total of 149,022. That means I only cut out a total of 30,277 words total in draft two. Not very good when I want to cut ou 90k by the final draft.

I don’t mean this to be my statics post, but I have a few more numbers. My current word count for draft 2.1 is 45,980. Compared this to the 78,163 of the draft 2, I cut out 32,183 in the first part of draft 2.1. If I can find a way to cut even a third (which is 10,728) I will be happy. Though, to get it down to a 100k, I would need to add 6483 words to do that. That means I need to cut more than a third of words from the second half of 2.1 when I go through it. Not too bad and I am sure I will easily do that. To get to 85k, I need to cut 31850 words from the second half. Not going to happen. If I get the second half of draft 2.1 to 100,000 words. I will need to cut just 15,000 more words from the whole manuscript to do that. Not sure if that I will be able to. Maybe with a good editor, I can. Time will tell.

Sorry for all those numbers, but I do love my stats. Moving, Now that I am done with draft 2 of Seeing Through the Veil, I can finally go back to book one of Forbidden Realm. Yep, that book is burning to be finished. I had so much fun writing and I am excited to start. However, I am not doing that for at least two more days. I need a break. Let the veil work its way out of my mind and prepare for the new world and magic systems and story. I would like to start by the end of the week, but I may take the whole week. Depends on how I am feeling.

Moving to Development, the Multiverse is going well. However, I seem to come to a crossroads. A, keep some cool ideas I came up with before I went through and re-read the old history of the multiverse and really liked that or try to find a way to use what I came up with in the frame of the old history. I like both options, but I am just not sure. I was going to actually sit down and work on the god side of the multiverse when my tooth started to hurt on Friday.

Clearly, my old history needs to be updated, but I feel like it is the perfect structure for the creation myth. By updating it I can come with some cool ideas on what really happened and how the myth came about. Now that I have some free time this week I will probably play around with this. Though, I am starting to think I may need to start working on the actual story and finding all the key players. Find out what each one wants and how things I have already come up with, but not locked, in work. This may help flesh out things for the god side. I will see how the development goes on the myth and what new ideas come from that. Depending on how that goes I will see what the next step is.

Lastly, I have recently had a desire to work on my Long Live story. It is the only stand-alone novel I have. Everything else is a series. With finishing the 2nd draft of Seeing Through the Veil, and now moving on to Pyre book one of Forbidden Realm. I am looking at what I will write after that. Clearly going through the last half of Seeing Through the Veil to complete draft 2.1 That shouldn’t take that long. That leaves me with a few options. Either book to of the veil series, book two of Forbidden Realm, or something else. I know my goal is to develop The Gathering after I finish developing the Multiverse, but that is another series. What if I took a few weeks and developed Long Live, got the outline completed and scene list and had one more book ready to write.

This is now way me saying that is what I am going to do, but it is an option. I do know in the next few weeks, maybe after I complete draft 2.1. I am going to start updating book 2 in the veil trilogy. Many things have changed and it will need to be updated. That doesn’t mean I will write it this year, just keeping things fresh now, so I have less work when the time comes to write that book. It will be an interesting thought. We shall see.

That’s all I got today. Check back tomorrow for the first of three craft posts in the Military and Law Enforcement sub-series. The topic is Military (& Police) Ranks.


No Craft Post, Thanks Tooth!

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No craft post this week. Gotta finish my draft, which is going well, but today I am hit with bad tooth pain. Hopefully tomorrow I will be fine to get back to writing. I will post last, week’s and this week’s post as soon as I finish the draft.