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Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-Up. I don’t have much time so this will be short so let’s dive right in.

Starting with Writing, I hit my four days of writing goal. Unfortunately, I didn’t hit five. I could have, but I got distracted Friday on something I am I need to figure out eventually. Time. Yes, how time will work in futuristic sci-fantasy Forbidden Realm Trilogy. Mostly dating purposes. I got wrapped up in trying to figure this out that I didn’t write. Oh well. I think I figured it out. I came across something called UNIX Time. It a time stamp based on how many seconds have passed since January 1st, 1970. I will use this with some tweaks, but the date will be at an important time in my world.

As for writing, it was not easy this week. I didn’t get started until Wednesday and I wrote small chunks of two hundred, five hundred words. Thankfully, Sunday I got 1200 words written. Why was that? I wasn’t feeling good this past week. Also, the scene was another hard scene to write. It was important to the plot but just not easy. Thankfully, I got through that scene and onto what should be easier scenes to write.

Last week I talked about how this section ends with no real conflict, but the conflict happens at the start of the next section for Taryn. Well, I going to add it to this section so I can see how I feel. With only two scenes left, I may leave it alone and depend on how I feel the last scene as it now goes.

Breaking News, I feel like I don’t know all my characters like I should. I don’t know all of this goals or wants. Developing Long Live has really taught me more about characters. I have a stronger grasp on those characters then I do of these characters. Well, not Taryn and Emily. I know them well. It is all the other cast I don’t know anything about, really. My immediate thought is to stop and fix this. However, I am not going to do that. I am going to finish this book and write book 2 and 3. Why?

Well, I need material to write while I develop my multiverse. Second, several key characters don’t show up in the original take on this story, which I still plan to tell. I need to develop them. Since I want to try new ways of writing, I am going to use Brandon Sanderson way. He discovery writes his characters. Yep. While he outlines his story and arcs for his characters he discovers the characters in the first draft. He will try different things in the first few chapters. He is willing to go back and fix things in the early chapters once he grasps the characters. That’s what I am going to do.

Also, I don’t plan on releasing this trilogy anytime soon. More on that in the development.

As for Development this week, I didn’t hit my three days of developing. I got only two days in. Long Live got two days, but really that first day I only posted character arcs for part one into my Scrivener file. Sunday, I got some developing done on both Long Live and my Superhero Epic. Let’s start with Long Live.

Originally I thought this book was going to have three sections made up of three parts each. I know, I was following the three act structure, which I hate. Why? I hate structure. I do well in it, but I hate it. Also, I have read books that you can clearly see they used that structure. I could predict when something was going to happen. Not what would happen, but roughly how many pages. I don’t like it.

Thankfully, that’s not going to work. I broke down section two and got several more sections to cover the events that happen. Now, I can’t say for sure that will be when I am done with the outline and scene list. It is just how it is now. I still mapping things out. Back to what I was getting to. Seeing this, I realize just how not fleshed out my ideas for my middle of this book were when the outline was written. Certain ideas will be wrapped up quicker then I sure I thought they would be, and others that need more brainstorming to make them be as strong as they can.

I got my two main characters four parts of section 2 done. Just like for section one, I will go through all the important characters for that section and map their arc. Something tells me I should map the arc of the characters for the whole book first, but I like doing it this way and then I can do the long version. I mean I already did this when I figured out all the characters motives. For now, I am going to do it by section.

Moving to my Superhero Epic, I started to work on the arcs. I got through two done. This one is hard as well because there is a lot that wasn’t thought out during the outlining of this story either. My thoughts on this are both of these outlines (for Long Live and City at Siege) were done around the same time. Or reworked around same time period. I knew a lot about story and plotting, but it was under the same mind frame was to get it done as fast as you can and not think through it. Now that I have been focusing on the writing part more over the last two years, I can see I need to spend more time thinking about this stuff when I develop future series.

I will because back then I wasn’t doing the scene list which forced me to fill in the gaps between bullets ahead of time. When I was doing a blow by blow bullet outlines it left for now freedom in the writing process, which I need. However, a summary of the scene allows for it. and forces me to think through events. If I did this back when I wrote the outlines for Long Live and City at Siege (Superhero Epic) I would see that I needed more. Maybe in a book format, the outline for City at Siege would have worked, but not for the Web Series.

