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Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-Up. I don’t have much time so this will be short so let’s dive right in.

Starting with Writing, I hit my four days of writing goal. Unfortunately, I didn’t hit five. I could have, but I got distracted Friday on something I am I need to figure out eventually. Time. Yes, how time will work in futuristic sci-fantasy Forbidden Realm Trilogy. Mostly dating purposes. I got wrapped up in trying to figure this out that I didn’t write. Oh well. I think I figured it out. I came across something called UNIX Time. It a time stamp based on how many seconds have passed since January 1st, 1970. I will use this with some tweaks, but the date will be at an important time in my world.

As for writing, it was not easy this week. I didn’t get started until Wednesday and I wrote small chunks of two hundred, five hundred words. Thankfully, Sunday I got 1200 words written. Why was that? I wasn’t feeling good this past week. Also, the scene was another hard scene to write. It was important to the plot but just not easy. Thankfully, I got through that scene and onto what should be easier scenes to write.

Last week I talked about how this section ends with no real conflict, but the conflict happens at the start of the next section for Taryn. Well, I going to add it to this section so I can see how I feel. With only two scenes left, I may leave it alone and depend on how I feel the last scene as it now goes.

Breaking News, I feel like I don’t know all my characters like I should. I don’t know all of this goals or wants. Developing Long Live has really taught me more about characters. I have a stronger grasp on those characters then I do of these characters. Well, not Taryn and Emily. I know them well. It is all the other cast I don’t know anything about, really. My immediate thought is to stop and fix this. However, I am not going to do that. I am going to finish this book and write book 2 and 3. Why?

Well, I need material to write while I develop my multiverse. Second, several key characters don’t show up in the original take on this story, which I still plan to tell. I need to develop them. Since I want to try new ways of writing, I am going to use Brandon Sanderson way. He discovery writes his characters. Yep. While he outlines his story and arcs for his characters he discovers the characters in the first draft. He will try different things in the first few chapters. He is willing to go back and fix things in the early chapters once he grasps the characters. That’s what I am going to do.

Also, I don’t plan on releasing this trilogy anytime soon. More on that in the development.

As for Development this week, I didn’t hit my three days of developing. I got only two days in. Long Live got two days, but really that first day I only posted character arcs for part one into my Scrivener file. Sunday, I got some developing done on both Long Live and my Superhero Epic. Let’s start with Long Live.

Originally I thought this book was going to have three sections made up of three parts each. I know, I was following the three act structure, which I hate. Why? I hate structure. I do well in it, but I hate it. Also, I have read books that you can clearly see they used that structure. I could predict when something was going to happen. Not what would happen, but roughly how many pages. I don’t like it.

Thankfully, that’s not going to work. I broke down section two and got several more sections to cover the events that happen. Now, I can’t say for sure that will be when I am done with the outline and scene list. It is just how it is now. I still mapping things out. Back to what I was getting to. Seeing this, I realize just how not fleshed out my ideas for my middle of this book were when the outline was written. Certain ideas will be wrapped up quicker then I sure I thought they would be, and others that need more brainstorming to make them be as strong as they can.

I got my two main characters four parts of section 2 done. Just like for section one, I will go through all the important characters for that section and map their arc. Something tells me I should map the arc of the characters for the whole book first, but I like doing it this way and then I can do the long version. I mean I already did this when I figured out all the characters motives. For now, I am going to do it by section.

Moving to my Superhero Epic, I started to work on the arcs. I got through two done. This one is hard as well because there is a lot that wasn’t thought out during the outlining of this story either. My thoughts on this are both of these outlines (for Long Live and City at Siege) were done around the same time. Or reworked around same time period. I knew a lot about story and plotting, but it was under the same mind frame was to get it done as fast as you can and not think through it. Now that I have been focusing on the writing part more over the last two years, I can see I need to spend more time thinking about this stuff when I develop future series.

I will because back then I wasn’t doing the scene list which forced me to fill in the gaps between bullets ahead of time. When I was doing a blow by blow bullet outlines it left for now freedom in the writing process, which I need. However, a summary of the scene allows for it. and forces me to think through events. If I did this back when I wrote the outlines for Long Live and City at Siege (Superhero Epic) I would see that I needed more. Maybe in a book format, the outline for City at Siege would have worked, but not for the Web Series.

