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Welcome to this week’s Craft Post in the last sub-series in a year long Worldbuilding series. You can find all the posts in this series under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. All posts in our Other sub-series can be found here. Today’s post is on Architecture.

What do the buildings of your world look like? I know what an odd question to start with? There is so much more to Architecture than appearance. Yes, but no. When most people think of Architecture is the design of the building. Now, how many beams are going to be used or the angles to accomplish a specific aspect of the building. It is the look of it. If you’re a business having a building built you want something that meets your standards. Also, doesn’t cost a fortune.

Let’s focus on the most important thing about Architecture. Your designs don’t have to be practical or even possible. WHAT! Yes. It is your world, if you want a building that perfectly straight and splits half way up and wraps around into a circle with no support wires or beams to reinforce it, you can do that. It may not be very believable, but it is your world and can do whatever you want. We the reader have to believe it is possible within your laws of physics to do this. So design things how you want them.

Now let’s talk about cost. When making something it is going to cost something. Money to buy materials, the labor of workers, purchasing of land. How are is the building going to be paid for? If you are an evil ruler then labor costs and purchasing land won’t matter, you can just take the land and use slaves. Now your costs are only in materials. Again you can take these or just use materials the evil king already has, which is the cost instead of money.

Wonder why materials, workers pay, matter? If you describe a building made out of gold, or ivory you know it cost a lot to make. However, if every building around is made out of wood and another is made out of mud, you know it didn’t cost as much. What buildings, monuments, etc are made out of and how they are designed adds to your world. How designs are different from race to race is also adds to your world. How tall these structures can get and how wide make a different. Is magic used in some building and not others?

How are buildings differ from rural to urban areas? Does level of skill change on where you go in your world? How is everything affected when rich and poor are taken into consideration? The technology of the people?

There is so much that can be taken into consideration. Especially if you have a theme of old ways are better the new ways. What better way to push that theme by having buildings build under the older slower way lasting long. Unlike building built with newer and faster ways with new technology. We covered a lot of topics that you need to consider when looking at architecture. Again, don’t just steal designs from us.

That’s all I got. Short post today because I don’t have a lot of time. Think about architecture and everything you need to think about and see how some of our other topics work into this.

Be sure to check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up.