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Welcome to this three day late Weekly Writing Wrap-up. This is the not the only late post, last week’s craft post is late. I will be posting that soon. Hopefully, today. Let’s just say it has been a long week. Anyway, this week was interesting. Let’s jump right in.

First, let’s get to Development. Long Live is in the back of the mind marinating at the moment. Mostly as I have to find a notebook that has some information I need for some antagonists motivations. Once I have that, I will be moving to the outlining stage. Hopefully, that will start this week, but being Wednesday I am not sure. Second, my superhero web series is going well. I am running through my outline and finding the plot points that I like and what ones can be secondary and those that can be removed. I will also have to figure out how I am going post this series. I want to figure out how I will post it. I don’t want to post once in a while or six days a week. Time will tell.

The final development task is to figure out if there is one more series I want to develop as part of this bunch writing group I will be doing while I focus on developing both multiverses. Oh, yes, I have decided to keep my God Multiverse and Other Multiverse separated. The ideas I have both stories that just won’t work. So I will be keeping them separated for the time being. If I come up with solutions I may connect them together. Even if I do, I am not sure I will.

Now to writing. I only got one day of writing and still working on the same scene. Even with it being Wednesday I plan to do more writing this week. At least three days, but I am hoping to write at least three days. I will finish that scene this week. The goal is to get writing more each week so I can get back to writing seven days a week. If I don’t get three days I will be paying someone $50.

That’s all for this week, check back on Monday to see how everything is going. Look for a few craft posts to make up for my lack of productivity.

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Yes, there is an actual Wrap-up this week. That must mean I actually did some writing this week. The answer is yes. I did. Let’s get started.

To get right to the writing, I wrote a total of 2,029 words. What! You now know why I placed the Sorta in the title. Am I back on track, well, I wrote. We will see if I continue that trend over the next few weeks. However, 2k words are better than no words. I even had to punish myself and by donuts for work for not writing for the week before. I will say the writing came easier. I am not sure if it was I just needed more time to separate myself from Seeing Through the Veil or if it was something else. Whatever it was, hopefully, the mental block is gone and I can continue to write with ease. I will say, while I wrote this past week. I didn’t even finish a single scene. Yep. The scene I started writing I am still on. What was suppose to be 1200 words is now over 2000 and counting. Oh well.

Moving on, I have been spending the last few weeks developing the motivations for the characters in Long Live. All the protagonist’s motivations are done and I am working on the main antagonists currently. I have a few other minor villains to work on, but they aren’t as important as the ones I have done. Once I finish the motivations I am going to start working on the outline and then the scene list. From there I will move into developing the pieces of the story, such as magic, world, technology that apply to the story and other things that might not pertain to the story. As much as I would love to have this be my a single novel story. It is

As much as I would love to have this be my a single novel story. It is a stand alone novel. If I ever decide to visit the world again, it may have the same characters in it, but probably not. Only time will tell. I am going in at it as it is only one, but knowing me I will develop the world so well if I ever come up with ideas I can easily return without having much work to do.

Moving on, it looks like I may finally write my Superhero Epic. Okay, maybe it isn’t an epic. It’s more of a serial. I am playing around with doing it as a web serial like I did years ago with my Chronicles of Skylar Grant. However, that story was not planned out or developed in any way. I just wrote it by the seat of my pants. Just yesterday I pulled out my outline for the story and boy does it need a massive reworking. That’s okay. I know how the story flows in my head. I have everything I in the outline. Now it is about rearranging and getting it into the order I need and discarding any of the bullets points left over.

“NO! Not another series you’re working on. You said the Gathering is going to be next after you finished writing Seeing Through the Veil and started writing Pyre. You changed your mind and decided to develop your multiverse. Next thing we know, you are talking about working on Long Live. Now! It’s this Super Hero story. Make up your damn mind will you!”