Lastly, I mentioned above I have plans for publishing Forbidden Realm Trilogy have changed. Yep. In my head, I always thought it would be better if I was able to tell my original story first before releasing this trilogy. As of now, I am going to do that. I mentioned Forbidden Realm as a web series I could write while developing my multiverse. Well, that is what I am going to do. After my Superhero Epic ends.

Anyway, I am making progress on both. Of course, this post is long when I say it will be short. Oh well.

Goals for the week

Writing Goals

  • Write four days ($30 fine)
  • 2500 words

Writing Stretch Goals

  • Write five days ($30 reward)
  • 5000 words ($15 reward)

Development Goals

  • Spend three days developing
  • One day for each project with the third on both

Development Stretch Goals

  • Spend four days developing ($20 reward)
  • Two days for each project

Friday’s our Weekly Craft Post is posted. I will be posting the final two posts in our Worldbuilding series. Why? I don’t want to go into June with only one post. Also, it has been over a year. It’s time to be done with this series and move onto something else. I can’t say exactly when the first post will be up, but both will be up before May ends. I am hoping this week, and maybe I will just post both on Saturday. It all depends on how the week goes.

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, it has been a long week. I didn’t work that much this week, yet I am tired. My coffee doesn’t seem to be working. That could be due to me only having a little of it so far. This busy week comes with many things, so let’s dive right into them.

Let’s start off the disappointment of the week. I got nothing done on Seeing Through the Veil. Nothing. Didn’t even look at it. Not sure why, or how that happened. I had time. Yet I didn’t. My guess is that playing catch up on Pyre (Book 1 in Forbidden Realm Trilogy) prevented that. It is NaNoWriMo for two more days (not counting today). I realized that I hadn’t touched Veil around Friday and I knew I wasn’t going to get to it. I am going to make time to work on it this week. After Wednesday, I will be able to dedicate time to it.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, that is what I spent my week working on. I am behind by about four thousand words. It’s less than that, but I decided to round up because looking at the number of 46,666 I need to be at today, and where I am. I feel it is closer to 4k than not. I could be wrong, with my coffee not kicking in, my desire to know the actual number of words I need isn’t really there. There something fun about writing the first draft where your Magic Systems are up front from the start. Most of my series are like this, but Seeing Through the Veil isn’t one of them. It will be eventually, at the same time there is a difference. The best part is figuring out how the magic will be used. I know how it will be used, but that is after the characters are powerful. I am not there yet. These characters have limits how to look at it from when they will drain or used up all their magic power supply.

For my Life magic system, I seem to be drawing more from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn at the moment. Since the characters aren’t strong enough or powerful enough to use the energy beyond their bodies. So, I rely on how to make their stats like speed, strength, etc change. Not just that, but since I am dealing with alien races as well, how could an alien race with a specific ability of their race be affected by using life. It’s fun. When this book is finished, I will have to go over what I came up with and streamline how all the magic systems work. Especially together. Of the seven in the series, only three are showcased in book 1.

With National Novel Writing Month wrapping up on Wednesday, I am going to try to get done by tomorrow. Not sure if I will, but I am going to try. It will all depend on how much I wake up in the next few hours. Once I am done with NaNo, I will be spending more time on Seeing Through the Veil. I will continue to write Pyre as I am only in section two, but I will spend less time trying to play catch up to hit a specific word count goal by a certain date. Also, the faster I get through the edits on the veil the more time I will have for Pyre.

That leads me to The Gathering. Nothing new has come up since last week. Mostly because I am at a point in the development trying to do it at work isn’t going to work anymore. I will need to sit down and toss all of my idea on paper and start examining them. I could do this at work, but well it’s work and not working is frowned upon. I am not sure when I will sit down and start to develop further on The Gathering, but it will probably be after I am done with Veil or when I have taken a huge chunk out of the editing on the veil. Or, tomorrow because I am hit with an idea that I just need to get down.

