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Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Before I go any further I realized soon after I posted last week’s wrap-up, I never explained my title of 736205. That was how many days have roughly have passed since January 1st, 0001 CE to last Monday. I am probably wrong, but if you take 2017 x 365 and add how many days have passed since January 1st of this year and that’s what you get. Moving on.

I guess I should go through my goals from last week. Alright. This should be quick. I wrote exactly… Oh, wait I should post what the goals were. Yes, that will buy some time. Writing Goals

Writing Goals: Write 3 days with a $ 75 fine if I didn’t 3 hours of PS4 playtime. Write 3500 words. Stretch Goals: Write 5 days for 4 hours of PS4 playtime reward. 30 mins additional play time for every 500 words over wordcount goal. Development Goals: Spend two days of developing with a reward of 1 hour PS4 playtime. Spend at least one day on Superhero Epic with a $20 spending reward. Read Secret Wars. Stretch Goals: An extra of development with 1 hour of PS4 playtime reward. Write three character motivations for Superhero Epic with 4 hours PS4 playtime reward. Finally, finish Long Live Arcs for the whole book/series earns me 10 hours of PS4 playtime.


That didn’t waste all that much time. What else can I bring up to do just that? Ah! Religion and Politics. So, I don’t know where anyone falls, but if you don’t… Nope, can’t do it. This is about writing and not Politics or religion. Well unless I am talking about Worldbuilding than okay. I guess I have to spill the beans.

I wrote a total of four days…

Ta Dah! Got you. You actually thought I was going to say I didn’t do anything… Wait, you didn’t think that. Okay, I failed as a writer.

Wow! That was a terrible failed joke. Anyway, I wrote four days last week. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to 3500 words. That’s okay because right now I care more about writing every day then word count. Soon, that will change. The real win is that I finally finished Section 3. This is the section I have mostly been working on since I started writing Pyre book 1 of the Forbidden Realm Trilogy. Other than a scene or two in section two. This is where I have been spending my time. I am through it and I love how it came out. To a point. I had to pull a few scenes from section 5 to make the section end on a better note, but I am glad I did.

As of yesterday, Sunday, I am working on Section 4. I forced myself to write solely because it was a new section and was going to be hard to get myself to write at all this week if I didn’t start yesterday. I only plan to write a few words but had an end point where I could stop in the scene that is a good stopping point and can pick up today with relative ease. The goal was only supposed to be two maybe three hundred words, turned into six hundred words. Not bad.

The story is moving forward and I look forward to being away from Taryn for a little while and be dealing with Emily’s section. Hopefully not for nearly another three months. I want to have this book done by September. I didn’t reach any of my writing stretch goals and would have if I didn’t get distracted again on Saturday by my PS4. Oh well and other things.

Development is going strong, beyond reading Secret Wars last night, I didn’t get anything done on my Superhero Epic. I think this is going to be scratched from the goals for now, beyond reading Secret Wars. As for Long Live, I spent three days of Development. One last Monday, and One yesterday actually pushing forward in the last stretches of the story on Outline 2. Still not done with it even after today. I am getting there. I spent I think Tuesday feeding the already arcs into the Scrivener file and making a few tweaks here and there.

My concern over this book not being a single book and being more of a series is ever truer. If you didn’t catch my references above about the finishing the arcs for the entire book/series remark. Well Ha! Yes, the more I work the more I feel it may turn into a series. I don’t want that and while I am still not even close to being able to make that decision, it would be wrong not to voice those concerns. I will look at the possibility once all the arcs are finished from all three outlines and complete the scene list for one book. At that time I feel like I need to break it up into more books I will, or after I write the book I will do that. Not until I can’t deny that it is possible to tell this story in a less condensed way.

No fines this week and with 5 hours of playtime reward, I think I am going to go play some PS4.



Wait! I need to post this week’s goals.

Writing Goals:

  • Write 3 Days (Fine$75. Reward 2 hours of PS4 Playtime)
  • 3500 wordcount

Stretch Goals:

  • Write 5 Days (4 hours of PS4 playtime)
  •  Every 500 words beyond 3500. (30 min additional PS4 Playtime reward)

Development Goals:

  • Spend two days developing. (Reward 1 hour of Ps4 Playtime)
  • Read a few pages from Secret Wars

Stretch Goals:

  • An extra day of developing (1 hour of Ps4 Playtime for each day.)