I know, it sure seems like I can’t make up my mind. That is an issue I have been having in my head lately. I want to develop my multiverse, however, there are times I need to let what I have come up with marinade in the back of my mind. So I move to something else. I really don’t want to do that, because it takes a long time for me to come back to my multiverse. The problem is, I really want to be focused on my writing part as well, which is where the problem lays. I don’t have many stories ready to write. Beyond Forbidden Realm Trilogy I have the Veil Trilogy. That’s it. I don’t like that. As much as I like those stories. I need rest between them. Forbidden Realm is also longer books, so it isn’t going to be a story I can just go to if I need a break from the Veil.

So, I have decided to develop a few series I can get done pretty easily, and have them on the back burner ready to go. Long Live is up next as well as my Super Hero story. I alway have The World Within the Veil (book 2 of the veil trilogy) Forbidden Realm (book 2 of Forbidden Realm Trilogy) as well as the final book in each. Between these four projects, I have more than enough to keep me writing while I develop my multiverse. I may throw one other series in there, but I am not sure about it. We will see.

I figured this all out when I wrote in my writing Journal for the first time this year. No, I didn’t cross off the goal for the year yet. Once is not completing the goal. Maybe when I have written in more than a few times. No, I will cross it off when I have written in it throughout the year. Not just a total number of times. While winter is gone, I still have the rest of spring to write in it again. Not to mention Summer and Fall left.

That’s all I got today. I am excited to write a wrap-up this week. Not just because of writing this past week after over nearly two months off. Also, because I am setting myself up to be able to continue to write as well develop my multiverse in time.

Be sure to check back on Friday for our Craft Post. We are now into the Penultimate sub-series in our ongoing Worldbuilding Series. It’s called Daily Life. You can find the first post of the series here.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. The title of this week’s wrap-up explains everything. Between not writing at all last week. I got the weird kind of sick where I felt buzzed like when you drink, but without out the beer. It was a very good feeling. I don’t think I have to say this, but I will anyway. This post is going to be short.

I already mentioned I didn’t write this past week. That’s what annoys me the most.  My only moment of clarity was posting last week’s Wrap-Up. Now I am really behind on writing so I need to make that up this week. I think I am going to set myself a goal this week. Besides having to write at least four days (hopefully all seven) I need to write at least ten thousand words. I think my current goal on my excel word count tracking sheet is 5k. I will have to check.

The only thing I got done this week was some work on Long Live. To help know what I need to develop, I am trying to nail the story down. To do that I needed to get my main character’s motivations down. I only got two done on Saturday before going to see Power Rangers. My two female protagonists were easy to figure. It was my male protagonist not so much. What I was trying to get done based on what the other two wanted, I just felt like I was trying to force certain things to make him fit better with one of the girls.

When I realized this, I stopped and let stew in the back of my mind. The plan was to work on it on Sunday, but that never happened. Lucky for me I as able to crack him his morning at work around 7 AM. With him done I have only two more main characters to figure out and then it is on to the antagonist’s motivations. Once I have the motivations done, it will be figuring out the outline. I can’t say I will finish the motivations this week, but it is my focus when it comes to Long Live at the moment.

As for the God Multiverse, I am making little strides in. They seem to come in spurts. A piece here another there. I can feel something is brewing. What will it be I am not sure, but I do know it will take some time to fully form. I can’t be surprised, I have been think of my Multiverse as one piece for nearly a year and a half. That is a lot of time for ideas to gestate, I have to at least give this new piece some time to simmer in the cauldron of my mind. I will write down ideas as they come and move from there.

That’s all I got today. I swear when I say these posts are going to be short, they turn out longer than I plan. Oh well. Be sure to check back on Friday for our Weekly Craft Post in our ongoing Worldbuilding series. We are focusing on Magic and Technology. It third to last sub-series in that whole series. Yes. The worldbuilding series is coming to an end. When? Only I know.

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I am posting this one a little later than I planned. Thank you, Dentist. My tooth is bugging the hell out of me right now after getting it filled. Damn novocaine, why did you have to wear off? Anyway, this will be a short one. I think. Let’s dive right in.

Seven Days of… NOTHING! (Insert Readers Gasps Here!) I know right. Who would have guessed that when I said last week I was taking off a few days after completing the Second Draft of Seeing Through the Veil, it would turn out to be the whole week? I certainly didn’t…

Yep, that book is burning to be finished. I had so much fun writing and I am excited to start. However, I am not doing that for at least two more days. I need a break. Let the veil work its way out of my mind and prepare for the new world and magic systems and story. I would like to start by the end of the week, but I may take the whole week. Depends on how I am feeling.

