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Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Yes, there is an actual Wrap-up this week. That must mean I actually did some writing this week. The answer is yes. I did. Let’s get started.

To get right to the writing, I wrote a total of 2,029 words. What! You now know why I placed the Sorta in the title. Am I back on track, well, I wrote. We will see if I continue that trend over the next few weeks. However, 2k words are better than no words. I even had to punish myself and by donuts for work for not writing for the week before. I will say the writing came easier. I am not sure if it was I just needed more time to separate myself from Seeing Through the Veil or if it was something else. Whatever it was, hopefully, the mental block is gone and I can continue to write with ease. I will say, while I wrote this past week. I didn’t even finish a single scene. Yep. The scene I started writing I am still on. What was suppose to be 1200 words is now over 2000 and counting. Oh well.

Moving on, I have been spending the last few weeks developing the motivations for the characters in Long Live. All the protagonist’s motivations are done and I am working on the main antagonists currently. I have a few other minor villains to work on, but they aren’t as important as the ones I have done. Once I finish the motivations I am going to start working on the outline and then the scene list. From there I will move into developing the pieces of the story, such as magic, world, technology that apply to the story and other things that might not pertain to the story. As much as I would love to have this be my a single novel story. It is

As much as I would love to have this be my a single novel story. It is a stand alone novel. If I ever decide to visit the world again, it may have the same characters in it, but probably not. Only time will tell. I am going in at it as it is only one, but knowing me I will develop the world so well if I ever come up with ideas I can easily return without having much work to do.

Moving on, it looks like I may finally write my Superhero Epic. Okay, maybe it isn’t an epic. It’s more of a serial. I am playing around with doing it as a web serial like I did years ago with my Chronicles of Skylar Grant. However, that story was not planned out or developed in any way. I just wrote it by the seat of my pants. Just yesterday I pulled out my outline for the story and boy does it need a massive reworking. That’s okay. I know how the story flows in my head. I have everything I in the outline. Now it is about rearranging and getting it into the order I need and discarding any of the bullets points left over.

“NO! Not another series you’re working on. You said the Gathering is going to be next after you finished writing Seeing Through the Veil and started writing Pyre. You changed your mind and decided to develop your multiverse. Next thing we know, you are talking about working on Long Live. Now! It’s this Super Hero story. Make up your damn mind will you!”

I know, it sure seems like I can’t make up my mind. That is an issue I have been having in my head lately. I want to develop my multiverse, however, there are times I need to let what I have come up with marinade in the back of my mind. So I move to something else. I really don’t want to do that, because it takes a long time for me to come back to my multiverse. The problem is, I really want to be focused on my writing part as well, which is where the problem lays. I don’t have many stories ready to write. Beyond Forbidden Realm Trilogy I have the Veil Trilogy. That’s it. I don’t like that. As much as I like those stories. I need rest between them. Forbidden Realm is also longer books, so it isn’t going to be a story I can just go to if I need a break from the Veil.

So, I have decided to develop a few series I can get done pretty easily, and have them on the back burner ready to go. Long Live is up next as well as my Super Hero story. I alway have The World Within the Veil (book 2 of the veil trilogy) Forbidden Realm (book 2 of Forbidden Realm Trilogy) as well as the final book in each. Between these four projects, I have more than enough to keep me writing while I develop my multiverse. I may throw one other series in there, but I am not sure about it. We will see.

I figured this all out when I wrote in my writing Journal for the first time this year. No, I didn’t cross off the goal for the year yet. Once is not completing the goal. Maybe when I have written in more than a few times. No, I will cross it off when I have written in it throughout the year. Not just a total number of times. While winter is gone, I still have the rest of spring to write in it again. Not to mention Summer and Fall left.

That’s all I got today. I am excited to write a wrap-up this week. Not just because of writing this past week after over nearly two months off. Also, because I am setting myself up to be able to continue to write as well develop my multiverse in time.

Be sure to check back on Friday for our Craft Post. We are now into the Penultimate sub-series in our ongoing Worldbuilding Series. It’s called Daily Life. You can find the first post of the series here.


Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up. I hope everyone had a good writing week. The latest post in our ongoing series on World Building is up. We just started a new section with the working title Storyworld. The new post is called Planetary System. Due to how long this series is going to be, I put a link in the toolbar above where all the links are. This is so I don’t have to keep posting a lot of links. You can read the latest post, Planetary System. Let’s jump into the wrap-up as I got a lot to do today.

Are you wondering what the title 31,578-89 means? I hope so because those are two very important numbers. Being in the middle of editing draft one of Seeing Through the Veil and writing draft two, I have one major goal. Cut out 90,000 words. I didn’t think I would get close to that in this edit, but after finishings three sections. (Merging two of those sections into one). I am proud to announce that I have cut out 31,578 words.

When I compare sections 1,2, and 4 from the first draft to sections 1 and 2 of draft two, the 144 pages single spaced is now 89 pages. That is 51 pages less. I have been keeping track of how many words I have cut out from each scene but lost count when I tried to figure out how many words I really had cut out after adding new diary scenes at the beginning of each chapter in section 1. After section two only made it more confusing, so I stopped keeping track and waited until I was done with the new section 2 (merger of sections 2 and 4). Now I know.

Progress is being made. I am happy with the progress especially with the change in attitude I have. Near the end of (new) section 2, I was not happy how long it was taking me to read and make the edits. I had a vision for the section and I wanted to get it done. Plus, I was cutting a lot of scenes from (old) section 4 and wanted to know how many words I was cutting. What did I do? Guesses anyone? Yes. I read through the remaining chapters of (old) section 4 making notes and then went through and made the changes. I did all the changes in one day and that day was Thursday.

With the success of that, I have been spending the last few days reading section 3 and doing the same. I just completed the notes last night and will begin making the corrections today. I don’t know if I will get them all done today, but I will by tomorrow. If I keep this pace up, I will have the second draft completed by the end of this month. Actually, I just opened the printed out copy of draft one and opened to section five and it is about halfway through the manuscript. I am going to be making changes so that section will be section six, but glad to see I am half way done.

Beyond that, I am working on the timeline of events in Aeon Timeline 2. I will more than likely have a review of that software up this week, once I finish the changes to section 3. That is going along well. Something I need to get back on is developing Forbidden Realm. I hit a little snag in the scene list for book 3, so to get the ideas flowing again I will return to developing the history of the world. The goal is the same, to start writing book one by the start of July.

That’s all I got today. Keep writing. Check back for my review on Aeon Timeline 2 and the next post in our craft post on Friday’s called The Planet! Also, you can look forward to some changes on the blog, as I am going to spend sometime this week getting caught up on it.