Note: Playtime is for the week or one really awesome day.

Wow! That’s nothing like it has been. Why are you trying to cheat on the goals this week?

Good question. I am going back to my hometown Friday until next Monday. While I will be able to work on developing, I won’t be able to write. Well, I could, but I don’t like writing on Scrivener App on my iPad. It isn’t the same as being on an actual computer. Also, I am trying to learn programming languages, no not Swift anymore… Well, not now. I am moving more of Web Base languages, solely that is where my background is in. I knew HTML very well years ago before it became HTML 5. If this was just going to be a refresher thing, I wouldn’t change how my goals are working, but it is more of a career thing. I love working for Planet Fitness, and plan to bench up to Assistant and then Manager, how long I will want to do this? I don’t know. Learning programming will give me a viable alternative if I decide I don’t want to do that until I get published and can make a living writing. I need to carve out time to do this. So, that is what I am going to do. Writing and developing are the keys a few days a week. Writing I am still going to be doing every day, eventually. Still building it up slowly.

That’s all I got this week. There will be a Craft Post on Friday, it is scheduled to post one minute after Midnight. Check back then for a post on the First 50 Pages.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Yes, this week’s wrap-up is called goals for a reason, and it not a reason you are thinking. Pittsburg Penguins are back to back Stanley Cup Champions with 2-0. Goals!

While that is one of the reasons, the other is I had a great week when it came to reaching my goals. My overall goal for writing this week was three days. I wrote five days almost six, but I got distracted on Thursday. My words count goal was 3000. The words count for the week, 3,670. Yep, 670 more words. It would have been longer, but I got distracted last night and had to write something short to make it five days. I reached two of my stretch goals earning me two hours and thirty minutes of PS4 time.

On the development side. I got nothing. While I swear I developed two days, yesterday and Monday. For the life of me, I cannot remember what I did on Monday. Something inside me tells me I did, but I don’t remember. So, it’s only one day. Sadly, I didn’t finish all the arcs for Long Live either. So no additional playtime from Development. I could argue that I did work on my Superhero Epic on Saturday. Only because I search for comics online to do some reading. I have never read comics in my life. I have owned some, but never actually read them.

Probably one of the more interesting storylines I have heard of in a comic. The complete destruction of the multiverse. Sure DC goes about destroying and bringing back their multiverse all the time. This was the total destruction of the multiverse and then recreating Battleworld from all the different worlds. I am hoping this will give me some ideas on how to expand my superhero epic. But to answer the lingering question. I am not going to count it. I may count it this week if I get around to doing some reading. We will see.

I covered last week’s goals. Let’s dive into the writing for the week next. The writing of Pyre is good. I am getting to a very good battle scene soon, so the pace is about to pick up. That will be fun to play with some new characters and write my first magical battle scene. It is getting a little more difficult to write since that nagging note of not knowing the characters motivations are. I might try to spend some time this week writing out what I know about the characters who have appeared so far. Maybe I will discover their motives. I am going to push through this and continue to write this book until it is done. If I have to do a complete rework of the story afterward, that’s fine by me.

Maybe I will discover their motives. I am going to push through this and continue to write this book until it is done. If I have to do a complete rework of the story afterward, that’s fine by me. The main thing I am trying to accomplish here is to get back to writing seven days a week. I got five, last week, let’s see if I can do it again this week.

Moving onto development. Sunday was mostly spent fleshing out the summary of the next section for the primary protagonists. It was good and hard at times, but I got through it and I like what came out. The downside is that the more I work on this the more I feel like this is going to end up a series instead of a solo book. I hope I am wrong, but I just keep getting that feeling. Of course, I need to finish the arcs and then figure out the scene list. Part of that will be determining what from my endless scribbling of mine need to be seen (read) and those just mentions or I just information I know so I know what they are doing during certain times.

I do look forward to when I pick it up and see where some of the other characters are and what they are doing. While the arc I just finished needs to focus on the king and queen, I do need to know what some of the other players are up to. I nearing the end of my second outline for this book. I have three one for each of the original three sections. Only a few more events before I am onto the third and more fantastical happenings. My overall feeling is when I am done developing and write this book, this is going to be my best piece yet.