Okay, I did. Oh well. In the long view it’s good I did take the week off. I got my mind free of writing Natalie and Kiana’s voices. I can look forward to writing Emily and Taryn’s voices and the ten other POV characters in the first book. Thankfully, it’s third person instead of first. I need something different at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I love first person POV. However, with so many POV Characters, it’s just easier to do it in the third person. Hopefully, I will get some writing done tonight. All depends on how long this tooth nags me before finally giving into the Ibuprofen.

With no writing completed this week, I think I am going to lay out my goals for the coming weeks. Well, Book 1 of Forbidden Realm is what I am going to write now. With this book, I am going to give myself a soft deadline to complete draft one. Right now, I am aiming for beginning of June, to mid-June. Which means I can extend the deadline twice. I will determine my overall deadline by next week. So look for that in next week’s wrap-up.

I mentioned last week, I am thinking of working on Long Live again. “But Tim, you said you were focusing on developing your Multiverse and then the Gathering series.” I did. However, plans change. I will cover the multiverse in a little bit. For Long Live, I looked over the first part of my outline for Long Live and really need to work on it. One of the problems is the main villain isn’t reveal until the last third of the book. While I do have times where it is revealed what he is doing during the first two-thirds. I am just not sure how well that will work. What I am thinking of doing is looking the villain’s plan and the character. Then bring in my cast of four and figure out their stories and try to interweave the villain’s plan and movements throughout the early book and then have his/her reveal be more like WTF!

I also need to work out the magic systems at play. I know of two, but there could be more. Also, I need to figure out if there are future tails I may want to tell in this world. I have an idea for a series about the discovery of the New World and the formation of America in a fantasy/sci-fi setting. Let’s be honest, it will be fantasy. This world could be perfect to do it. I even drew up a map of this world with a land mass in the south that has no borders, or known inhabitants. Right now, it doesn’t officially exist. However, time will tell. So Long Live is back on the table to develop, here and there. It’s more of a test to see how the development goes and go from there.

The Multiverse is a huge and complex entity. Especially when I add in gods. Which brings me to the Multiverse. I have some interesting ideas for it, but I am come to realize to develop the god’s side of the multiverse, I may actually need to develop a whole different series/multiverse. WHAT! Did I just blow your mind? I know, I felt it. To be honest, I think I even blew a small piece of my own mind, by saying that. Let me explain.

A year ago from this past November, I started a book called the Fall of the God King. It was about two gods at war who took human form to fight. It was supposed to be a prequel kind of, to a larger series of Gods at war over territory. When I originally thought was a series, maybe it’s own multiverse… I just blew your mind again, but not in the way of WOW! That’s Amazing. It’s probably more like, WHAT THE F@*#?! I am confused. Since I started pondering the idea of adding gods at the Multiverse Level, I thought it would be cool to have some multiple dimensions that are unlike anything else. I have planes of existence in my worlds, but Dimensions are more in line with science, sorta.

That’s all I can say about it, without giving away some of my cooler ideas. It’s bugging me right now that I can’t tell you more. Anyway, the point I was getting at is, if I develop this series into other series as a “separate” multiverse, and then when the time comes. Bam! The mirror shattered and you realize that both multiverses are actually one. To do this, I have to treat it like the stuff I already worked on, doesn’t exist. Let things that contradict the happen, you know if I come up with something really cool that would violate the laws of the other multiverse.

I am going ahead like this is something different and see what happens. I think it will be something unique. Beyond that, that’s all I got this week. Check back Friday for Penultimate post in our Sub-Series Military and Law Enforcement. As always, Monday, come back to see how the writing of Pyre is going and if it was an easy transition or a rough one.




Oh, by the way, did anyone notice that more than two goals for the year are crossed off on my Writing Goals for 2017? Check the box to the left….

