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Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I am posting late, I know. Yesterday was a long day, as was last week. Let’s get right to it.

Writing Goals: Write 4 Days and write 3500 words. The Stretch goals were: Write 6 Days (3 hours of PS4 Playtime) and for every 500 words beyond 350. (30 min additional PS4 Playtime reward). Development goals: Spend two days Developing, Spend at least one day on Superhero Epic, and Read a few pages from Secret Wars. The Stretch goals were: An extra day of development (1 hour of PS4 Playtime for each day), Write three character motivations for Superhero Epic (4 hours of PS4 Playtimes) and Finish Long Live Arcs for the whole book (10 hours of PS4 Playtime).

How did I do this past week? Well, a lot better than I thought. I spent two days of developing, got one character motivation done for my Superhero Epic, and Read from Secret Wars. So, that’s a check on the Development goals. Writing, not so much. Nothing, Diddly Squat, I got nothing Jack. I am not happy about this. We will get to Writing in a second, but I thought for sure I was going have no goals accomplished this past week. Glad to see I did, just not the ones that I really needed to accomplish.

Let’s talk writing. It is so easy to think, I’ll take today off and write tomorrow. Now, this isn’t a bad thing especially when you realize you just can mentally do what is needed from either fatigue or stress or just have a lot to do that day. However, when you say I’ll write tomorrow, you don’t know issues you are going to have tomorrow. That’s what happened this week. Monday, I was tired. Not much sleep. I said sure I’ll write tomorrow and really be sure to hit it. Then Tuesday came and besides oversleeping and then having no time to do anything but eat, drink the coffee and then leave to go work out. That night you get back from work and you’re tired.

That was my week. From being tired to just not sure what I wanted to do and when. Thanks to that, I did nothing all week writing wise. I got my Development out of the way early last week and coasted. This is where someone says that is why you have fines. To be honest, the whole fine’s thing I don’t think is working. I am not getting rid of it just yet. I think I need to find a balance. There are no rewards for accomplishing my goals only fines if I don’t. It’s the stretch goals that I get rewards. I may try a combo of them. Also, they need to be there only when I am not doing what I need to do.

What do I mean you ask? Simple, if I am doing well accomplishing the goals, the fines and rewards don’t need t be attached. If I am not like, this past week, then I need to have them. Maybe I should have rewards going, but only add the fines back only when I have a period like I have been having. It will be a trial and error I think. This week, I am going to put fines on only writing, but not everything. We will get to that. Since I have nothing else to talk about writing, time to move over to Development.

Development went well. I spent a day transferring arcs of Long Live from the notebook to Scrivener. I got behind on this and need to keep doing this. It is helpful reviewing what I have already written down. It is a nice refresher. As for the arcs for Long Live, I am about to finish the last part of Outline 2. I started it Friday but got sidetracked when I realized how tired I was after work, at 2:30 in the afternoon. There was a reason why I slept to 10:30 on Saturday and I wasn’t too happy about that.

Back on topic. I am finally going to be getting to a heart of the story, the really cool part of the story. Not that everything that has happened so far hasn’t been interesting. I just really like the events that happen on Outline 3 a lot. The biggest challenge going forward even after the arcs are complete is that the scene’s list I need to remember to foreshadow what is possible in the later half of the book vs. the not so much in the first half.

Moving to my Superhero Epic, this is tough. Trying to write out the main character’s motivation wasn’t easy. I clearly don’t know him as well as I thought. That will come. Part of it is that I am spending most of my time on Long Live. When I get to a point in that story where I don’t need to really focus as much I will be able to spend more time on this story. It really comes down to that. The first vol. or chapter in the Prelude to Secret Wars was good. Doom kills the Beyonder back during the original Secret Wars and then appears before all the heroes. That’s as far as I got. I look forward to reading more, though the art style is in the style of that story instead of a more modern day art style, which I prefer. I know I will get there. Gotta be patient. I do think

The first vol. or chapter in the Prelude to Secret Wars was good. Doom kills the Beyonder back during the original Secret Wars and then appears before all the heroes. That’s as far as I got. I look forward to reading more, though the art style is in the style of that story instead of a more modern day art style, which I prefer. I know I will get there. Gotta be patient. I do think reading some comics will help with the overall story development.