Onwards to my Superhero Epic. Besides wanting to read Secret Wars this week. I may take a page out of Long Live’s book and start writing down the motives for some of the characters in the story. That may help generate some ideas. I would love to have some side stories for some of the heroes that are part of the story but are overshadowed by the big hero/villain story. I know that I want to have some kind of sectional shorts that let you learn more about characters. However, it might be good to have some side stories for these characters as well. A way to show how the rest of the world is seeing the events of the main arc. I don’t know. Time will tell.

Writing Goals

  • Write 4 Days
  • Write 3500 words

Stretch Goals

  • Write 6 Days (3 hours of PS4 playtime)
  •  Every 500 words beyond 3500. (30 min additional PS4 Playtime reward)


  • Spend two days developing.
  • Spend at least one day on Superhero epic
  • Read a few pages from Secret Wars

Stretch Goals

  • An extra day of developing (1 hour of Ps4 Playtime for each day.)
  • Write three character motivations from Superhero Epic (4 hours of PS4 Playtime)
  • Finish Long Live Arcs for the whole book (10 hours PS4 Playtime Reward)

Note: Playtime is for the week or one really awesome day.

That’s all I got. Be sure to check back on Friday for the next post in our new First Draft’s series. The next post is already written and scheduled to post one minute after midnight on Friday.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-Up. I don’t have much time so this will be short so let’s dive right in.

Starting with Writing, I hit my four days of writing goal. Unfortunately, I didn’t hit five. I could have, but I got distracted Friday on something I am I need to figure out eventually. Time. Yes, how time will work in futuristic sci-fantasy Forbidden Realm Trilogy. Mostly dating purposes. I got wrapped up in trying to figure this out that I didn’t write. Oh well. I think I figured it out. I came across something called UNIX Time. It a time stamp based on how many seconds have passed since January 1st, 1970. I will use this with some tweaks, but the date will be at an important time in my world.

As for writing, it was not easy this week. I didn’t get started until Wednesday and I wrote small chunks of two hundred, five hundred words. Thankfully, Sunday I got 1200 words written. Why was that? I wasn’t feeling good this past week. Also, the scene was another hard scene to write. It was important to the plot but just not easy. Thankfully, I got through that scene and onto what should be easier scenes to write.

Last week I talked about how this section ends with no real conflict, but the conflict happens at the start of the next section for Taryn. Well, I going to add it to this section so I can see how I feel. With only two scenes left, I may leave it alone and depend on how I feel the last scene as it now goes.

Breaking News, I feel like I don’t know all my characters like I should. I don’t know all of this goals or wants. Developing Long Live has really taught me more about characters. I have a stronger grasp on those characters then I do of these characters. Well, not Taryn and Emily. I know them well. It is all the other cast I don’t know anything about, really. My immediate thought is to stop and fix this. However, I am not going to do that. I am going to finish this book and write book 2 and 3. Why?

Well, I need material to write while I develop my multiverse. Second, several key characters don’t show up in the original take on this story, which I still plan to tell. I need to develop them. Since I want to try new ways of writing, I am going to use Brandon Sanderson way. He discovery writes his characters. Yep. While he outlines his story and arcs for his characters he discovers the characters in the first draft. He will try different things in the first few chapters. He is willing to go back and fix things in the early chapters once he grasps the characters. That’s what I am going to do.

Also, I don’t plan on releasing this trilogy anytime soon. More on that in the development.

As for Development this week, I didn’t hit my three days of developing. I got only two days in. Long Live got two days, but really that first day I only posted character arcs for part one into my Scrivener file. Sunday, I got some developing done on both Long Live and my Superhero Epic. Let’s start with Long Live.

Originally I thought this book was going to have three sections made up of three parts each. I know, I was following the three act structure, which I hate. Why? I hate structure. I do well in it, but I hate it. Also, I have read books that you can clearly see they used that structure. I could predict when something was going to happen. Not what would happen, but roughly how many pages. I don’t like it.

Thankfully, that’s not going to work. I broke down section two and got several more sections to cover the events that happen. Now, I can’t say for sure that will be when I am done with the outline and scene list. It is just how it is now. I still mapping things out. Back to what I was getting to. Seeing this, I realize just how not fleshed out my ideas for my middle of this book were when the outline was written. Certain ideas will be wrapped up quicker then I sure I thought they would be, and others that need more brainstorming to make them be as strong as they can.