YES! I surpassed 1.5 million words in completing my second draft. When I get Pyre done, I will be able to add 250,000 words to my total, which is currently at…1,511,868. With 250,000 added to that, I will be at 1,761,868. That’s assuming I hit my 250k word count goal for Pyre (Book one of Forbidden Realm). If I map out Long Live and get that book written this year, I may be able to break 2 million words. Now, that isn’t an official goal, yet!

Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up. Overall this week was pretty good, other than the issues with the craft post not saving. So, let’s dive right in.

First, let’s talk Development. So Friday, I tried to do some development for the multiverse, even came home from work because I forgot my iPad. Eventually went to Starbucks sat down to go through the history of the formation of the Multiverse I had about two years ago. More religious tones to it, but something thing in there I really liked and still do. Sadly, directions change for the overall story, which I didn’t know back then. However, I want to save that work and use as much of it as possible.

I go to open up Scrivener on iOS when it tells me I have an update for iOS. I say click not now and what happens? It updates. With no access to my history I can’t work on it, right? Wrong. I just couldn’t work on what I planned to. Since I am working on a god side of the multiverse, I thought why not work on the creation myth. Now, this myth would be what many people believe the multiverse came into being. There will be different takes on this myth, which I can manipulate as needed. The point was to get the basic structure. I got nothing done. I did come up with ideas for the myth and a direction as well how this myth will actually play out in the large events. I can’t go into details because that will be major spoilers. While I didn’t get much work done on developing much of the god side, I do have a clear direction now. That is more than what I had a few weeks ago so I am excited to see how it will turn out.

Moving on to my writing, I am fourteen days out from my February 12th deadline to finish draft 2.1. I am changing the draft name again. It is draft 2. I have realized in the last few sections I am really writing draft 2 again. What does that mean? Well, I am writing the second half of draft 2 that I never wrote before I went back and reworked the whole beginning of the book. Basically, I am saying is that I will need to make another pass through what I am writing now, at a later time to help shrink it down since I’m back to free writing everything. The only difference is there won’t be a huge struck change when I continue 2.1.

I did meet my goal of writing four days this week. Sadly, there were two good days of writing than three days off and two days of writing that were good but seemed off. Everything flows better when you keep writing day-to-day. Normally, I would aim for five days of writing, but with only fourteen days left, counting today I really need to step it up. I am making progress, but I can’t afford any days off. While my goal this week is to write every day, that is more of a secondary goal. I want to get through two sections. By doing that, I will have roughly less this a quarter of the book left to finish. Maybe even less than a quarter.

I absolutely must hit my deadline. The urge to continue with Pyre, book 1 of Forbidden Realm is constantly chirping in my mind. The only way I will allow this deadline to be moved if something important happens that causes me not to be able to finish it by then. We are talking life or death or other important things in life. No, being sick isn’t going to cut it. However, being sick where I can get out of bed, is understandable up.

That’s all I got, I need to go find some wood to knock on so to prevent from jinxing myself. Check back Friday for our Weekly Craft Post. We are moving from Law Enforcement part of the sub-series into the Military side. I am going to write that post early this week so if there is some issue where I lose it I can write it on Friday and still post it. However, I am going to save it in like five different places so if that happens, I can just copy and paste.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and more importantly a good writing week.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. This post is going to be quick. Before I continue, I need to make a correction to last week’s post. I only wrote two days instead of three. I swear I wrote three but all the evidence says otherwise. Anyway, let’s jump into it.

Let’s start with the multiverse. Got nothing done this week on it. Well, nothing officially was written down. An idea did hit me this weekend to try to scavenge anything from my work in the Multiverse before the change in direction. I have a history of the multiverse that is far more heavy on a religious side than the current stuff. I was going to scrape it, but now with trying to throw as much random stuff to help make this multiverse level conflict as big as possible, it may come in handy. It will be interesting to see and while some of the ideas I had for this section still avoid me, I feel like this gives me a starting point. Sure I will be revamping and molding and adding to make it unique and new, and fit what I already have. I am looking forward to it.

I am also starting to write down stories I will need to tell from either side. Not sure if these stories will be full on novel series or a collection of short stories or just flashbacks in another series. This will be important when I start fleshing the actual main conflict.