Before I move onto my goals for the week, I happy to say a huge project that is purely a pleasure of mine is over. What is it? I had to rebuild a database for a game I play. It is simulation game that you can create your own style, to say the least. I was playing it when my VMWare Fusion that allows me to run Windows on my iMac crapped out. I was forced to force quit and due to that, the game save was corrupted. Normally there is back up. I did it first thing when I woke up and replaced the database with the game save backup and lost everything. So, I had to rebuild everything. It simple, the game allows you to do this before starting a new game. I have been doing that the last two weeks and it has been very distracting.

Now that I can play again, and made some changes so I don’t have so much to do in the game I can focus. Besides only allowing myself to play on Monday, Friday and the weekends only after I have accomplished parts of my goals, should stop me from being not so productive. Time will tell, but I am sticking to this or I am going to have to give that game up for a while, which I don’t want to do. We shall see.

Writing Goals:

  • Write 3 Days (Fine$75. Reward 3 hours of PS4 Playtime)
  • 3500 wordcount

Stretch Goals:

  • Write 5 Days (4 hours of PS4 playtime)
  •  Every 500 words beyond 3500. (30 min additional PS4 Playtime reward)

Development Goals:

  • Spend two days developing. (Reward 1 hour of Ps4 Playtime)
  • Spend at least one day on Superhero epic ($20 Spending Reward)
  • Read a few pages from Secret Wars

Stretch Goals:

  • An extra day of developing (1 hour of Ps4 Playtime for each day.)
  • Write three character motivations from Superhero Epic (4 hours of PS4 Playtime)
  • Finish Long Live Arcs for the whole book (10 hours PS4 Playtime Reward)

Note: Playtime is for the week or one really awesome day.

No fines for anything but making sure I write three days. Yes, the fine is high this week. That is to ensure I do it. There will be no reason to cut the fine this week, okay not true. Anything beyond a family emergency or hospitalization or a near death experience. That’s all I got this week. Check back on Friday for the next post in our new series on First Drafts.

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I was so hoping that this week’s title would be Done! However, it isn’t. I’ll admit, the week didn’t start out that well. I’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s dive into Development first.

I got squat! That was easy. Next!

Okay, just kidding. I didn’t do any development this week. Seeing Through the Veil was more important. I have thought about it and this morning while I was alone for two and a half hours at work from, I thought about the Multiverse as a whole. I am working on the god’s side of the creation of the multiverse, but this morning I thought about everything. One thing I am struggling is not to do take the creation of multiverse from the “practical” side and just make a religious version of it. I want something different. Dealing with gods is making it hard from a practical mind frame. I have some new ideas, but they are going to stew while I finish through Seeing Through the Veil.

Now let’s talk writing. I was all determined to meet this deadline. I wasn’t sure if I wrote every day, I would be able to. I was going to do my best. Then I didn’t write a damn word last Monday. Smack! Back Tim! It was not good, Tuesday I sat down and wrote, Wednesday, same thing. Thursday I called out of work due to a huge storm and that helped. Friday… I planned on writing. Yes, I know. I called off last week’s craft post to have time to work on writing and I didn’t write on Friday.

That drove me Saturday and Sunday to write. Most of those days I was furious with myself thinking if only if I wrote Friday I would make my deadline. When I set down my pen…keyboard yesterday I knew if I wrote Friday I still wouldn’t have made the deadline. That help a little. If I knew I would have finished, I would be smacking my head against something hard. Not making the deadline, means one thing for this week. WRITE UNTIL IT’S DONE! I have 21 scenes left and if I write like I did last week, I will get it done before the weekend. That’s what I am going to do.