Lastly, I mentioned above I have plans for publishing Forbidden Realm Trilogy have changed. Yep. In my head, I always thought it would be better if I was able to tell my original story first before releasing this trilogy. As of now, I am going to do that. I mentioned Forbidden Realm as a web series I could write while developing my multiverse. Well, that is what I am going to do. After my Superhero Epic ends.

Anyway, I am making progress on both. Of course, this post is long when I say it will be short. Oh well.

Goals for the week

Writing Goals

  • Write four days ($30 fine)
  • 2500 words

Writing Stretch Goals

  • Write five days ($30 reward)
  • 5000 words ($15 reward)

Development Goals

  • Spend three days developing
  • One day for each project with the third on both

Development Stretch Goals

  • Spend four days developing ($20 reward)
  • Two days for each project

Friday’s our Weekly Craft Post is posted. I will be posting the final two posts in our Worldbuilding series. Why? I don’t want to go into June with only one post. Also, it has been over a year. It’s time to be done with this series and move onto something else. I can’t say exactly when the first post will be up, but both will be up before May ends. I am hoping this week, and maybe I will just post both on Saturday. It all depends on how the week goes.

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Spring is here and with it finally, comes success. What do I mean by success? You may be thinking am about to announce I signed an agent or a book deal. That would be amazing, but since the only book I have remotely close to being publishable is Draft 2 of Seeing Through the Veil, I am going to say no. What I mean is, I am starting to find that groove or sweet spot of writing and developing. Let’s break this up into the two parts, starting with writing.

This week, I wrote 3 days. Yeah, baby! Three days.

I know that might not seem like much, especially since at the end of writing draft two of Seeing Through the Veil, I was writing seven days. However, writing more than one day a week on Pyre book one of Forbidden Realm Trilogy is a great thing. It would have been four, but I got distracted Friday and Saturday. However, I finished the week out yesterday writing a tough scene. More on that in a minute. I wrote over two thousand and one hundred and some odd words. Forgive me for not

Forgive me for not for not having the exact number, I am sorry, I being lazy. I really don’t feel like opening up my excel sheet to find out. Or Scrivener. I am not hitting the five thousand word count goal for the week, yet. I am slowly getting there, but part of the problem.

A Problem you say! Yes. Since I started the new section I have been writing heavily emotional scenes. I am still feeling out my characters, and this being the first draft, not sure of types of things the characters would be thinking. So, I am repeating a lot of the internal thoughts from other scenes. It’s not a bad thing, but at the same time nowhere am I giving new information on them. My next few scenes are going to start answering some of the questions. Sorta. Hopefully, that will help make it a little easier to write.

The other problem is I am not writing back to back days. Well, two of the three I did. Tuesday and Wednesday. If I recall, Wednesday was the easiest to write. Yesterday was damn hard. That’s why I really need to force myself to write back to back days. If I am only going to get three to four days of writing at this point. I would rather have them back to back to make it easier then spread throughout the week.

The last thing on the writing front, is I am thinking of changing up my sections format. Right now the first few sections are based on my two main POV characters. They are apart, so they have their own sections. However, later when they come together, I am not continuing the POV section. I constantly change between the two and other characters. I may try sprucing up the first few sections by changing the between the two by character or have each chapter. Not sure, I think that will be something I look into after I finish the draft.

Okay moving on to development side. I only got one day of development, unfortunately, but it was a big day. Let’s start with Long Live.

I have mapped out the first section and the three parts in the section for all important characters. I know their story arch for that part. I will say I feel like I gutted a lot of the story from the old outline, but really I know in the end it will be much better. I may try to use what I cut later in the book since I had two Thieves Games. Both different, but I may be able to merge them into one for part three.

I am excited because I have a clear look at everyone’s story broken up by characters. I can see where what characters story will make up the majority of the first section. This is good because the few times I have tried to write this story in the past, I have tried to make all characters part deeper and longer than they may have needed. This week, I will focus on section two and maybe section three. Time will tell.

Moving on to my Superhero Epic, I have transferred over my bullets from the old outline from notebook to computer. I can see all the important parts for the main character, secondary heroes secondary plot points, and the main antagonist. This, of course, is from part two outline. I still have part 3 and part 1 outlines to look at. I didn’t include part one when I broke it down, solely I knew the events in that would be a flashback. Either a scene or two or maybe its own arch later on. Part three is the follow up to the hero after the events and finally defeating the antagonist.

