Conquering Writers Block

I was working on my first book series I started back in 2004 again. The story was broken down into a trilogy and yet there was more to the story. Having struggled with my start of the first draft of book one of what is now called the original Trilogy, I turned to work on the ideas for a sequel, having already mapped out ideas for a prequel. Yet I only had a few ideas for the sequel and no clue where to go with it. Feeling I had bad writers block, I start working on the history of the world, which helped, but what also helped was reading Conquering Writer’s Block and Summoning Inspiration by K.M. Weiland. It was a short read, about an hour maybe two. It was extremely helpful as days I felt blocked, burnt out and wasn’t progressing anything I took the advice from this book.

She starts out with helpful tips to be inspired everyday, just a few tips:

  • Pay attention to details
  • Look beyond the Cliche
  • Wait for your Subconscious

There are more but those are the first three and they work. Obvious the look beyond cliche should be common sense but it is surprising just how easy it is for writers even experience writers to use cliches. Weiland covers how not to be inspired, and I am sure we all know ways, but we still do them. Not going to listen any but there are ten and as soon as you read them you will quickly find your faults.

Chapter two is about how to optimize your imagination, while Chapter three is dealing the root of writer’s block. How to deal with fear, anxiety, and depression. These are some of my areas that keep me blocked. Not for usually long times, but a few days maybe a week or two at most. She gives some of her experiences and how she got over them. Chapter four deals with How to avoid creativity killers, and chapter five show how to over come fear of failure. Chapter six hit hard as it deals with things I struggle with a lot, that is having good writing habits. As I have posted a few times, I never developed the writing everyday habit. Finally chapter eight is all about how to embrace yourself as a writer.

I go dive more into the book, but to truly grasps how helpful this book is, you need to read it for yourself. If you can’t get anything from this book, either you’re not being open with yourself about what is bugging you, or you just skimmed through it. I am giving this book a 8/10.