Oh, wondering if I wrote last Monday if I would have made it. I thought about that as I started writing this post. The answer is no. I was so tired from work and working out if I did write, it would have been one maybe two scenes. Not enough to make a dent. I would have had to write twenty scenes Friday and that wasn’t going to happen.

Moving to my last thought. I started thinking of deadlines this week. I usually give myself a hard deadline for all drafts. If I learned anything from Seeing Through the Veil, it is I need to change how I do this. While I need a deadline, I am not so sure a hard one works for the first draft. I changed it so many times last year that it’s not funny. So, I am going with more of a time range. Instead of a date, I will have a range of months I want to finish by. For example, when I pick up Pyre Book 1 of Forbidden Realm, I will have a date I want to finish by, most like June. However, if I don’t finish until August that’s fine. The goal is to finish somewhere between June and August. (By no means this my actual target for that book. Just an example.

For example, when I pick up Pyre Book 1 of Forbidden Realm, I will have a date I want to finish by, most like June. However, if I don’t finish until August that’s fine. The goal is to finish somewhere between June and August. (By no means this my actual target for that book. Just an example. This will give me more freedom in my writing, in case something are randomly thrown in my life, like moving across the country for two months and the moving back. It will be the second draft I will give myself a hard date, but with an additional push back date. I only get one of these and I will have to pick it wisely because if I don’t finish by that date, money is coming out of my pocket. Now, I am considering an emergency push back, but I have a feeling I may justify using it when no real emergency happened. Who knows what I am going to do. I am starting to think about it now.

That’s all for this week. I will make up the missed craft post once Seeing Through the Veil is completed. That does mean, I might skip this week, but hopefully, I will be done by Friday.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. This post is going to be quick. Before I continue, I need to make a correction to last week’s post. I only wrote two days instead of three. I swear I wrote three but all the evidence says otherwise. Anyway, let’s jump into it.

Let’s start with the multiverse. Got nothing done this week on it. Well, nothing officially was written down. An idea did hit me this weekend to try to scavenge anything from my work in the Multiverse before the change in direction. I have a history of the multiverse that is far more heavy on a religious side than the current stuff. I was going to scrape it, but now with trying to throw as much random stuff to help make this multiverse level conflict as big as possible, it may come in handy. It will be interesting to see and while some of the ideas I had for this section still avoid me, I feel like this gives me a starting point. Sure I will be revamping and molding and adding to make it unique and new, and fit what I already have. I am looking forward to it.

I am also starting to write down stories I will need to tell from either side. Not sure if these stories will be full on novel series or a collection of short stories or just flashbacks in another series. This will be important when I start fleshing the actual main conflict.

Moving on, This week I did write three days. I wrapped up another section of Natalie’s. It was only two chapters consisting of two scenes, but important ones. Big hints at what is going on. Originally, it was revealed here, and I may come back after I finish the draft, to add the reveal back in, but for now, I think I am going to push it further on. I did the first scene of Kiana’s new section. With the reveal in the second to the last chapter of her last section, I want to hold off on dealing with that reveal for a few chapters. I made other promises in her last section that need to be handled first. I am slowly getting closer to the end and action is starting to pick up. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

Final note. Two week’s ago I wrote only two days and this past week three. I want to write every day, but with such a great gap of time off from writing (a month) I want to ease back into. This week, I am aiming for four days. Next week will be five and so on. That is my goal for this week. Write four days. No word count goal, just to write.

That’s all for this week’s wrap-up. Check back on Friday for the next post in our sub-series on Military and Law Enforcement: Limits to Law Enforcement.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, the second to last one of 2016. I wasn’t going to post one today, as I got jack done this week. Part of it was from work, other was a nice distraction I bought myself on Friday. So to say this post will be short. There really is only two things I want to talk about: Seeing Through the Veil and Development.