My next step beyond going through those outlines is to write out any new ideas. I have a lot of characters who won’t get their own POV scenes. I need to find other ways to flesh them out as well my main hero’s past. Once I have that, I will look start constructing my arch’s. Then scene lists for each arch. I am looking forward to it.

That’s all I got this week. My goals for this week is to try to write four days. I am not ready to put a penalty on not achieving this, but I think this will be my last week. Also, I want to hit two development days. I don’t care if one day is only Long Live and the other is my Superhero Epic. Just two days of development. I gotta wrap this up, so I can write and have some time to play NHL 17, which I haven’t played in two weeks.

Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up. Overall this week was pretty good, other than the issues with the craft post not saving. So, let’s dive right in.

First, let’s talk Development. So Friday, I tried to do some development for the multiverse, even came home from work because I forgot my iPad. Eventually went to Starbucks sat down to go through the history of the formation of the Multiverse I had about two years ago. More religious tones to it, but something thing in there I really liked and still do. Sadly, directions change for the overall story, which I didn’t know back then. However, I want to save that work and use as much of it as possible.

I go to open up Scrivener on iOS when it tells me I have an update for iOS. I say click not now and what happens? It updates. With no access to my history I can’t work on it, right? Wrong. I just couldn’t work on what I planned to. Since I am working on a god side of the multiverse, I thought why not work on the creation myth. Now, this myth would be what many people believe the multiverse came into being. There will be different takes on this myth, which I can manipulate as needed. The point was to get the basic structure. I got nothing done. I did come up with ideas for the myth and a direction as well how this myth will actually play out in the large events. I can’t go into details because that will be major spoilers. While I didn’t get much work done on developing much of the god side, I do have a clear direction now. That is more than what I had a few weeks ago so I am excited to see how it will turn out.

Moving on to my writing, I am fourteen days out from my February 12th deadline to finish draft 2.1. I am changing the draft name again. It is draft 2. I have realized in the last few sections I am really writing draft 2 again. What does that mean? Well, I am writing the second half of draft 2 that I never wrote before I went back and reworked the whole beginning of the book. Basically, I am saying is that I will need to make another pass through what I am writing now, at a later time to help shrink it down since I’m back to free writing everything. The only difference is there won’t be a huge struck change when I continue 2.1.

I did meet my goal of writing four days this week. Sadly, there were two good days of writing than three days off and two days of writing that were good but seemed off. Everything flows better when you keep writing day-to-day. Normally, I would aim for five days of writing, but with only fourteen days left, counting today I really need to step it up. I am making progress, but I can’t afford any days off. While my goal this week is to write every day, that is more of a secondary goal. I want to get through two sections. By doing that, I will have roughly less this a quarter of the book left to finish. Maybe even less than a quarter.

I absolutely must hit my deadline. The urge to continue with Pyre, book 1 of Forbidden Realm is constantly chirping in my mind. The only way I will allow this deadline to be moved if something important happens that causes me not to be able to finish it by then. We are talking life or death or other important things in life. No, being sick isn’t going to cut it. However, being sick where I can get out of bed, is understandable up.

That’s all I got, I need to go find some wood to knock on so to prevent from jinxing myself. Check back Friday for our Weekly Craft Post. We are moving from Law Enforcement part of the sub-series into the Military side. I am going to write that post early this week so if there is some issue where I lose it I can write it on Friday and still post it. However, I am going to save it in like five different places so if that happens, I can just copy and paste.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and more importantly a good writing week.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, today ends week 2 of NaNoWriMo. Day 15 is tomorrow. Wednesday there will be only 15 days left. I have a special post planned for Wednesday on that. With that, let’s jump right into everything.

I am going to start with the bad part of the week. No, I’m not talking about the results of the Presidental Election. I am talking about draft 2.1. I got some work done on it this week, but nowhere close to what I would have liked. It turns out that writing two different stories at the same time for the first is actually easier than writing a story and editing a different at the same time. Can’t tell you how many times on Seeing Through the Veil and Forbidden Realm Book 1 Pyre I have reversed the POV. I used the third person on the veil and present tense on pyre. I quickly catch myself, but it is frustrating. Good news is I am very close to closing out the section. It is getting better, but struggling solely trying to write two very different things.