Finally, I have continued to expand the events of the multiverse. What’s the Multiverse? Well boys and girls, according to many scientists, it is possible our universe isn’t the only universe out there. Under the many-worlds theory, in one world, you are Batman. Okay, enough with that. The multiverse is where all my stories take place in. There events behind the scenes of all my stories that come together in a much larger story. I have been slowly mapping out events. I wrote a huge chunk on Friday. Surprisingly, I found a character who was a good guy who actually is a villain. Now I am finding I like the idea of multiple villains. Think of this way, you have one character who is THE VILLAIN, the comes along another guy is a villain and same thing happens again so you have three villains. Twist, one of the villains turns out to be THE VILLAIN instead of the first villain who it was believed. Not sure if that will happen, I am still developing but it would be fun to do.

Think of this way, you have one character who is THE VILLAIN, the comes along another guy is a villain and same thing happens again so you have three villains. Twist, one of the villains turns out to be THE VILLAIN instead of the first villain who it was believed. Not sure if that will happen, I am still developing but it would be fun to do. It seems like I am doing these developments every few weeks. You know, after the brain has had some time to meld on what has already come before it and figure out where it is going. Time will tell how this is going to turn out.

That’s all for this week. Checkback on Thursday for a wrap-up of NaNoWriMo, and my thoughts and experience of it. Friday we are on a new sub-series in our on going Worldbuilding Series. Governments, yeah fun topic, especially what is going on right now. Check back next week to see how everything going writing wise. Until then keep writing. For those who are participating in NaNoWriMo, you’re almost there. Keep it up.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, hope everyone had a great week and got a lot of writing done. I sure did, so let’s dive right into the mix.

I have come to realize that all of Kiana’s POV sections in Seeing Through The Veil have to be rewritten to work with my new scene list. At one point I wouldn’t be okay with that, but now I am. It is the price of having a stronger book than what it was. At this point, I am only a section and a half away from hitting the area where I stopped draft 2 and went back to start draft 2.1. I said last week I thought I was already there. Nope. I will be after today. I am in the middle of section 5 with Kiana. Will finish section 6 as well. Tomorrow, I pick up where I left off. It will be interesting to see how many words I can count out of those areas. Everything thus far has been reworking and rewriting sections I have already cut down.

Tomorrow, I pick up where I left off. It will be interesting to see how many words I can count out of those areas. Everything thus far has been reworking and rewriting sections I have already cut down. I should be able to cut it down a lot if I can find the heart of each scene and what needs to be achieved and what is excess fat. I am excited to see how the second half of the novel turns out. My guess is my overall word count is going to be right around 100k. I am okay with that. With feedback from readers, I should be able to figure out what else needs to be cut and how to tighten everything up.

Tomorrow makes one week until NaNoWriMo starts. Hope everyone who is doing it has their story ready to go. I sure do. In my made craze to get draft 2.1 completed, I have had no time to work on other characters for book 1 of Forbidden Realm, Pyre. I do have the two main characters profiles done. I am going to review them this week and tweak them a little. I have decided to try something Brandon Sanderson does for his characters. Discovery-write them. If you have read this blog for long you will know I totally against organic writing. Okay, that’s not completely true. I discovery write my scenes, based on the main action or discover needed. But prep-work like characters

If you have read this blog for long you will know I totally against organic writing. Okay, that’s not completely true. I discovery write my scenes, based on the main action or discover needed. But prep work like characters, they need to be done. I guess, since my two protagonists profiles are done I am good on that, but we will see. There are a few important characters that have lots of screen time. It will be something interesting to try. If it turns out I don’t like it, I can always do their profiles. I will complete all of NaNoWriMo without profiles, though. After 50k if I need to go and flesh the characters out more than I can. By then I will have a better feel for them.

Finally, I have selected my next series to start fleshing out. The Gathering. This was supposed to be my epic trilogy, that when I came up with the idea in 2009, would meet my definition of a trilogy. If you must know, a trilogy to me is a grand story, adventure. The books don’t need to be over a thousand pages, just the feel, and importance. Lord of the Rings is a great example of this. Today, I feel too many authors do trilogies for the sakes of a complete story or it fits best in the three-act-structure of a plot.