Let’s get Seeing through the Veil out of the way since it is the shorter part. I am considering until I get 2/3 of the second draft done, I will be focusing my writing time that I have on this draft. As much as I love Forbidden Realm, I just don’t have time to work on both. While it is my goal ultimately to be b writing a new book while editing another a developing a new on all at the same time. Working just doesn’t allow me to do this. Yet! Once I get further into my new schedule of work, and not bone tired after I get done each day, I should and will be able to come up with a better schedule where I can do at least part of this. Maybe I edit one day and write something new the next. Who knows. I haven’t completely decided to do this, but it is every strong possibility I will. I am going to give it a try this week to see how it goes.

Okay, now that I got Seeing through the Veil out of the way, my last piece I want to cover is development. I purposely left out what I am developing. If you’re new, I have many series in the works and several are more of revamping than developing for the first time. Seeing Through the Veil was my first novel I ever wrote back in 2005. Pyre book 1 of Forbidden Realm Trilogy is part of my longest developing project ever. A project I started back in 2000. The Gathering is probably my fifth longest developing project, I came up with the idea back in 2009? Hold on, let me go check when Disney Channel’s TV movie of the Wizards of Waverly Place came out…

Yep, 2009. Yes, I got the original idea after watching that movie. No, it is nothing like that show. Just took a concept from the movie and making it my own. Moving on. I started to develop The Gathering again, from the ground up and breaking down what I already have to rework and completely ignore and make new. That makes sense right? Well, it does to me. I made progress on this, but I have seemed to hit a blockade. After realizing this is not a trilogy but a Cycle (Four books, see Inheritance Cycle. You know the one with dragon riders.) Not to go into the new direction, I have no clue or idea for three of the four books other than the base idea. This isn’t a bad thing, it will come to me. It just seems to come at a time where ideas a flowing just not for this series.

That brings me to the other series I am developing. It was more of a background development. I sit down every now and then to work on little pieces. It is my Narthex/Cosmaverse/Vensania/Cluster or my multiverse.
img_0394 img_0395 This is the notebook I am writing out everything in. I should say figuring it out, as just because I write it in here doesn’t mean it is how it is going to work. Actually, the first 12 pages are old ideas that have now been reworked. However, one page actually got reorganized with all the same information, just a little different. However, thanks to this I was able to discover the direction. Back on topic.

The ideas for what I am currently calling my Cluster in my Multiverse has been really working in the background. As Brandon Sanderson likes to call the story going on in the cosmere behind the scenes, this is my “Master Plan”. I would love to know the story going on in the background before I get too many books developed. I am not too worried about it I know that my brain is working out the pieces to have things already developed work without having to change things. Actually, it is because of the way the Veil series has been revamped and another series that will pop up down the line have developed is the reason why for the change of the direction. That tells me that my old ideas for my multiverse were good, but not how they were supposed to be.

Yes, I do believe my mind knows exactly how the story of the Cluster is and how all my storyworlds will work in it. They will either have a major role or a minor role or both. No I don’t see it as divine providence, but yes I do see it as there is the only way it will work and my subconscious mind has yet to let me in on everything. It is possible this is because it hasn’t completely figured out how it will all work together. I know that sounds like a giant paradox. Let me put it another way. My subconscious knows the story, it maybe still working on how it all works together. Yeah, that’s far better way of putting it. It’s that or my subconscious has it all figured out and is just revealing it to me in pieces. Either way I am good.

Okay, this post is far longer then I thought it would be. To get to my point, I am going to take a break from the Gathering and work more on my Cluster story (god, I hope I can come up with a better name for this multiverse than cluster, it just fits very well with what I know about the story now. )

Wow, that was alot. That’s all I got today. No Craft post for the next two weeks. Check back next Monday for my Year in Review post and the first Writing Wrap-up of 2017 in two weeks where I will post my new goals for the year.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, it has been a long week. I didn’t work that much this week, yet I am tired. My coffee doesn’t seem to be working. That could be due to me only having a little of it so far. This busy week comes with many things, so let’s dive right into them.