Good news is I am very close to closing out the section. It is getting better, but struggling solely trying to write two very different things. My goal for Seeing Through the Veil is to close out the section I am working on. Possibly the section after since it is a shorter section as well. The section I am on is more important right now than the one that follows. Moving on.

Pyre is coming along well. After today, I will hit the 23333 words needed to be done stay on track to finish by November 30th. As things are going right now, it shouldn’t be a long sprint at the end to win. Unlike it usually is. I think the reason is that I am more prepared for this story than other in the past that I have just concocted last minute for NaNo. Also, having spent a good portion of the last year writing has also helped. It is true the more you write the easier it gets. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be bad days or times when it gets hard.

I am about to close out my first section, probably tomorrow. That will make the first section about 25k. Since my overall word count for this book is 250k, that’s not bad. However, I still have another major POV character to introduce so this draft might end up being closer to 300 to 325k by the time I am done. I am not worried about word count on this book. This trilogy is meant to be an epic-length so 300k fits that. Of course, editing will cut that down, but that is way in the future. I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, I am sitting down and starting to work on the magic systems of the Gathering. This will be the next series I develop. Or like every series so far redevelop. I made some great progress working on the magic systems for this series. Looking back at my original ideas for the magic in this trilogy and what I changed it to when I started to revamp the first time. Very different, but the same. Having read more fantasy and study on magic systems, I am far better prepared to do work on the eight magic systems in this series.

Some might think I am falling into the trap of too many magic systems in a story. Yes, I could be, but I also know the story and it requires that many. The key is to not overload the readers with all of them at once. The story is looking to be about six books right now. The first trilogy is focused on six of the eight which you slowly learn about all them throughout the books. The second trilogy is about the final two of the eight. I am still in the early stages of development, so all this could change. Highly unlikely, though.

I will say this in closing, Seeing Through the Veil, Forbidden Realm, and The Gathering have all been series I have started years ago and reworking. When I am done with developing the Gathering, it may be time to develop another series from scratch. Time will tell, but we will see.

That’s all I got today. Remember to check back on Wednesday for our special Half Way Point NaNoWriMo post. Friday will be the final post in our Economics post after I added a post to the sub-series. I hope everyone out there is doing well writing. For those who are participating in NaNoWriMo, keep it up.




Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. This will be a wrap-up for two weeks, not just this past week but the week before as well. Two Storms, one good the other, eh! Let’s jump into two week’s ago. Get the okay week out of the way.

I got nothing! Wait. No, I think there is a little more I can say about that week. I got practically nothing done.

Yep, that was two weeks ago. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing, I just got little done on draft 2.1 done. I realized that Section 3 has a lot more re-writing than spit and polish. While I was trying to remove a few words by re-writing, I actually added words. It isn’t a bad thing because I am no longer looking at trying to cut words from 178,000 words. I looking at my word count of the sections I have completed. When I get to the areas of the draft I never got to in draft 2, I will be able to drastically cut words again.

While I am glad I figured this out, I wish it wasn’t when I was trying to do a thousand other things during the week and not work on it more. Oh well, I know it now. Which leads me into the second storm. The second one is very good. I made a lot of progress on in other areas. Before I get going on those, let me wrap up on draft 2.1 for this past week. It is going well, I wish I worked on it more, but I did get a lot more done than the week before it. I will finish section 3 and 4 this week and start on section 5. If my memory serves me well, that is the section where I will be starting to cut word again. I could be wrong.

As for the evolution as I refer to it in the title, is referring to the many other projects. For those of you who are new to my blog this week, month or six months may not be aware that I am working on a massive interconnective storyworld. Every series I put out will be part of a grand multiverse. I haven’t talked much about it lately, solely because that story is so far off, there is no need. Also, I work on that part here and there.

This past week I did a little more work on it. I finally, completed and locked the creation of the multiverse. Just a side note I had a completely different creation for the multiverse a little over a year and a half ago. I decided to change it because of my thoughts on matters no longer the same as when I started piecing it together years before. The reason for this sudden work is I had to change out one of the worlds from my World of Five Worlds. I realized this because I was looking to select the next world from the four remaining worlds to develop next. The Veil series being the first.