Back on topic. Forbidden Realm meets this now, but I plan to keep it as a trilogy. I know there is another story after the trilogy, but I am not sure how that will fit in. The original idea was for that story to be part series that connects all my worlds together. Time will tell, maybe I will follow through with the original idea for epic crossover series and have chapters where after a series of book series are complete I do series of what is going on in the over multiverse and another series of series and the next chapter. Still working on both part. I am just now reviewing what I have already developed in the past on the series. The more I work on it the more I will learn and know.

Time will tell. That is all I have today. Check back on Wednesday for the final post in the NaNoWriMo Prep mini-series. Friday will be the second post in our new sub-series on Economics. With that, everyone have a great week and get some writing done.


        Have you ever started to think of a great idea for a novel in a specific genre like fantasy or science fiction, and go to research it and walk away discouraged do what seems like an impossible task? Example, Fantasy you research and find that you need a very in-depth world with many different races, and new ones as not to rehash what is now tropes (Elves, Dwarfs, etc). A complex magic system on how it works and what you can and can’t do. Then there is the map, and the economics of the world, and societies and backstory.
        I ask you this, because when you go to write a really unique story and you have do develop your world and then see what is out there it can be disheartening. You see these massive well thought out worlds and that trickle down and in-depth backstories and myths. You might be thinking I can never do that. I going to say you can, as I used to be one of those people who could come up with a great concept but wanted nothing to do with that development of it and now I am writing multi-book series. It takes practice, and while you will need to do spend time working on somethings, to make your world feel like a world there are other things you don’t need to. Below is a make shift conversation I b/s, however it is based on many different author interviews and conversations I have read and watched lately.

        “Tell me about your book,” saids a well named author.
        “My book (insert your book premise here) and it takes place (insert your world name), and I have they amazing map,” says writer.
        “Cool, why do you have a map?”
        “I’m writing fantasy, you have to have a map.”
        “Do, you want a map?”
        “It doesn’t matter what I want, how will the readers know where things are if there isn’t a map?”        “I ask if you want a map, because this is your story if you don’t want a map in it then you don’t need one.”
        “Will a publisher publish my book if I don’t have a map?”
        “If a your book is as good as you say it is and a publisher refuses to publish you because you don’t have a map, then that person needs to be fired.”

        What are you thoughts on this? Do you think if you write a specific genre you need to have certain things? I do, but that is, just my opinion. One of the few conversations I based my little conversation on is from a convention panel where some of the top names in Fantasy were talking about magic systems. They each had their own thoughts on how magic should work, but they had an interesting advice for writers. You can watch Here! I am not sure exactly where the advice is, but it somewhere in the middle and it is Rothfuss the guy with the massive bread says starts and others add onto it. You don’t have to watch whole click get the point.

“If like a very in-depth magic system like Brandon Sanderson or maps then have them. The reason why Sanderson has maps and detailed magic systems in his books because that is what he likes.”