I got my two main characters four parts of section 2 done. Just like for section one, I will go through all the important characters for that section and map their arc. Something tells me I should map the arc of the characters for the whole book first, but I like doing it this way and then I can do the long version. I mean I already did this when I figured out all the characters motives. For now, I am going to do it by section.

Moving to my Superhero Epic, I started to work on the arcs. I got through two done. This one is hard as well because there is a lot that wasn’t thought out during the outlining of this story either. My thoughts on this are both of these outlines (for Long Live and City at Siege) were done around the same time. Or reworked around same time period. I knew a lot about story and plotting, but it was under the same mind frame was to get it done as fast as you can and not think through it. Now that I have been focusing on the writing part more over the last two years, I can see I need to spend more time thinking about this stuff when I develop future series.

I will because back then I wasn’t doing the scene list which forced me to fill in the gaps between bullets ahead of time. When I was doing a blow by blow bullet outlines it left for now freedom in the writing process, which I need. However, a summary of the scene allows for it. and forces me to think through events. If I did this back when I wrote the outlines for Long Live and City at Siege (Superhero Epic) I would see that I needed more. Maybe in a book format, the outline for City at Siege would have worked, but not for the Web Series.

Lastly, I mentioned above I have plans for publishing Forbidden Realm Trilogy have changed. Yep. In my head, I always thought it would be better if I was able to tell my original story first before releasing this trilogy. As of now, I am going to do that. I mentioned Forbidden Realm as a web series I could write while developing my multiverse. Well, that is what I am going to do. After my Superhero Epic ends.

Anyway, I am making progress on both. Of course, this post is long when I say it will be short. Oh well.

Goals for the week

Writing Goals

  • Write four days ($30 fine)
  • 2500 words

Writing Stretch Goals

  • Write five days ($30 reward)
  • 5000 words ($15 reward)

Development Goals

  • Spend three days developing
  • One day for each project with the third on both

Development Stretch Goals

  • Spend four days developing ($20 reward)
  • Two days for each project

Friday’s our Weekly Craft Post is posted. I will be posting the final two posts in our Worldbuilding series. Why? I don’t want to go into June with only one post. Also, it has been over a year. It’s time to be done with this series and move onto something else. I can’t say exactly when the first post will be up, but both will be up before May ends. I am hoping this week, and maybe I will just post both on Saturday. It all depends on how the week goes.

Welcome to this three day late Weekly Writing Wrap-up. This is the not the only late post, last week’s craft post is late. I will be posting that soon. Hopefully, today. Let’s just say it has been a long week. Anyway, this week was interesting. Let’s jump right in.

First, let’s get to Development. Long Live is in the back of the mind marinating at the moment. Mostly as I have to find a notebook that has some information I need for some antagonists motivations. Once I have that, I will be moving to the outlining stage. Hopefully, that will start this week, but being Wednesday I am not sure. Second, my superhero web series is going well. I am running through my outline and finding the plot points that I like and what ones can be secondary and those that can be removed. I will also have to figure out how I am going post this series. I want to figure out how I will post it. I don’t want to post once in a while or six days a week. Time will tell.

The final development task is to figure out if there is one more series I want to develop as part of this bunch writing group I will be doing while I focus on developing both multiverses. Oh, yes, I have decided to keep my God Multiverse and Other Multiverse separated. The ideas I have both stories that just won’t work. So I will be keeping them separated for the time being. If I come up with solutions I may connect them together. Even if I do, I am not sure I will.

Now to writing. I only got one day of writing and still working on the same scene. Even with it being Wednesday I plan to do more writing this week. At least three days, but I am hoping to write at least three days. I will finish that scene this week. The goal is to get writing more each week so I can get back to writing seven days a week. If I don’t get three days I will be paying someone $50.

That’s all for this week, check back on Monday to see how everything is going. Look for a few craft posts to make up for my lack of productivity.

Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up. Sorry for no craft post this week, being behind on so many things I couldn’t find the motivation to write a wrap-up. Honest, writing wrap-ups on sub-series isn’t really that exciting. Most of the time I do the solely to give me another week to figure out what the next sub-series will be. Thinking it through this weekend, I have decided to do a small wrap-up for sub-series on the last post of the series instead of separate post. Good news, I know where I am going to be going for the next few sub-series. More on those at the end of this post.

