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Welcome to the start of a brand new Craft Post Series on First Drafts. We will be going doing five different sub-series in this series. You can find all the series and the breakdown on the posts in each sub-series on the First Draft Link. Today will be talking about Tips for Getting Ready to write your first draft.

My first tip is something that applies to all first drafts. Learn from each first draft you write. I remember the general details of all my first drafts and how they went. From difficulties to the great things. Take notes after you complete your first draft on where you struggled and what worked. The main thing is to try to figure out why things worked well and why the things were hard. Taking notes why you are writing the draft can help with this. After you have written a few first drafts start to try to see if you are having the same difficulties or strengths.

Next is more of a personal choice, but I recommend knowing your ending. This doesn’t mean you have to know everything about it just a bullet. The basic ideas. For those who are more organic, writing styles have an idea for it, and you can change it as you are writing. My point is having something to work towards, but let the story flow and take the turns that come even if it goes away from your idea for the end. If you go in a new direction try to see what that may be leading to. It could a way of working towards and find the next bump.

Next tip is to find a time to start your writing. A lot of published authors suggest finding your time where you can write every day.

I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp. ― W. Somerset Maugham

This doesn’t work for everyone because not everyone can write at a specific time each day due to work and other commitments. I recommend picking a time for the first day of writing the first draft.

Another tip is to get a good night sleep before you start. Having enough sleep the night before will help you think and let ideas flow easier. Days when I got little sleep and write the next day I barely get many words out and if I do get a lot of words out they are crap.

Remember, first drafts are always crap and don’t try to make it perfect. I have tried too many times to make the first few chapters really good instead of just trying to write and get the story.

Finally, my last tip is just to get the draft written. You want to get to the end. Take notes on things you want to change as you write, it will help with the next draft, but your focus needs to be on getting it done.

That’s all I got, there are more tips but this is based on my experience. You can google for more tips if you want more thoughts. This is the first post in the new series, so check back next week for our discussion on First Lines.  Check back on Monday for Weekly Writing Wrap-ups.