Moving on, This week I did write three days. I wrapped up another section of Natalie’s. It was only two chapters consisting of two scenes, but important ones. Big hints at what is going on. Originally, it was revealed here, and I may come back after I finish the draft, to add the reveal back in, but for now, I think I am going to push it further on. I did the first scene of Kiana’s new section. With the reveal in the second to the last chapter of her last section, I want to hold off on dealing with that reveal for a few chapters. I made other promises in her last section that need to be handled first. I am slowly getting closer to the end and action is starting to pick up. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

Final note. Two week’s ago I wrote only two days and this past week three. I want to write every day, but with such a great gap of time off from writing (a month) I want to ease back into. This week, I am aiming for four days. Next week will be five and so on. That is my goal for this week. Write four days. No word count goal, just to write.

That’s all for this week’s wrap-up. Check back on Friday for the next post in our sub-series on Military and Law Enforcement: Limits to Law Enforcement.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Why does the weekend fly by so fast and the five other days of the week seem to slug on by? But the next thing you know it’s Friday night. Well, if that didn’t tell you how my week went, just check when I posted last week’s craft post. Yeah, it was late. Anyway, short post today, so let’s get into it.

First I have accomplished one of my goals for 2017. Actually, two, but one wasn’t posted as a goal in my goals for 2017 post. That one was making sure to paste my goals for the year into the side panel, unlike last year. Well, check. The other was I got my schedule done. Funny, I have ignored it so far since I made it. Well, not complete. It has been more of a reminder to do things. I just haven’t done them at the times I put them at. The schedule still needs some tweaking, like adding in posting Craft Post for Friday. It will be work in progress for the next few weeks as I get the flow going forward.

Speaking of tweaks, I have Development on my calendar twice a week right now, it was on there three times. I finally wrapped up a major event that affects the whole multiverse, and can not start to explore some of the other ideas I have been having. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what they are. I know they will come to me, but it just going to take time. While I will continue to develop in some way during this time. I am not sure how some of these new ideas that have been plaguing me will take to refresh and form.

Now on to the writing element, I think the title of this week’s post should tell you how it went. Yes! I wrote three days and finished the section I have been on for months. That felt good. I was hoping to get the next section done since it is like three short chapters. Nope. However, thinking about it, I glad I didn’t. I feel like I need a break a day or two or three to let my mind refresh on and prepare for the next section. That is my goal this week, to complete the next section and try to get a few chapters in the one after. I will say I am about halfway through the novel by the middle of the section that follows the one I am on. Maybe at the end of that section. Anyway, I want to slowly work my way back into writing every day. So, I am aiming for four to five days this week. We will see how it works.

That’s all I got this week, check back on Friday for the next post in our new sub-series in the massive Worldbuilding series, Military, and Police.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, it has been a long week. I didn’t work that much this week, yet I am tired. My coffee doesn’t seem to be working. That could be due to me only having a little of it so far. This busy week comes with many things, so let’s dive right into them.

Let’s start off the disappointment of the week. I got nothing done on Seeing Through the Veil. Nothing. Didn’t even look at it. Not sure why, or how that happened. I had time. Yet I didn’t. My guess is that playing catch up on Pyre (Book 1 in Forbidden Realm Trilogy) prevented that. It is NaNoWriMo for two more days (not counting today). I realized that I hadn’t touched Veil around Friday and I knew I wasn’t going to get to it. I am going to make time to work on it this week. After Wednesday, I will be able to dedicate time to it.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, that is what I spent my week working on. I am behind by about four thousand words. It’s less than that, but I decided to round up because looking at the number of 46,666 I need to be at today, and where I am. I feel it is closer to 4k than not. I could be wrong, with my coffee not kicking in, my desire to know the actual number of words I need isn’t really there. There something fun about writing the first draft where your Magic Systems are up front from the start. Most of my series are like this, but Seeing Through the Veil isn’t one of them. It will be eventually, at the same time there is a difference. The best part is figuring out how the magic will be used. I know how it will be used, but that is after the characters are powerful. I am not there yet. These characters have limits how to look at it from when they will drain or used up all their magic power supply.