Let’s start off the disappointment of the week. I got nothing done on Seeing Through the Veil. Nothing. Didn’t even look at it. Not sure why, or how that happened. I had time. Yet I didn’t. My guess is that playing catch up on Pyre (Book 1 in Forbidden Realm Trilogy) prevented that. It is NaNoWriMo for two more days (not counting today). I realized that I hadn’t touched Veil around Friday and I knew I wasn’t going to get to it. I am going to make time to work on it this week. After Wednesday, I will be able to dedicate time to it.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, that is what I spent my week working on. I am behind by about four thousand words. It’s less than that, but I decided to round up because looking at the number of 46,666 I need to be at today, and where I am. I feel it is closer to 4k than not. I could be wrong, with my coffee not kicking in, my desire to know the actual number of words I need isn’t really there. There something fun about writing the first draft where your Magic Systems are up front from the start. Most of my series are like this, but Seeing Through the Veil isn’t one of them. It will be eventually, at the same time there is a difference. The best part is figuring out how the magic will be used. I know how it will be used, but that is after the characters are powerful. I am not there yet. These characters have limits how to look at it from when they will drain or used up all their magic power supply.

For my Life magic system, I seem to be drawing more from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn at the moment. Since the characters aren’t strong enough or powerful enough to use the energy beyond their bodies. So, I rely on how to make their stats like speed, strength, etc change. Not just that, but since I am dealing with alien races as well, how could an alien race with a specific ability of their race be affected by using life. It’s fun. When this book is finished, I will have to go over what I came up with and streamline how all the magic systems work. Especially together. Of the seven in the series, only three are showcased in book 1.

With National Novel Writing Month wrapping up on Wednesday, I am going to try to get done by tomorrow. Not sure if I will, but I am going to try. It will all depend on how much I wake up in the next few hours. Once I am done with NaNo, I will be spending more time on Seeing Through the Veil. I will continue to write Pyre as I am only in section two, but I will spend less time trying to play catch up to hit a specific word count goal by a certain date. Also, the faster I get through the edits on the veil the more time I will have for Pyre.

That leads me to The Gathering. Nothing new has come up since last week. Mostly because I am at a point in the development trying to do it at work isn’t going to work anymore. I will need to sit down and toss all of my idea on paper and start examining them. I could do this at work, but well it’s work and not working is frowned upon. I am not sure when I will sit down and start to develop further on The Gathering, but it will probably be after I am done with Veil or when I have taken a huge chunk out of the editing on the veil. Or, tomorrow because I am hit with an idea that I just need to get down.

Finally, I have continued to expand the events of the multiverse. What’s the Multiverse? Well boys and girls, according to many scientists, it is possible our universe isn’t the only universe out there. Under the many-worlds theory, in one world, you are Batman. Okay, enough with that. The multiverse is where all my stories take place in. There events behind the scenes of all my stories that come together in a much larger story. I have been slowly mapping out events. I wrote a huge chunk on Friday. Surprisingly, I found a character who was a good guy who actually is a villain. Now I am finding I like the idea of multiple villains. Think of this way, you have one character who is THE VILLAIN, the comes along another guy is a villain and same thing happens again so you have three villains. Twist, one of the villains turns out to be THE VILLAIN instead of the first villain who it was believed. Not sure if that will happen, I am still developing but it would be fun to do.

Think of this way, you have one character who is THE VILLAIN, the comes along another guy is a villain and same thing happens again so you have three villains. Twist, one of the villains turns out to be THE VILLAIN instead of the first villain who it was believed. Not sure if that will happen, I am still developing but it would be fun to do. It seems like I am doing these developments every few weeks. You know, after the brain has had some time to meld on what has already come before it and figure out where it is going. Time will tell how this is going to turn out.

That’s all for this week. Checkback on Thursday for a wrap-up of NaNoWriMo, and my thoughts and experience of it. Friday we are on a new sub-series in our on going Worldbuilding Series. Governments, yeah fun topic, especially what is going on right now. Check back next week to see how everything going writing wise. Until then keep writing. For those who are participating in NaNoWriMo, you’re almost there. Keep it up.