        That is a paraphrase of what Rothfuss says to get the topic going. Several of the other authors pile on that and agree with it. Just because you see these things in fantasy or in a genre doesn’t mean you have to do them. If you’re writing a Young Adult novel and don’t like first person view point, don’t write in first person. It is your story, tell it how you want to tell it. When you think about this advice it makes since, everything you put into your novel/series you have to spend time on. If you don’t like in-depth magic systems or hard science in your science fictions why the hell would you do put them into your fantasy or science fiction story? When you put something in just because you feel you need to, is just going to make it harder to write.
        Why would you spend hours on end to come up with a complex economic system for your fantasy world when you don’t care about economics? You think just using gold coins as your currency works fine. Half the stuff you put into developing that system will not make it into the book unless you dealing with currency exchange between different kingdoms. Or you lead character is a banker in one of the kingdoms. Rothfuss, from he video loves Economics systems and figured out the whole system on a classroom size chalk board, which he still has. People are still asking him about it, even though nearly all of it doesn’t show up in the books.
        If you watch the full video, you also hear how the authors say why develop a whole world with everything in it, it will be fifty years before you get to write the story you want to write. Not even Tolkien developed his world with everything in it for Lord of the Rings. It was years later that he added other elements, but he still told his story. The things that he loves, languages and cultures were what he focused on. It is only in the Silmarillion where Middle Earths creation account is told and all he gaps leading up to the lord of the Rings completely shown.
        This is some of the best advice I have gotten in years. I love a well developed world, but if I don’t like certain things why would I put them in. Maps, love them. I get to see what the world looks like and where things are, but never refer to them when going through a book. Actually, when it comes to non-earth worlds I think you need a map. Not a physical one that goes into your book, but you the writer need one so you know where things are. If that is a thirty-second drawn one on a napkin or a beautifully drawn out one that you bought for a few hundred dollars, or one that is in your head.
        I say this, because when you don’t have a map to reference then things magically move. J.K. Rowling has mentioned a few times in interviews that fans had pointed out to her that classes rooms magically changes floors throughout the books. Stuff like this bugs me. Thankfully I didn’t notice that in Harry Potter when I read them, or it would have lessen my liking of them. This of course is just my opinion. What do you think? Should you aim to enrich your world with everything you can or is it okay to only put what areas you like into your world? A few other things you might think about is, are you putting these things in for you or for your readers? If you’re thinking about your readers, stop. This is your book, and while you need to know what is expected if you just copy what everyone else is doing, your not going to stand out.
        Please leave your thoughts in the comments, I would love to know your thoughts. Until next weeks Craft post, you can check back on Friday to see my weekly writing wrap-up.