For my Life magic system, I seem to be drawing more from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn at the moment. Since the characters aren’t strong enough or powerful enough to use the energy beyond their bodies. So, I rely on how to make their stats like speed, strength, etc change. Not just that, but since I am dealing with alien races as well, how could an alien race with a specific ability of their race be affected by using life. It’s fun. When this book is finished, I will have to go over what I came up with and streamline how all the magic systems work. Especially together. Of the seven in the series, only three are showcased in book 1.

With National Novel Writing Month wrapping up on Wednesday, I am going to try to get done by tomorrow. Not sure if I will, but I am going to try. It will all depend on how much I wake up in the next few hours. Once I am done with NaNo, I will be spending more time on Seeing Through the Veil. I will continue to write Pyre as I am only in section two, but I will spend less time trying to play catch up to hit a specific word count goal by a certain date. Also, the faster I get through the edits on the veil the more time I will have for Pyre.

That leads me to The Gathering. Nothing new has come up since last week. Mostly because I am at a point in the development trying to do it at work isn’t going to work anymore. I will need to sit down and toss all of my idea on paper and start examining them. I could do this at work, but well it’s work and not working is frowned upon. I am not sure when I will sit down and start to develop further on The Gathering, but it will probably be after I am done with Veil or when I have taken a huge chunk out of the editing on the veil. Or, tomorrow because I am hit with an idea that I just need to get down.

Finally, I have continued to expand the events of the multiverse. What’s the Multiverse? Well boys and girls, according to many scientists, it is possible our universe isn’t the only universe out there. Under the many-worlds theory, in one world, you are Batman. Okay, enough with that. The multiverse is where all my stories take place in. There events behind the scenes of all my stories that come together in a much larger story. I have been slowly mapping out events. I wrote a huge chunk on Friday. Surprisingly, I found a character who was a good guy who actually is a villain. Now I am finding I like the idea of multiple villains. Think of this way, you have one character who is THE VILLAIN, the comes along another guy is a villain and same thing happens again so you have three villains. Twist, one of the villains turns out to be THE VILLAIN instead of the first villain who it was believed. Not sure if that will happen, I am still developing but it would be fun to do.

Think of this way, you have one character who is THE VILLAIN, the comes along another guy is a villain and same thing happens again so you have three villains. Twist, one of the villains turns out to be THE VILLAIN instead of the first villain who it was believed. Not sure if that will happen, I am still developing but it would be fun to do. It seems like I am doing these developments every few weeks. You know, after the brain has had some time to meld on what has already come before it and figure out where it is going. Time will tell how this is going to turn out.

That’s all for this week. Checkback on Thursday for a wrap-up of NaNoWriMo, and my thoughts and experience of it. Friday we are on a new sub-series in our on going Worldbuilding Series. Governments, yeah fun topic, especially what is going on right now. Check back next week to see how everything going writing wise. Until then keep writing. For those who are participating in NaNoWriMo, you’re almost there. Keep it up.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I know I am behind on this past Friday’s Craft post. It will be posted later today. Thanks to a friend quitting his job, I got more hours this week. A lot more hours. Thanks to those hours I lost track of the days. Next thing I know its Friday morning and I am like oh yeah a craft post. So it’s coming.

This week in writing, not much happened. All those extra hours drained me mentally and I didn’t want to write much near the end of the week. I got some words down for Pyre (Forbidden Realm Book 1). I also did some editing in Seeing Through the Veil. Not nearly what I planned to do. Let’s take this in pieces first Seeing Through the Veil.

I got one chapter edited. It was good, but nothing huge. I am still several scenes from finishing the section. With this week I only have to work one other day, I am going to make sure I finish the section. And at least one scene in the next section. At the rate I am going, I am not going to get this draft done by December 31st. It looks more like January. I hope not, but based on how much left I have to edit and the new scenes I need to add. It’s looking like nearly two more months of editing. Time will tell.

Pyre and NaNoWriMo are going okay. I was on track with each day’s word count and now I am far behind. Part of the reason is from work and not having the mental function to write more than a few hundred words. Sunday I didn’t write any. The other part of the problem is I am writing a different POV character now and working on a whole new Magic system. While I know how it works, I am struggling with she is capable at the level she is. I know what she will be able to do later on, but in the beginning of the book. I don’t want her to be too strong and be able to do too much. Though I have thought about tying in some clues for later so we will see.