Without giving away ideas and current spoilers, a character from the creation of the multiverse has a rather large impact on a few storyworlds and they you can figure them out by the world the story takes place in. That may sound super confusing. Maybe this would be easier. In four different series take place in the same world but are not the same world. Nope, still confusing. I’ll move on. To figure out how all four of these worlds that are the same work I need to work through how this character interacts with them.

Nope still damn confusing. Anway, I am at the point now where I get to explore the ideas I have and why this character is so fascinated with this one world. One of these four has a huge event that affects the rest of the multiverse. It will be interesting to see what comes up. Going back to the World of Five Worlds, I have a rough idea of which world I am going to start developing next. Once I finish draft 2.1 and start writing Forbidden Realm book 1: Pyre. No longer is it called Chrono’s War.

That is all I got this week. I have a lot to complete in the next two weeks to prepare for NaNoWriMo. Speaking of National Novel Writing Month, check back on Wednesday for Penultimate post in my NaNoWriMo Prep series. Friday, we will be starting a new Sub-Series. Which I have no clue on what. That I plan to figure today and just the new one, but the next few sub-series so I am not trying to figure out. I will post the new sub-series at the end of my NaNo Prep post on Wednesday. Other than that, get writing.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I hope everyone had a great writing week and enjoyed the three post-Craft Post on History. This week we will return to a post a week for the Craft Post. For more on the next sub-series, will be at the end or you can just read the final post in the History post, which you can find here.

This week I had only one goal, beyond that of making sure I posted the craft posts. Can you guess what that goal was?  Yes, Revisions. My focus was on revisions for Seeing Through the Veil. Good news, I have only six more scenes or five chapters left in section 2. These scenes are mostly polishing than writing. There are few scenes that I had to rewrite this week than just polish, but at the same time, it was polishing. There was just so much to polish rewriting it was just easier.

My goal for this week is going to finish section two and get section 3 done. I only have 20 scenes in total to complete those sections.  it should be doable, as section 3 I don’t have rework any scenes like in section 1. It is more trimming and polishing. This will work well for section 4, but after those, it going to be a combination of polishing and rewriting as I will have finally reached where I left off, draft 2 before starting draft 2.1.

The only other goal I have this week is to start figuring out what project I will start to develop next. I have so many, but the plan was to work on one of the series in my World of Five Worlds, then a story outside of that and go back. This way I am constantly working on different storyworlds. While I plan to do this, I do want to give some thought to some other projects just to see if I can be tempted to work on them.

Well, that’s all for this week. Check back on Friday for the start of our next Sub-Series Civilizations. This is going to be the sub-series that will move us into next few topics like governments, armies, economy, etc. I do not know how many posts it will be, I am going to do some research on the topic and then decide. Hope everyone has a great writing week.


Welcome to this late edition of Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I am going to get right to the post as I have a lot to get done today. Like the title, what could it mean? This is how my writing week started and finished. After the week before having got nothing done, I needed a good week and it started out well and ended horribly. A week and a day ago I started out well, and then moved on to Tuesday had a fantastic day for my editing Seeing Through the Veil first draft and then nothing.

When I start reading through the sections making all of my notes on the changes I thought I could easily get the draft finished by the 30th. Now two weeks later I am still in section 3 and still have many more sections to get to. I need to section 3 done this week if not today. The problem is I have other things going on that I like doing that is distracting me. One thing I have decided and I may have mentioned before, but on my weeks regardless if I work if I do some writing I can do whatever I want on my weekends. That is going to be where I do some of this other stuff.

Another thing I have gotten away from is scheduling my days out so I can get this stuff done. I got so much done when I was doing this and I will get back to that. Part of the stuff I haven’t gotten a lot done is Forbidden Realm. Part of this trying to get my Timeline for the series going. I have a new goal for Forbidden Realm and is to get the scene list for book one done so I can start writing it. I know where the series is going  and as I write the first book the scene list will change for book 2 and 3 afterward. So I need to focus on getting that book ready to start writing.

Finally, I got a great idea for my Dragon Nations series. I have been trying to redevelop this series since this time last year. From making the map to the world and getting some ideas for the first book. I am currently going through Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy and it helped me come up with some ideas for this series and two other series. I only mentioning this now, but I will rarely mention again. My World of Five Worlds ongoing storyline. I have a great idea to further cement these five worlds together more. I think what I am going to do is write each series in the World of Five Worlds with a different series in between. I don’t want this overarching series to end until I have had other series written as well.