This past week was productive. First, I completed my scene list for book one Forbidden Realm. Two hundred and nineteen scenes. That is twenty-two more scene than book two. Of course book two scene list will change after I write book one. Also, there are several scenes I have that will more than likely get cut or merge into another scene in later drafts. I have no timetable at the moment of when I will start writing it. Draft 2.1 of Seeing Through the Viel is my top priority right now. I said back in July, I would give the title of book 1 of Forbidden Realm when I finished the scene list. Well, I don’t have one. I have two working titles, Source, and Chrono’s War. I am leaning toward Chrono’s War but I will wait until I finish the first draft and see what I think then.

I have finished the edits and polish of section one of Seeing Through the Veil and have moved on to section two. Currently, I am four scenes in and it is going well. I am editing as I go. In other words, I edit the stuff I wrote the day before. Then I write the new scene. I have a good feeling about this run through, doing my best to truly capture the characters voices and personalities. Because of this, I am pretty sure I will be going through the whole manuscript and not jump back to where I left off.

My goal is to complete a chapter each day until it is done. Some chapters have only a scene in it and depending how long it takes me to write it, I may move onto another chapter. Those chapters with more than one scene I need to get done in a day, if I can. I have a deadline to complete draft 2.1 by the end of October. Not sure if that will happen, but if I keep up with my pace of a chapter a day I should be able to get it done or close to it.

I finally cracked the creation of my multiverse. For those who don’t know, all my storyworlds will eventually lead to a much larger story. I have been trying to figure out the creation of this multiverse for a while now. I have had different takes, but now I have it worked out. I am still writing it out the events, but I know it and not pieces or ideas for it.

Speaking of developing series, I will begin working on another storyworld soon. With book 1 of Forbidden Realm ready to be written, it is time to move onto another project. I haven’t decided which project yet. I am not going to until I am done with draft 2.1 of Seeing Through the Veil. I have some ideas of which project, but I am going to let my mind wander on those candidates and see which one comes to the forefront.

That’s all I got for this week. Check back next week for another Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Before I go, I want to reveal the new sub-series. I am going to do a two part on History. Because I didn’t post craft post this past Friday. I am going to post History part one on Wednesday and Friday part two. From there we will move onto a sub-series on Civilizations. The goal is to slowly work our way into Governments and Societies. Hope everyone had a strong writing week and that this week it continues.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up.  I hope everyone has had a good writing week. This week has been a very interesting week for me and for those of you read this weekly, will understand the title of this week’s wrap-up. For those of you who don’t either you miss a week now and then or you are new. Last week I made a wordcount goal of 15,000 words between editing my novel and writing a short story. As you can see from this title I hit it and beyond…

Yeah right. The only truth in that title is the 5321 at the end. That is my current word count as I am writing this. What happened? That’s a good question. That’s an easy one. I got called for two interviews last week. One for a real job and one for a part time job. I decided to spend my time preparing for the real job interview and thus I only wrote three days this week. Oh, you want to know about the interview and if I got one of the jobs? Actually, the real job interview was only the first basic intro, one. I will hear back from them this week about a second. Yes, I am sure I will get a second interview. The same goes for the part-time job, but they will tell me if I got the job instead of a second interview.

While I didn’t even com close to reaching my word count goal this week, I did achieve a lot. From mapping out, a short story scenes list and started to write that and the words counts are staying low for once. That’s good. I was able to mentally figure out what was wrong with Seeing Through the Veil. Like many new writers, I was starting way too early. What I had in that original first section was cool, but at the same time it was really slow.

In last week’s wrap-up, I mention how I mentioned that I was able to crack the new beginning. Well, I was wrong. I think subconsciously I knew it. Yesterday, I sat down to work on Seeing Through the Veil and walked through the new section one and realized I have to rewrite the whole section. Where it started didn’t work for the new setup and I was not ready to do the work of fixing it. There was another reason I didn’t want to do the work to fix it. The setup I came up with made the exciting incident at the end of the section. I wanted it to end the first chapter. How do you do that and keep the other events of the section that lead up to it?