Finally, I am making some headway on The Gathering. I figured out a key part of the overall Magic System today. By doing that, I figured out that I may not be going forward as this series being two trilogies. Instead, it would be a Cycle. (Four books, think Inheritance Cycle.) If I go ahead with this change a lot of my old notes go by the waste side. However, I like the idea of doing four books. I don’t want all my series to be able to be broken down into a trilogy or two trilogies. I like the idea of having a series that has four, five, seven books in it instead of something that fits perfectly into the three act structure. For those who don’t know. I hate it. Not saying it isn’t a good thing, I just ignore when I write.

That’s all for today. The craft post will be up later today. Not sure when. I have some research to do before I can write it. Hopefully before noon, but it might not be up until late this evening. For those taking part in NaNoWriMo keep writing. Those who aren’t same to you. Me, it’s one in the morning. I am going to bed.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, today ends week 2 of NaNoWriMo. Day 15 is tomorrow. Wednesday there will be only 15 days left. I have a special post planned for Wednesday on that. With that, let’s jump right into everything.

I am going to start with the bad part of the week. No, I’m not talking about the results of the Presidental Election. I am talking about draft 2.1. I got some work done on it this week, but nowhere close to what I would have liked. It turns out that writing two different stories at the same time for the first is actually easier than writing a story and editing a different at the same time. Can’t tell you how many times on Seeing Through the Veil and Forbidden Realm Book 1 Pyre I have reversed the POV. I used the third person on the veil and present tense on pyre. I quickly catch myself, but it is frustrating. Good news is I am very close to closing out the section. It is getting better, but struggling solely trying to write two very different things.

Good news is I am very close to closing out the section. It is getting better, but struggling solely trying to write two very different things. My goal for Seeing Through the Veil is to close out the section I am working on. Possibly the section after since it is a shorter section as well. The section I am on is more important right now than the one that follows. Moving on.

Pyre is coming along well. After today, I will hit the 23333 words needed to be done stay on track to finish by November 30th. As things are going right now, it shouldn’t be a long sprint at the end to win. Unlike it usually is. I think the reason is that I am more prepared for this story than other in the past that I have just concocted last minute for NaNo. Also, having spent a good portion of the last year writing has also helped. It is true the more you write the easier it gets. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be bad days or times when it gets hard.

I am about to close out my first section, probably tomorrow. That will make the first section about 25k. Since my overall word count for this book is 250k, that’s not bad. However, I still have another major POV character to introduce so this draft might end up being closer to 300 to 325k by the time I am done. I am not worried about word count on this book. This trilogy is meant to be an epic-length so 300k fits that. Of course, editing will cut that down, but that is way in the future. I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, I am sitting down and starting to work on the magic systems of the Gathering. This will be the next series I develop. Or like every series so far redevelop. I made some great progress working on the magic systems for this series. Looking back at my original ideas for the magic in this trilogy and what I changed it to when I started to revamp the first time. Very different, but the same. Having read more fantasy and study on magic systems, I am far better prepared to do work on the eight magic systems in this series.

Some might think I am falling into the trap of too many magic systems in a story. Yes, I could be, but I also know the story and it requires that many. The key is to not overload the readers with all of them at once. The story is looking to be about six books right now. The first trilogy is focused on six of the eight which you slowly learn about all them throughout the books. The second trilogy is about the final two of the eight. I am still in the early stages of development, so all this could change. Highly unlikely, though.

I will say this in closing, Seeing Through the Veil, Forbidden Realm, and The Gathering have all been series I have started years ago and reworking. When I am done with developing the Gathering, it may be time to develop another series from scratch. Time will tell, but we will see.

That’s all I got today. Remember to check back on Wednesday for our special Half Way Point NaNoWriMo post. Friday will be the final post in our Economics post after I added a post to the sub-series. I hope everyone out there is doing well writing. For those who are participating in NaNoWriMo, keep it up.