With that, I am done with this post and need to get cracking on my writing. Check back on Friday for the start of a new sub-series and I have no clue where I am going with it. I have to do some reading on worldbuilding to figure this out. I prefer to tease the topic, but I am so crazy in my head I have to sit down and think about it today.


Welcome to the 26th Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Since I started to write these weekly I have only posted 26 of them. Probably one or two more but not all of them are labeled that so I counted anyone based on the title that seemed like it could fall under one. This week was not a good week… If you compare it to last week. If you don’t then it was good. Let’s break it down by what I want to go over, there is: Daily Writing, Seeing Through the Veil Revisions, Forbidden Realm Development, and Aeon Timeline. It may seem a lot but it isn’t. Let’s jump in.

My short story I have been writing for a few weeks now is going well. I wrote three days, this week and coming along. I know how it is going to end and trying to get there, but I am learning more of what I need to cover to do so. By the time I finish it I doubt it will be a short story. What I am thinking about doing is when I am done is go through it and make a scene list both stuff I cover and say and decide what is most important and what isn’t. Then rewrite it and flesh out the scenes more as it is more telling than showing right now. I should get the word count down by doing that as well.

Seeing through the Veil Revisions are chugging along, but I didn’t get as many done I would have liked. The process is getting old and my mind is wandering for something new. Probably because I am making such progress on Forbidden Realm’s story. I will push through until I am done and then will take a break again as I pass it on to some beta readers or someone else to get a second opinion on it. Once I finish the section I am on, I am going to sit down and set a hard deadline for it. I think that is one of the reasons I am not as far along as I would like.

Forbidden Realm has progressed in big strides. Compared to last week where I cracked the story for Book 2 and then completed the outline, not that big. I did crack the story for book 3 and it is long. Just shy of a hundred bullets. I did start on the scene list, but my second section is twenty scenes long and it right now all it is, is an info dump on what really is going on. I think some of it will have to be given in the other books. Or once I get the scene list done I may be able to figure out where some of the information can be pushed later in the book. That is going to be my priority for development part of my this next week. Hopefully, I will get to post sometime this week that I have finished the scene list. Though, I still need to complete book one scene list.

Lastly, I want to talk about some software I found today. I have actually talked about this software on my old blog years ago. Today, I rediscovered it only because I learned that version 2 had released in April. I bought it and boy is there improvements visually. It looks so much better than the first version. Aeon Timeline 2 is awesome, though still a pain in the ass to learn. There still is no multiple calendar options, in case you are dealing with two different worlds their calendars are different. It seems like we may get that eventually as Aeon Timeline is not aiming for just writers now, but everyone from legal, screenwriters, to historians. That feature would be extremely helpful to a historian who is dealing with different calendars.

Anyway, I have been spending the day working with it and starting to make progress. I am starting with The Veil and having it all events show up within their own world. My goal is to have all the history of the five worlds lined up. We will see. I will be taking at least one day a week to work on learning Aeon Timeline better. I will be posting a review later this week when I have had more time to play with it and see if it is easier then I think it is to use. It is still new and only found one really person who as posted three videos on how to use it and they aren’t that good. Seeing what she did within the program is awesome, but when going over how to do them at times she is helpful while others she starts something and moves on and never actually showed how to do it.

That’s all. See not as much as it looked. Check back for my review on Aeon Timeline 2, and the next post in the Worldbuilding Series topic Cosmology, roughly titled Rules. I think you will be surprised on my take on that post. Since I didn’t post a writing article this past week, I will this week. Other than that, I hope everyone had a good writing week and continue to. iSight-2016-03-28-03-57

This past week was very busy and full of chaos. Looks like my plans to pick up and move this September may be on hold. A possible job opportunity in my field has popped up that would require me to stick around until this time next year. I was going to pass it up, but it seems too good experience wise. I only bring this up as I spent Thursday through Saturday working on a proposal. This cut into my productivity some. Also, sleep. I couldn’t get to sleep after a meeting on the project and filming another. I will be submitting my proposal soon, and hopefully it will be accepted.

If I get this project as my proposal, I will have a lot of free time come this fall. I will not have to work more than a few hours additionally for a part time job. I won’t be able to if I want to get the project done. This will give me a far more freeing schedule for writing. I will be able to pick when I want to work on the project other than specific dates to shoot. Well, enough about non-writing stuff.

