Welcome to the Worldbuilding Page. Since April 29th, 2016 I have been doing a longer than normal craft post series on Worldbuilding. The series will be broken up into several sub-series. New entries in this series are posted Friday, usually around midnight. Toolbar, you will see a list of links under Worldbuilding, that takes you through all the sub-series. As a new sub-series start, they will be added.

Note: If you click on a sub-series link instead of any of the posts under it ,you will be brought to a page with only links for that sub-series.

Now the links to all posts. (Links are updated after the article has been posted)

Intro Worldbuilding Series: (Why do I need to Worldbuild?)


Cosmology: The building blocks of your World

Cosmology: Other Realms

Cosmology: The Laws


Planetary System

The Planet and its Look

Storyworld Map