I figured that out today. Like many people I copied someone else. In this case, I copied Rick Yancy of the 5th Wave Trilogy. No, I didn’t copy his words, I copied how he interwove a lot of backstory in the first few chapters of the first book in the 5th wave trilogy. Cassie gets shot by a Silencer and is bleeding out under a truck on a highway and she thinks about the arrival of the aliens and the first four waves. Popping in and out of the past. I am using that. I have no doubt I am doing it far worst than Yancy did, but after three scenes I like it. The best part about it, is I am keeping them short and sweet.

That leads me to my last thing. I love to write and when I started to write back in 2004 I never thought I could write 70k words. It was one of the reasons I sent a goal to write that many words when I wrote Seeing Through the Veil the first time. Well, back then it was Legend of the Godchild. Ever since then, I have had no problems writing words. Actually, I think I have reversed and gone from writing not enough to too many words. Example Legend of the Godchild was 79,120 words. The first draft of now Seeing Through the Veil was 179,299. That is a 100,179 difference. I have to cut 90k words to get it to 85,000 words by the time I publish this book.

This brings me to this week when I was thinking about how Orson Scott Card is a minimalist writer. What do I mean by that? Go read one of his books and you will see. Almost all of Card’s books are dialogue. He doesn’t give many details in his books and lets the readers picture what he is writing. I am not sure I want to go that far, as I love books that give me enough to get a picture of what I am supposed to be seeing. So, this got me thinking. What if I only use the absolute fewest words I possibly can to describe anything. Sure, some scenes need more, but I can always add them in.

Bestselling author K.M. Weiland likes to say she would rather have more words than not enough words. I agree with her, because if you struggle with writing, it means, even more, work after you finished the first draft that you need to add more.Weiland is talking about adding scenes when she says adding words. In my case, I am talking about more words to describe what is already. So I don’t think this will affect me. So, that is what I am trying to do, write action and description of settings and characters with as few words as possible.

That’s all fo this week, check back next week. No, I am not going to give a goal to accomplish this week as I need to prepare for another interview or start working. Check back on Friday for the next post in our ongoing sub-series on Religions. We just wrapped up gods element and this week we will be talking about the purposes of religions. Note to anyone who is very religious, I will be covering what Religions has done in the past and now and it could be offensive. I am not going to be poking fun at or trying to disprove what different religions believe, just looking at different purpose religions serve.

I hope everyone has a good writing week.


10,117 words is what it took to complete Seeing Through the Veil. Yep, its done… Ok, I am just kidding on that. Kiana’s POV sections are done, including where a massive bolt of energy strikes the earth and everybody dies. Oops, spoiler warning. I finished the section today and it feels good, including the epilogue.

It feels weird being done with Kiana’s sections. Maybe, because starting tomorrow, I need to start writing from her sister Natalie’s POV and I am not as familiar with her. I have messing around with Kiana’s POV since May. While I wasn’t writing since then, she was held strongly in my head and thought through her reasoning and view. Natalie has gotten like a second glance and that is only because I finally had scenes with her in them with Kiana from Kiana’s POV.
Well, while I am done and celebrating about my accomplishment, I have work to do. I need to get a handle on Natalie’s voice and personality. I know her personality, I just need to find her voice now. Anyone have any ideas on how to write a perfectionist who doesn’t like thinks that don’t go her way or how she thinks the world should work? I am sure I will figure it out.

The best part is, this draft is currently at 129,278 words. My goal for this draft, is 170k. Yes, that is 170,000 words. This is as long as I want it to go. I am hoping it won’t get that long. I have 40,722 words until I hit that, so I am going to have to learn how to get what I want from a scene in as few word as possible. Thankfully, I did that in the last section so hopefully, I will be able to continue you that. Before I start writing Natalie’s scenes, I am going to condense fix her sections.

What does that mean? It means from the outline to scene list I cut a lot of her stuff out. I am going to put what I cut out back into the scene list for two reasons. First, to make sure I am using as much as her stuff as I can, and will learn if it is actually important to the story. Second, Natalie’s purpose to the story is really only one part right now. She is being used to get something the bad guys chasing after Kiana need and she is how they get it. After that, she becomes kind of a useless character for the rest of the book. I found a work around on that, which I will work into the next draft.