        It is Saturday and I am posting Friday’s late. Damn week, it so weird. Working out hard and tiring myself out and napping through the day and then not going to bed at a decent hour. I got to change that. I hope you enjoyed my Craft Post on Brandon Sanderson Lectures went live Tuesday. Hope you give them a look, I know you will walk away learning something. Ironically, that post sort of influenced today’s post. Well not the Lectures, the author, Sanderson himself.
        Have you ever sat down to talk to a fellow writer/author and you walked away on fire and excited about your own work? Maybe you the two of you or the group talked about their writing process and you saw something know will work for you, once you adapt it to fit you. Or, the talk was about their work in progress and one of their ideas you feel in love with and it would solve the problem with your current work in progress.
        I call this the Writers Effect, because the creative energies or juices or whatever literation you want to use are linked and working. Connections your subconscious has been working on in the back of your mind finally make the leap to the Conscious. This has happened to me over the years, and the most recently this past two weeks.
        From when I found the Sanderson Lectures, I have looking into his other works other then Mistborn, and came across his Cosmere. The Cosmere is what Sanderson calls his universe. Now he has works that don’t fit into the Cosmere as they don’t fit into what he is doing. Like Stephen King, Marvel Comic, D. J. MacHale (Though this was not a real universe just took many ideas for stories and put them into one series), all have done this.
        King, linked his through his Dark Tower series and all of his works fit into his multiverse. Sanderson only certain works fit into the Cosmere, and he slowly building up to something huge. Each book or series are their own stories, but there are small Cosmere Easter Eggs. He does this, so that someone with no Cosmere knowledge can pick up the books and enjoy them.
        One of the things that make Sanderson different is he built up the Cosmere up from the ground up so there is no shoehorning elements to fit in. Finally, someone who loves continuity as much as I do. This is what I originally envision in my multiverse, Narthex series, the old code-name for it. It was to be 7 Series complete and then a Narthex series of 10 books that link them each together with new character building up a larger story going on.
        Reading about the Cosmere, got me thinking about my own writing multiverse. After making some progress a few years ago, I hit a wall. With no advancements, I decided to break away and focus on a smaller piece of it and that piece World of Five Worlds arc. Then something hit me, what if I make this the focus of that multiverse story?
        The World of Five Worlds arc came from making some progression in a few worlds, and then not. Then returning to my first series I wrote in 2004-5. After hitting some issues this summer when I tried to write Seeing through the Veil, I mapped out the history of that world and came up with how the World of Five Worlds came about. There was only a problem, the event couldn’t fit into what I already planned for Narthex.
        My thought was its happening and I can find a solution to it later. I think the solution is this is the actual story, not what little I had developed as background. Wednesday, I spent thinking about this and if I was going to do this I need to have all my projects in development to figure this out. I wrote down every series name in my project folder, including my long gestating Manga/Anime Series Forbidden Realm. I came up with 13 series. One of these series is an incomplete short story series I started back when I first started Demon World (Daemonium). Why the folder was in books, I have no clue. It will be interesting to see how it turns out since what little I have will not be used.
        I hit up my idea bank Word doc that only has four ideas, one is a movie/comic book ideas and another that already had a series in the works. I took the two others and added them to the list, making 15. At this time I realized I two series I have been working on in my head and knew would write someday didn’t have a folder. They do now, 17 series.
        With all my series listed, I needed to lock down what worlds would be in the World of Five Worlds. At this point only three worlds were locked. Seeing Through the Veil, Dragon Nations, and Daemonium. Two others I figured, but they didn’t make it. My working Pirate series did and another story world, which was suppose to be a prequel to my immortal combat series, no longer did.
        I had my five worlds to focus on, but something told me not to limit the story to these five worlds. From when I started to mix it up, I thought to add more worlds making it the World of Seven Worlds, or ten, twelve, etc. I settled on five for two reasons. The first, I liked the World of Five Worlds. Second, when has the number five ever really used in something, it seems to me numbers like 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, and so on are more often. This lead to a new question, what to do with the rest of the worlds?
        The question didn’t go unanswered for long, as all stories I ever write will exist in Vesania, name for my multiverse. For those must know, it is Latin for Madness. Only these seventeen worlds are important to the larger story I want to tell. I came up with the idea of a cluster a sphere of a thousand worlds with is surrounded by a void of no other worlds. Five worlds in one world, and then twelve other separate worlds making seventeen all having an important role, though some will have larger roles then other. Another problem quickly came to the front of my mind. I only had 16 worlds, as the Marks of Eilira doesn’t count.
        The reason Marks of Eilira doesn’t count along with 16 series is, because I have larger plans for it. This series had a large role in my old Narthex series and I was not about to toss that away. The world in the series isn’t a world it is something else. With Marks of Eilira out, I needed one more series to make 18 in total, but twelve in the cluster not part of the World of Five Worlds. Thanks to my amazing mind, the final series was found.
        The solution came from a dream, actually two dreams. One from a month or two ago about a King who claims to be god and his own church claims he is only the hand of god. The dream was over five days of how evil he is. The second dream I have had over the last few days. A pure hearted night, on his way back to his kingdom after being left behind after a battle. Through his journey, his loyalty to his queen is no longer due to someone he falls for but leaves behind only run into her again at the capital.
        On Thursday night, I mapped out a novella prequel about the King and those five days and will setup his ultimate plan that will feed into second dream. After some developing the novella outline, I like the direction. The whole series needs a lot of development, but it is better then just having a story with an idea and nothing else.
        Have you ever had this level of the Writer Effect influence your own writing? What are your thoughts on having a multiverse where all your stories exist in?

        This post was lot longer then I thought it would be, so here is a summary on my writing for the week. For the 8th week in a row I have made my week. The bug to write on the weekend is still nibbling in the back of mine, so I am going to try to finish up Section 3 by the end of the weekend. This will allow me to start section 5 on Monday. We will see.
        The other big thing is my constantly locking in how the scene I’m writing each day or part of a scene is going well. Once I have made up mind I start to write the words seem to speed out. This is great, because too many times have I hated writing because I just couldn’t figure out how something was going to happen. This also allow for in the moment writing so I don’t feel like everything is planned out and can’t be creative.
        Lastly, I am having an internal struggle with this draft. Normally when big changes, like moving a whole series of scenes to a different part of the book I would have to stop and go back and make the change. This time, I am not. I know events in section 1 will be completely re-written in draft 2, but I wrote those ideas down and keep plugging forward. The struggle is should I make the changes I know are going to happen in those future scenes?
I am not, because as convinced as I know the revisions will be made, I need to finish this draft as it is with the scene list because who knows if a something will come up that will make the scenes or events as they are not work. I did this in one of the drafts of Marks of Eilira. Half way through I made changes to the end and pointed the story towards it and without adding the added scenes until after the book was finished and before the start of the 2nd draft. It caused too many problems. Has anyone else had this problem?