This week, I manage to get more revising on draft 2 of Seeing Through the Veil. I had to split a chapter into two, change where the scene breaks were in another. More importantly, I was able to cut more words out of the draft. Out of three chapters from the first draft, I have four chapters edited. (This includes the new chapter that the back half of chapter 3 became). Out of this I have cut 2985 words. This is a great start as I have over 90k to cut, and will probably not get that much cut in this draft but time will tell. Hell getting even half of that cut from this draft would be a huge improvement.

Besides editing, I started working on the history of Forbidden Realm. Got a good starting point and I just watched Star Wars The Force Awakens last night and has got me excited all over again. Incase you didn’t know, after watching it in theatres in Decemeber I started reworking my longest running project of fifteen years, sixteen come August. Since then, I have revamped the story into six books, one outlined, a scene list in the works. The two main characters profiles completed with character designs done and I have reworked five magic systems in the series. Not bad. I am going to get back to working on the history and try to get more of the scene list done as I would love to have a first draft completed of the first book come August.

Beyond that, nothing else got done. Skylar Grant has suffered writing for the past two weeks. I’m still trying to get myself on a schedule and it isn’t easy when I have other stuff like proposals to write to get out to people so I can stop having to work stupid retail jobs. While I am not writing anything new, I still count I am writing for editing. Though this week I plan to get some words written in Skylar Grant. It will not be easy, thanks to stupid Inventory at Dick’s Sporting Goods today and tomorrow. I have given up all hope of doing anything today. We will see how tired I am tomorrow as I work until midnight preparing for inventory and then have to be back at the store at 8:45 to 4.

That is all I got today. Hopefully, I will get everything I want to write this week. Keep an eye out for a writing article repost this week. Also, Friday I will wrap up my current Craft Post on Magic Systems and the following week will start a new series. I am not saying what it is, though I may have mentioned it in the last craft post. Everyone have a good writing week.

What day is it today? Oh ,it is Monday, crap. I think I should call this week’s post: Fly By 2: Another Week Gone. Is it just me or does that sound like a movie title to a bad B Romantic Comedy movie? Well, I got jack done this week. Thank you, work. Yes, I am blaming work even though it wasn’t that much. It was just spaced where I worked every other day it sure feels like it is a lot. If anything I got done this week that should be an achievement as I finished the drawings of my two main characters for Forbidden Realm. Yep, Emily and Taryn I now know what they look like. For years, I have known what they looked like but changed things as the story changed. It is just nice to know what they look like as I tried to do this back in January and couldn’t as I didn’t know what kind of outfit they would wear in their specific role.

I did get some writing done, not until yesterday and it was just over 700 words. The scene was something I had no clue what I wanted to do with it, as I was trying to avoid Skylar’s parents from finding out that he just slept with his girlfriend for the first time and was attacked by someone. After fighting off his assailant with the reveal of his power but blacks out after getting injected with a chemical to put him out. I was going to have him wake up in the hospital but then the parents would found out, so I avoid it. Since the chemical had little effect for several minutes the blacks out I decided to have his newly discover powers are more active than normal.

Skylar wakes up minutes after blacking out and being helped by EMT. The question was how do you get him out of going to the hospital. Well, the EMT are not actual EMT but part of the people who came for him. Skylar managed to overcome them and get the attention of the cops who were around. This is not only a better to get around going to the hospital, but also allows me to have Skylar meet an important character sooner rather than later. I think, with that troubling scene out of the way, I shouldn’t wait until the last day to write. I know what I want to write in the next one.

Friday marked the start of revisions on the first draft of Seeing Through the Veil. Well, it was supposed to, and unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I am three days removed and not one word has been read in that draft. That will change today. I am going get out of my apartment with my draft and notepad and read a chapter or two taking vigorous notes. I also plan to try to get one or two things knocked off my checklist for Forbidden Realm this week. There is a lot to do and I am working more this week then last so I can’t hesitate.

That’s all for this week, please check back Friday for the next post in the Magic System series. This week I will go over my experience developing my own systems and more recently the four I just wrapped up. I am going to try to post a link to an interesting article on writing sometime this week as I said wanted to start doing. Just gotta have the time to find one to post. Hope everyone’s writing week goes well.