One last thing for this weeks Writing Wrap-up. I clearly made this new deadline for Kiana’s POV. December 27th, 2015, is sixteen days away. Not bad, and yes I am completely ignoring the fact I had to change the deadline twice. I don’t have a deadline for when Natalie’s POV sections need to be done. Since this last one was based one writing a scene a day, I will use that for hers. However, I need to fix her scenes before I can do that. Last time I did this when I picked the 27th for Kiana’s, I got around if not right on February 20th, 2016. I will know for sure by Monday. That’s all for today, I got some celebrating to do and then more work to prepare.

        Welcome to this weeks Fridays Weekly wrap-up blog post. I am trying something new to be move consistent in my posts. I am not going to post two days a week, Mondays are my craft posts, something I am learning, a review from my library on writing or article I found. Fridays will be a look back at the weeks writing and things I have going on. I may post other posts during the week as I find something interesting worth the post, but they will be short and probably along the lines of reposting something someone else posted.
        If you noticed the title of today’s post Frustration Bleed Through is a very interest observation I made about myself. Have you ever been working on a your work in progress and a day or a few days come where you just don’t have the motivation to write. You still do, but your progress isn’t what you like it to be? That has been this last week for me.
        I make it known on this blog that I love my word count tracking. Seeing how many words I wrote for the day and over a week, month, etc. really makes me feel like I am being proactive. Knowing how many words an hour I average is great. At the end of the day, I don’t care how many WPH I average. However this week I have noticed that WPH dropped every day. Not just that, but I was putting my writing for the day off as late I could. After thinking about it, I made a discovery.
        Does anyone else examine themselves when they are having a hard time writing? I don’t normally, because you have to be honest with yourself and at these times I don’t want to or not ready to do that. This week I was. How other writers keep track of their stories and ideas in their heads I don’t know. For me, I compartmentalize them.
        Each story or I should say series has its own file in my brain and while ideas may cross over into others, I can tell you where the idea came from and why I maybe thinking about using it in another story and how it differs. While, being able to separate all my ideas, when it comes to other areas like conversations and thinking my brain is very interconenctive. This I to the point where I can transition in a conversation to a new topic very easily and even bring it back around to the original.
        It is very good thing as I know many who struggle being to do this, but there is a downside. Thinking in my brain also links to certain emotions and when I am mad it bleeds over into other areas if it doesn’t take over my thoughts completely. This is what happened this week with Dragon Nations.
        Dragon Nations is the series I am developing while I write Seeing Through the Veil. While progress started out great, I have hit a slump and not progressing as quickly as I would like. Being frustrated with this has bleed over into my desire to write daily. Not only did my WPH go down each day, however, Monday through Wednesday I pushed off writing until the last minute. Ten, eleven at night. My WPH went back up during these times thankfully but my desire to write was being effected.
        Hell, it is still being affected as I write this post. The last few days I decided to not work on Dragon Nations to let my brain stew for a few days and will start working on it again tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll make some progress to the point where some of this irritation will start to lighten up.
        My question to everyone is how do you deal with frustration or dealing with emotions from other areas of your life that cross over into your writing?

        Quick update on Seeing Through the Veil, Section one is in the bag as you can see from my post from last Friday. I am working on Section 3 as Section 2 POV is Kiana’s Sister Natalie’s and I want to focus on Kiana’s story, as it is the main focus. I already have ideas to edit in the next draft. One such is moving the last two scenes from section one to somewhere in section 3. Also I am thinking of merging sections 1 & 3 together. Just a feeling they would work better. Especially since section 1 ends with a big mystery and section 3 starts with Kiana not remembering it. Pair them together until my big reveal at the end of 3 I think would work nicely.
        Time will tell when I write the end of 3 in the next few days. Speaking of writing, last weekend I had an urge to write. I didn’t, but not counting today I have 52 days left. I am half way to my word count, but no where close to finishing the draft. I think I may try to write this weekend. It is not part of making my week, but just to see if I can write an extra day and see how it works. As for making my week, I did it again, but this week is being extended to Sunday. With my new blog posts I want my writing week to start on Mondays not Thursdays.
        That is all for now, you can look forward to my post on Monday on the Sanderson Lectures I found online. If you don’t know who Brandon Sanderson is, Google him, he is one of the big names in Fantasy and is known for Sanderson’s Laws of Magic. I found some lectures from his Creative Writing class he teaches at a university not sure which one. I’ll be writing about what I have been learning. Until Monday, every one have a good weekend.