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Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. It was an interesting week, for me and I met one of my goals for last week. Let’s dive right in.

Let’s start with Development first for a change. This was the goal I meet last week. I wanted to have at least two days of Development for Long Live and my Superhero Epic web series. I got two days, but only my superhero epic was worked on this week. I was able to get through part 3 of the outline I had and collect the bullets that I want to keep and not keep. I kept pretty much every bullet, the ones I didn’t, were merged into others. I even wrote down ideas for flashbacks to help flesh out important the main protagonist turned antagonist turned protagonist. There are many relationships with a few girls who are important to what is going on.

I do want to talk about his origins in this story without being locked into the restricting nature of stories that origins stories have. By the time we meet Cade (that’s his superhero name) he has gone through a lot. I feel it is important that we see how Cade is influenced leading to the events of this story. I am not sure if it will be several flashbacks told throughout the whole story or if I will use it as an arch of the overall story.

If you want to know what I am talking about. Well, you can check out Worm (The link takes you to the table of contents) a web serial. This where I got the idea to do this as a web series. You can see that the story is broken up into arcs. I will be doing something similar. I can’t say it will be 30 arcs and an epilogue. The story will be as long as I feel it needs. Before I go any further, I do plan on having this be the start of my own superhero universe. How many stories will take place in it, I don’t know. I have at least three other stories in mind, plus ideas for a few others. Time will tell.

My next step for this story is now to start breaking up the story into arcs. I know the first part needs more than it is to make the events be what I want. Once I have my arc’s done, it will be developing a scene list for the first two arc’s maybe even the first three.

Moving on to Writing, I wrote four days in a row. But one of those days doesn’t count. What!? I wrote Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Sunday doesn’t count as that was part of the week before. So I didn’t meet my goal of writing four days. I will say it was very fun and easier to write as the week went on. Wednesday was probably the easiest to write. However, I hit another stumbling spot that caused me to stop. I could have continued writing Thursday, as what has me thinking is not my next scene. It’s how I end the section I am in. There is no real conflict. I reveal two people who Taryn is trying to find out and that they leave. She doesn’t get to confront them or even try to stop them.

That comes in Taryn’s next section. So, I am working through if I should move the first few scenes of that section to my current section. I believe it is section three. That way the section will end with some action in a section that is very emotional. I am leaning towards it, but haven fully decided. I will truly make that decision when I get to the last current scene of section three (or whatever number section I am actually on).

I have to say I am feeling a little guilty. This past week I started learning Swift 3. If you don’t know what that is, it is the programming language used in all MacOS and iOS apps. I found the course on Udemy for $10. I have been looking for a class that is actually current not out of date by the time I get the class. Anyway, the instructor says to learn it you need to code every day. So I have, yet I should be writing every day, but I am not. So I feel guilty.

That leads me to this week’s goals.

Weekly Goals:


  • Write four days this week ($30 fine if not achieved)
    • Write five days this week ($30 spending reward)


  • Develop three days this week
    • Two of those days are on Long Live

There you have it. You have my goals for the week. Once I have my arc’s done for Warlord of New York City, I am going be posting a writing schedule. I have decided while writing this post, that I am going to be writing the next two books of the Veil Trilogy and all three books of Forbidden Realm. They won’t be back to back. Long Live will be placed in there somewhere, as will other arcs for Warlord of New York City. That is something you can look forward to.

That’s all for this week. Check back on Saturday, for the next post in our last sub-series in our year long Worldbuilding series.

Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up, before I get to the details of my very productive week that I posted a preview of yesterday. Sorry about the whole confusion of the Craft Post. I schedule the craft post to post on minute after midnight. When I get them done earlier in the week. It didn’t even catch my eye that it didn’t post when I posted last week’s wrap-up. Well, Last week’s post is up and I’ll continue with it this week. On to the wrap-up.

If you haven’t read my preview post, then you don’t know that after two days of labor I have not only cracked the story for book two of my longest developing series ever, fourteen years. I completed its scenes list that consists of a hundred and ninety-seven scenes. Yep. I mentioned last weeks post I may try to set a day aside to see if I could crack the story. I had ideas in my head, but nothing really locked. Well, I can’t say that I knew how the book was going to end and a rough idea of a few scenes that all made it onto the list. I just didn’t know how to go about it.

This series was to be two trilogies, but not anymore. When I sat down I was going to see if I could figure out a way to make the story fit into three books even if they were an epic length. Originally, when I tried this back in December and January I couldn’t there were too many old ideas I was still holding onto. Now, I can. It was very easy really. Ironically, the story is the same story it was years ago when I locked the plot. This before I decide to make the sequel series I as thinking about was part of the overall story.

I added two more series to tell this story. This was when I was still developing as an Anime/Manage series. The story I locked wasn’t missing the final piece. I have it now and while I was going to start developing ideas for the third book yesterday, I decided not to due to work. Oh, and lack of sleep. I finished the scene list at 3am yesterday morning. I am going to try to crank out the bullets for the book today.

This all would have been done Friday, but my iMac has been lagging lately so I decide to delete it and install a clean copy of OS X. That took all day. I got nothing done. Oh well. As for the rest of my week, I got a lot of revisions done. I am up to 13k in words cut, but that is without taking into account for diary entries at the start of each chapter.  Wednesday was the most productive day I had and it is why I was able to focus all Thursday on Forbidden Realm. I will be back to revisions today as I need to get this done. I am not going to hit June’s deadline to get it done, especially not with how many hours I am going to be working the next two weeks.

I completed writing on my short story, which is up to 8k now. I am not sure how much longer is going to be but I think it could end up being anywhere from 10-15k before I am done and then there is editing to get it down. Not to mention revisions. I like, it but I am not sure how good it is. Time will tell. That’s all for this week. There will be a new Craft Post this Friday, not one that didn’t post when it should have. Also, I will try to get a repost of another writing article. Other than that, I hope everyone had a good weekend and their writing is going well.