Welcome to the Worldbuilding Page. Since April 29th, 2016 I have been doing a longer than normal craft post series on Worldbuilding. The series will be broken up into several sub-series. New entries in this series are posted Friday, usually around midnight. Toolbar, you will see a list of links under Worldbuilding, that takes you through all the sub-series. As a new sub-series start, they will be added.

Note: If you click on a sub-series link instead of any of the posts under it, you will be brought to a page with only links for that sub-series.

This series is complete as of May 31st, 2017.

Intro Worldbuilding Series: (Why do I need to Worldbuild?)


Cosmology: The building blocks of your World

Cosmology: Other Realms

Cosmology: The Laws


Planetary System

The Planet and its Look

Storyworld Map


Inhabitants of your World

How Many Races?

Unique Races and how to Create them


God’s, who are they?

God’s and their Chosen

God’s Roles and Their Powers

Religions, and its Purpose

Doctrine of Religion

Religious Structure


Starting point

Beginning to end

Too Damn Much and Not Nearly Enough


What is a city?

Where Settlements form?

Laying out your Settlements


Resources, what are they?

Currency of all Different Types

Creating a Currency System

Currency of Magic

Goods and Services


What is Government

Governments of the World

Structure of Government

Politics of your World

Create your own Government

Military & Law Enforcement

Military and Police: The difference between the two…or not!

Crime and why it exists

Limits of Law Enforcement

Military and Their Purpose

Military Ranks (Military and Police)

Causes of War


Weapons of War

Magic and Technology

What’s your Rule?

Magic: Mystical or Knowledgable

How your World Affects Magic

Technology of your World

How Technology Affects your World

Daily Life

Daily Life

Fashion and Dress

Manners and Etiquette



Communication and Transportation

Science and Medicine


Arts and Entertainment