        Check back to Monday, as I will have my Craft post up on Monday this week. I thought I would be posting on one topic, but now I am thinking about another on stealing ideas from others. We will see. Have a good weekend.


        It’s Monday, the worst day of the week.         Oh wait, it isn’t Monday and I forgot to post this blog. Well, I am going to blame it on it being a three day weekend and call today Montuesday. I would say I was busy working on something far more important, but I wasn’t. Something I enjoy doing in my free time and got caught up in it on Friday evening and next thing you know it is Monday at ten and I haven’t written yet. I did write, a few words. I do mean a few, but I wrote.
        This is my first post of my new Craft posts that will be posted on Mondays. Probably not a good idea that start this on a three day weekend, but also maybe it is. Since I do nothing work related on my weekends, so to modify my posting schedule. Craft posts will be on Mondays except for a three day Weekend then they will be post the Tuesday.
        Today’s post is on the Sanderson Lectures, Brandon Sanderson Lectures. (I have been watching 2012 lectures.) Google his name and you will find him with ease. He is one of the big names in Fantasy, and you can argue whose name is bigger, but he is right up there. He is known such works as: Stormlight Archive, Mistborn, Elantris, Steelheart, and the last three Wheel of Time Novels. He is also known for Sandersons Laws on Magic. You can find essay’s written on by Sanderson by Clicking Here.
        Have you ever wanted to go to a big writing conference to listen to lectures by some of your favorite authors? I know have and still do, though funds are too short for me to have done so. Well, these lectures are the next best thing. For one instead of an hour or maybe two-hour lecture on one topic, you get thirteen. Well twenty-eight since the link is to a page of two years of lectures on the same topics.
        The lectures covers breakdown in genre’s how to build sympathetic characters, description, differences on view point, how to connect with authors and editors at conferences. The different ways to map out your story, and yes he talks about his own way. The writing advice and examples from his experience is worth the time to watch.
        I want to focus on one area that I found the most helpful, it came from either lecture four on character or seven on story structure. I believe it was four. Anyway, Sanderson was talking about how to progress and using each sentence to do so. I have heard this before, it is one thing authors I constantly say you need to be doing. However, none have ever explained it in a way like Sanderson did. He said that every sentence should either progress character, plot or setting. Bam! The light flew on.
        Never have I ever thought about it that way. Every time I heard an author say this, it was always plot related. If a word, sentence or paragraph didn’t progress the story then it needed to be cut. Sure you want character to shine through I figured, but only if the progressed the plot. Sanderson seems to say different, especially when it comes to setting. Never thought about progressing setting.
        What really helped was few days after watching this lecture, I was working out and listening to the final book of the Mistborn Trilogy, The Hero of Ages. As I was on the elliptical I started to notice how each of the sentence was devoted to one of the three areas. It was more of a paragraph then sentence. One thing I started to do while writing is try to keep do this somewhat. My main focus is to get the draft done and will use this as more of a focus in the second draft. It became clear long ago that I am going to re-write the whole thing. Have anyone ever thought about this, or read this something long the lines?
        I could go on about other areas I learnt some interesting ideas for character creation, plotting though I accidentally stumbled on to his way this summer. Even his lessons on the business side, which if you have something to read get out there I suggest you watch. Remember, this is 2012 and 2013, and things change in only three years. Give the lectures a watch and tell me what you think.
        If you want to learn from a trade professional on writing I suggest that you give these lectures a look. While Sanderson will say multiple times while he is well known as a top name in Fantasy he isn’t as big as George R.R. Martin or other authors that broke out in the early nineties. Regardless of how big of a name he is, this is a rare chance to learn from someone who is a master of writing. Also, if you’re a fan of his he talks about his books a lot as examples and as well other authors. I know these lectures are going to be a resource I continue to mine for the next several years.